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Saturday, 26 November 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Thursday 24 November 2022

Hope decides to take inspiration from P T Barnum - "Be cautious and be bold" - she wants people to sit up and take notice as she extracts a hammer from Tyrone's tool box.  And off she goes to school with Sam as they are allowed to be friends again.  Sam is less certain of her friends and later in the day when she arranges to read another chapter, she overhears their less than friendly comments.  She gets her hammer out and threatens to re-enact her father's misdeeds on Charlotte Hoyle (hammered to death if you need reminding).  Mr Graham, the Geography teacher, knew Charlotte and is so traumatised that he is retiring!

At the factory Sally promises that she will not read "The Book" but Beth has read it and passes it over to Sally because she really needs to read about Stape's shenanigans with a certain ditzy teenager (Rosie).  Sally cannot resist and on her return Carla soon guesses what Sally is reading and Beth is hiding.  Beth is on a final warning and has to apologise to Fiz.  And please bring back Rosie!

Summer is feeling "off" this morning as she rushes around the flat to get to work.  Jacob volunteers to undertake some of the work which Carla has left for Summer (does he know about admin?)  and leaves with a warning from Amy not to get into trouble with the boss.  Summer arrives before Carla but cannot find a file until Jacob explains where he has put it!  Carla is unimpressed and puts both Jacob and Summer on a warning (if they join a union they will find she has not followed the approved procedure).  Later, Summer attributes her feeling unwell to her diabetes and Carla sympathetically "unwarns" them both.  Is Jacob just a bit too soft these days for a former drug dealing fiend?

The news that Councillor Windass is going to turn the Community Centre into a help point for immigrants reaches Griff and Co so he and Spider stand outside the Centre with some hastily printed and inaccurate leaflets implying that the facility will be unavailable to regular users - untrue as this is an additional use as Maria explains - but of course leaflets are always true and the "Main Stream Media (MSM)" to which Griff refers only ever prints lies and misinformation.  Very Trumpian.  However Griff now believes that Spider is now 100% in tune with his plans - and "something" bigger is on the horizon.

Debbie has potential buyers visiting and leaves them in Leanne's capable hands.  Leanne very capably puts the buyer off,  telling her that the books are cooked, the place is often empty and it is rodent infested whilst Debbie might be a bit of a drinker!  Debbie soon finds out that Leanne has not been entirely honest!  Debbie consults the contract they all signed - which she reads out to Nick and Leanne - which can force them to sell to a new buyer offering above market value.

Brian is awarded the job of telling Mary that she is to benefit from the accumulated wisdom of an actress friend of Nigel Kipling, the director, who has agreed to stop by a rehearsal to give advice.  Initially Mary is reluctant but eventually agrees.  Nigel, Brian, Ken and Mary are discussing the actress about whom Nigel has been raving and as a familiar face enters behind them when Ken is saying that she is hugely talented and just wants to bring her vision to the team.  All of which Martha (a returning Stephanie Beacham) finds entirely welcoming.  Ken cannot believe it is Martha.  Mary and Brian soon guess that she and Ken know each other.  Martha gets Mary breathing as an actress and later they repair to the Rovers for a drink where Mary admits that Martha has been helpful.  

Nigel asserts that Martha was one of the possible "DCI Jane Tennison" actresses but she denies it.  When asked, Ken confirms that they were just good friends, a long time ago.  At the bar a little later Martha challenges Ken's description of their relationship - he apologises but had not wanted to make her feel uncomfortable.  She calls his behaviour abominable!  He apologises and did not think she would be happy if he told the world he had broken her heart!  Martha says that he takes the biscuit for arrogance!  No broken heart - she was just disappointed.  Ken was a tiny insignificant episode, a mere footnote.  Methinks the lady doth protest too much, Ken retorts.  Martha turns on her heel and stomps out of the Rovers.  Nigel, Brian and Mary insist that Ken needs to grovel and get her back - working on the play.

Nick gets a phone call - Harvey would like to have another meeting with Sam tomorrow.

Reverting to the Hope storyline, the events with the hammer lead Mrs Crawshaw to soon have Fiz on speed dial (not dahl) and summoned to the school.  At least Ty jokes we do not have a reserved parking place unlike junior school.  The joking is ended when Mrs Crawshaw suspends Hope for a week.  Ty considers that the correct treatment for the miscreant (who made £75 selling the books he bought) is to take time off and get to prove that he is a good father - or as Hope reports to Sam over the walkie-talkie she has Tyrone twisted around her little finger and a week off school. 

Written by Mark Wadlow and Joe Turner.  Directed by David Beauchamp.


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Anonymous said...

Max gets thrown out of Weathy High for drugging Amy's drink[after school hours] but Hope who threatens to kill a classmate gets a week suspension and is rewarded with a movie night?!Really?!
Where is Ruby during all of this?

Cowks said...

Why is Hope given major storylines whilst Ruby, similar age and backstory, is barely given screen time or dialogue?

Anonymous said...

If you saw the episode, you'd see where Ruby was. She went to a different school too.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that Ruby has resurfaced, we can expect tantrums because Hope is always favoured.


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