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Friday 18 November 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 18 November 2022

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Oh Toyah, Toyah, Toyah, have you never seen a disaster movie? Never spend the first five minutes telling everyone who will listen how lucky you are to have found true love. This is the equivalent of a soldier on a final mission into no man’s land showing the whole squad a picture of his sweetheart. Congratulations mate, you’re dead in the next act! Despite Spider reciprocating her devotion by gifting her a picture of them in a truly awful handmade frame, (she must really love him because, honestly, you wouldn’t give it house room), we all know this is going to end badly.

Over at the Bistro, Debbie is playing hardball by getting in a broker to get her a better offer than Nick and Leanne can come up with. When Leanne, (who seems to have turned up dressed as a surly Christmas present), has a bit of a strop, La Webster tells her that nought cheap is worth having. I’m with you on that Debs, though admittedly I usually apply that rule to shoes. Nianne/Lick’s day gets worse when they hear that Harvey has agreed to see Sam.

Meanwhile at Speed Daal, Alya sees that Griff’s pound store SS have filmed the attack on Daryan and posted it online. Not sure how she found it? Her algorithms have gone seriously awry if she’s getting racist videos in her feed. She shows the video to Toyah who immediately recognises a masked and nervous Spider and shops him to the police. 

At the caf√©, Roy, Brian, and David watch the doctored video of Griff’s speech and David decides he needs to intervene. Finding Max and Lauren at the bus stop, he accompanies them to the Berghof Griff’s flat. Griff and the other one who looks like an extra from Braveheart try to charm him, but as they both have about as much charm as a bag of toenail clippings it doesn’t work and David tells them he thinks they’re just violent racists. He orders Max out, but the thicko refuses to leave. Later, with Griff out of the room, Max accidentally finds the video of Daryan’s beating. Amazingly this still doesn’t turn him off. But as he’s about as bright as a 5-watt bulb, this is unsurprising. 

At the police station, Blonde Cop tells Spider that they need to get the racists on something big and that Spider has to get Griff to trust him. He lies to Toyah about where he’s been and when she tells him she recognised him in the video, claims its mistaken identity. She tells him he fiddles with his beads when he’s nervous. Ooh bad tell Spidey.

In the Rovers, he tries to convince Griff of his loyalty by taking his side over Toyah’s and sprouting loads of crap about the planet being full to capacity. Toyah says it’s hate-speech so, for Griff’s benefit, Spidey tells her that they can’t be together. Permission for lip to wobble sir? Still, it makes Griff trust him again.

In other news, Eliza and Stu visit her mum in prison, Bernie moves out of Dev’s, much to the kid’s delight and Alya decides to take Dee-Dee’s job offer.

Back on the Street, David ties to get Max to explain what the attraction to Griff is, but Max tells him to stop trying to get inside his head. I mean, there’d be plenty of room in there. And a heartbroken Toyah goes over the top to certain death smashes the hideous photo frame.

And that’s it for this week. Gotta say I’m really not enjoying the Britain First storyline. I’m sure there are extremist gangs who groom vulnerable teenagers, but I would have thought that to do so they would have to be at least a little bit charismatic and persuasive, rather than a bunch of numpties sitting around in a bedsit drinking cheap beer. They’re hardly aspirational mentors are they. 

Feel free to convince me otherwise in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar. Though I refuse to listen to anyone sporting this type of hairdo.

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Sharon boothroyd said...

