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Wednesday 23 November 2022

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 23 November

SAM PREPARES TO GRILL HARVEY Nick and Sam meet up with Karis, the facilitator and head into the prison. In the prison visiting room, Sam interrogates Harvey.  Harvey concedes that he intended to murder Leanne. When Harvey reveals that his Mum died when he was 14, Sam reckons it must have caused him to go off the rails. Sam asks Harvey some awkward questions about his Mum and Harvey strides out. In his prison cell, Harvey is clearly rattled by Sam’s visit.  Picking up Sam’s most recent letter, Harvey sets about reading his questions.

HOPE HAS A KILLER BUSINESS IDEA Tyrone opens the door to the outhouse only to discover the books have vanished. Fiz and Tyrone confront Hope over the missing John Stape books.  Hope makes out she lobbed them in a bin on Tile Street. Hope calls to see Sam and tells him she made £75 flogging her Dad’s book. Hope joins in a group chat entitled ‘Legacy of Evil’.  Hope types a message to her classmates informing them that tomorrow she’s planning a special tribute to John Stape.

KEN’S ACTING ADVICE FALLS FLAT Brian and Mary attend rehearsals at the Community Centre with Ken and Nigel. Nigel confides in Ken that he’s going to approach an actress friend with a view to replacing Mary. Ken, Brian and Wendy tentatively suggest to Mary that she should tone down her performance.  But Mary won’t be deterred. Ken and Brian suggest to Nigel that he asks his actress friend to give Mary some coaching rather than replace her as she’d be terribly upset.

ELSEWHERE As Stu panics about getting Eliza to school on time, he’s put out to discover Yasmeen has already made her breakfast and Alya has plaited her hair for her. Stu pins a timetable of Eliza’s hobbies to the kitchen cupboard door and asserts that she’s not to miss out on anything as she’s had enough upheaval.  Yasmeen looks at the list of activities with concern. 

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Bobby Dazzler said...

Stu has some growing up to do and a lesson in being grateful....he is sooooo annoying. Why does Yaz always have to fix her men?

Sharon boothroyd said...

I agree Bobby Dazzler!
Stu is a nice enough chap but he can be quite irritating with his 'too eager to please Eliza' approach.
She is going to grow up a spoilt brat but to be honest I think most of the kids on Corrie are.
I found the Mary 'acting' scenes tedious and unnecessary.
The whole Am Dram set up has been brought in to re-introduce Ken's ex, Martha.
Why he couldn't have simply bumped into her at Dev's or the bistro instead?
It would have spared us from this silly pointless rehearsal scenes, with just 4 or 5 of them.
Brian and Mary are essentially spare parts in Corrie, so it seems to me that they've shoved these cast members in this absurd play to fulfill their contacted hours.
Sorry but I didn't find Brian's false big ears funny at all.
Even Ken looks desperately fed- up!

Anonymous said...

Agree about the am dram acting scenes. I did think it was quite ironic as the Mary actress overacts each of her scenes anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well written scenes with Sam. Looks like we'll get the " bad guy not so bad after all" cliché with Harvey. Must say I find it hard to cope with Will Mellor as a psychopath but all credit to his acting skills.


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