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Saturday 26 November 2022

Coronation Street Christmas spoilers - Jingle bells and wedding bells

Tis the season to be jolly for Tyrone and Daniel as the pair make plans for both a secret wedding and a surprise proposal!

Tyrone’s finally back in the family fold so it only seems right to make things official. Determined to give Fiz a Christmas to remember, rather than a long drawn out engagement he plans to surprise her with a Christmas Day wedding. It looks like he has everything covered; the dress, the venue, the party, he even lets the girls in on the secret. But unaware of his grand gesture Fiz has decided Christmas Day is going to be a washout and as Tyrone descends the stairs with the girls in tow, ready to play out the best surprise ever, Fiz is nowhere to be seen. Will she be found in time for her own wedding or has Tyrone’s romantic dream spectacularly backfired?

Elsewhere full of the Christmas spirit, Daniel plans to make an honest woman of Daisy. Having got the OK from Jenny and the support of dad Ken, Daniel plans his romantic proposal. But when a burglary at the Barlows means the ring he intended to use is stolen will any possible engagement be put on ice?

It’s not peace and goodwill amongst all men, at the Platts Max continues to clash with David, feeling increasingly at odds with his family. Left out in the cold Max is drawn into a world of new friendships which aren’t all they seem and leave the troubled teen in danger.

And with the ghost of Christmas present now sat at their table, a murderous Stephen plots his next move as he desperately tries to cover his tracks. But with his own family starting to ask questions, his ex-wife threatening to reveal all and Teddy starting to doubt son Leo’s sudden disappearance, how long is it before Stephen contemplates killing again? And who will his next victim be? 

At the Bistro the ghost of Christmas past casts his shadow as Nick faces being blackmailed after accepting money from drug dealer Harvey. Believing it to be born from guilt after meeting with Sam in prison, Nick soon realises there are a lot more strings attached as we see the arrival of new character Damon. As the pressure mounts, can Nick keep the truth from Leanne or is this one relationship that might not see in the New Year?

Summer meanwhile is faced with the ghost of Christmas Future. After doing a deal with Mike and Esther to be a surrogate for them, Summer faces not only her own doubts and fears about the pregnancy and diabetes but those of her family. Can she turn back the clock?

Elsewhere as glasses are raised and gifts are handed out there’s plenty of Christmas cheer amongst the residents. Will Sean and Laurence cement their relationship, despite Todd’s best efforts to come between them? Can George make up for last year’s epic failure when he presented Eileen with a coffin? And can Sally’s gift to Tim restore peace and harmony at the Metcalfes?

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