Great post.
What is Debbie going to do when she's sold The Bistro?
Personally, I'd like see her buy Roy's rolls - re-name it and give it a classy, modern vibe! That cafe is an absolute disgrace.
It's about time Roy retired.
I'm fed up of Stu getting antsy over upsetting his precious granddaughter every 2 minutes. Stop molly coddling her and let her be!
It's time she faced facts - her mum's a killer and her gran covered it up. I noticed that she didn't go visit her gran in prison. She came across as very edgy, so I'm not surprised!
On another note, I'm pleased to read that Millie Gibson (Kelly) will play the new Dr Who companion! Well done Millie!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie: Yes, Stu is becoming incredibly tiresome. And poor Yasmeen...why is she so attracted to these demanding man-children that she has to nurture and support? Stu may not be as violent as Geoff but he is developing the same needy, demanding, petulant personality. The Britain first plot is interesting in a way--at least it's something new and it gives Max and David a chance to develop their family dynamic. But it seems like a bit of a hatchet job on environmentalists. In Canada, anyways, the racists are also the climate deniers, not the climate activists! Overall the story comes across as a bit preachy and declamatory and simple-minded...of course the group is completely and obviously despicable and they're all cartoon caricature racists. No subtlety at all or exploration why Max (and why not David too?) might be attracted to some of the positions they're advancing. No they're just The Vile Racists that everyone except Max immediately recognises and denounces. They must have some attraction to the working class, Northern population--people like David and Tyrone and Jacob and Aaron--or why would they be a threat in the first place?

Anonymous said...

I really don't think Debbie knows what she's going to do, I think she now concerned about saving herself from bankruptcy ATM.
Of course Stu's gonna be antsy?? He's scared of letting Eliza down. He wants to do the best for her. They can't visit mum and gran at the same time, probably in different prisons, and certainly wouldn't be able to see both at the same time. Not time Roy retired at all. Long live Roy's rolls!

popcorn said...

Sharon's comment about Roy and Roy's Rolls - sacrilege! Roy and the cafe are the best bits of Corrie.

Anonymous said...

Leave Roy and his cafe! It is lovely as it is. How would he afford a renovation, it does not need any.

Sue said...

I don’t know what some people aren’t seeing. Roy’s cate is tired and tatty. He’s had the same counter and warming unit for over 20 years, the decor and furniture are dark and dated, the wall by the window that we always see is filthy. It’s the filthy wall that annoys me most, we see Roy and Nina washing the windows outside so why don’t they wash down the inside walls grr!

Sharon boothroyd said...

I agree Sue.
Roy has the cafe the way he wants to decorate it, full of train clutter, but it's not the way customers want it, not in this day and age.
It's stuck in the year 1978, when we're almost in 2023.
If Cafe Nero or Costa Coffee had their cafes like this, they'd have no customers!
If Roy was a good business person, he'd see that it would need a make-over and good scrubbing and cleaning!
As for not being able to afford it- he seems to a have a steady stream of daily customers, he has no rent to pay on his flat and he doesn't have expensive clothes, hobbies or holidays.
Surely he must have saved something over the years?
I didn't say that Eliza would visit her Mum and gran at the same time. I just noticed that Eliza hadn't expressed a desire to visit her gran in the future, that's all.

Charles said...

Comparing Roy's Rolls to any chain or any more upmarket place is missing the point entirely - it's a greasy spoon in a working class community. The show should have more locations like Roy's Rolls and the Rovers and less emphasis on the Bistro, which most characters wouldn't be able to afford to eat at regularly.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Why fix something that isn't broken? If Roy has a steady stream of customers why would he feel the need to get more? Sometimes it's these iconic little "greasy spoon cafes" end up being the "IT" place to be....and who doesn't love a litte trainspotting, neighourly advice and chatter. Naw, people are comfortable coming in for a fair priced bacon buttie.

CK said...

Where I live, there are several diners that haven't been updated since the 70s and thats part of the appeal. People go for great food and comfort. The staff know and remember people. I think it's great to still have those places.

C in Canada said...

Roy's is not a 'Starbucks' or chain coffee house, so why would he decorate like it was?
As many posters above have noted already, many people like the 'greasy spoon' and everyone has their favorite one, as do I. They're usually not modernly decorated either. But the food (usually inexpensive) and the comfortable atmosphere is what people go for. If they want fancy then they can go to a modern chain for that.
Roy's should stay as it is!

I'm not a big fan of this racist storyline, but I have a feeling that with so many characters involved, this may have a big conclusion. At least I hope so after all the buildup.

Anonymous said...

Eliza has only just arrived at Yasmeen's, give the girl a chance to settle in before she possibly goes to see her gran. Of course she going to want to see her mum first.
People can go to the high street chains, but you can't get a fry up at the chains. You're missing the point there, Roy's is a café not a coffee shop


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