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Tuesday 1 November 2022

Jennie McAlpine interview: Fiz's past comes back to haunt her

What’s going through Fiz’s mind when she hears that Tyrone has punched the journalist responsible for the John Stape book?

Fiz has no idea why Tyrone has done this, she feels like it has made the situation ten times worse. Fiz and Tyrone were trying to work out a way through this and Fiz even says, “I wanted to punch the journalist but I didn’t because it would have made things worse and now you have!” Fiz feels like things have gone from bad to worse.

Is Fiz struggling to know how to solve this situation and how to do the right thing for Hope?

Yes, she thinks that Fiz and Tyrone are in it together but when Tyrone punches the journalist she just thinks, “Why did you do that?” He has really not helped the situation. The other stress for Fiz is the amount of money it will cost to try and stop the publication, it is an unreachable amount for Fiz and Tyrone so this makes her feel really lost.

Do you think that this book could threaten Tyrone and Fiz’s new settled family life?

Yes, it seems like it, doesn’t it! It’s every time Fiz and Tyrone’s complicated past gets brought up again. And John Stape is not only Fiz’s past, he is Hope’s dad so he is in their lives in this weird way and always has to be. Every time he is mentioned and every time John Stape is mentioned it doesn’t end well for Fiz and Tyrone.

What is Fiz’s biggest fear about the book being published?

Fiz fears embarrassment and everyone knowing her business. It was a really horrendous time for her; she doesn’t want to relive that and she doesn’t want the neighbours seeing it. Most importantly, for Hope, she doesn’t want this story all about her life to be in print forever. She doesn’t want all Hope’s school friends and her teachers to see the book.

John Stape was Fiz’s ex husband, how much responsibility does Fiz feel that it’s her past that is coming back to haunt them?

Yes, she made a bit of a bad choice with John Stape! But Fiz wouldn’t change her daughter, Hope, for the world even if she is quite difficult most of the time. Fiz does feel responsible.

Are you glad that even though Fiz and Tyrone have happily gotten back together they are still having their problems?

It’s Coronation Street isn’t it, that’s what happens! I am not glad for them that they are going through turmoil but it’s not ordinary family problems because not every ordinary family has a situation like this, with a John Stape problem! But let’s hope that their arguments don’t end in Fiz and Tyrone splitting up. This is what is so frustrating for Fiz, they are in it together and they are trying to work through it together and that’s what you do when family problems come up but then Tyrone does stupid things like punching people and it really doesn’t help. But overall, I like that they are doing it together as a team.

What did you think when first heard that John Stape was going to come back into their lives?

I thought, “Here we go, it’s not going to end well for me!” 

Have you enjoyed the fun side of this storyline? For example working with a cardboard cut-out of John Stape?

The cardboard cut-out was quite frightening, the cardboard cut out because it was very life-like! I think people have a little chuckle at Tyrone bringing the cardboard cut-out home and the pair of them trying to hide the cardboard cut-out from Hope. 

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