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Thursday 24 November 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 23rd of November 8 pm

When it comes to the heinous crime of murder, even a soapy fictional one - can justice really be done? Or, as Corrie had us questioning tonight, can restorative justice give any closure in a Weatherfield murder?

Tonight, Sam, Nick and the facilitator head to prison (definitely not the Corrie studio tour entrance) to visit murderer Harvey. With the scene set, you could well have imagined Sam being in tears by the end, but faced with Harvey’s vile demeanour, Sam played a chess analogy and set a different tone entirely. Armed with a picture of Natasha, Harvey opened up, facing a few home truths about his past, and analysis from Sam soon broke him down. With more of Harvey’s backstory revealed and Sam’s psychological genius, it made for high-end drama. It was well-written, and directed, and my favourite scene from tonight's show. 

Meanwhile, Fiz and Tyrone have a pile of true-crime books to get rid of, little knowing that Hope has sold a load off at school. Outside the classroom, Hope has a captive audience and threatens her fellow pupils with some John Stape-style treatment, before an impromptu book sale and signing. Meanwhile, Tyrone realises the book pile is missing and pushes Hope to reveal her stash. Hope plays a psychological game of a different kind and guilt trips her parents, telling them she dumped the lot in the canal. Later, Hope visits Sam, revealing she made £75 selling the true-crime books and an abundance of new friends. Later, it seems she's got something else planned. Sam is not impressed. 

Toyah’s also not impressed with Spider's most recent behaviour, seeking solace in sister Leanne, the two head out for a drink. Meanwhile, Griff and the undercover cop discuss the next local racist attack, whilst winding up Jenny Bradley in the rovers. Also arriving at the pub, Toyah and Leanne push a few buttons resulting in Griff spouting more bile before being barred.

The festive am-dram story got resurrected tonight, and with Mary seeking acting inspiration from thespian Ken, she decides to channel some Joan Crawford into the role (no, me neither) Brian’s wearing comedic King Charles ears, and Nigel’s direction is equally hilarious. It's all very light-hearted - good to see the community centre used for comedy - in direct contrast to last week’s right-wing meeting. Nigel decides Mary’s over-enthusiasm may need recasting and opts to ring an old actress friend of his. 

Elsewhere tonight, Alya starts her new legal job with Dee-dee, and Stu’s kept busy with Eliza.  

What did you think of tonight’s Corrie? Let us know in the comments box. 

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Anonymous said...

I am enjoying the AmDram bits. Good interaction between the actors and some funny lines and facial expressions. But aren't there any other cast members in the play? Of course Brian's comedy ears were ridiculous, as was Mary's Joan Crawford impression. Mary is an intelligent and cultured woman so she wouldn't behave so stupidly.

Am sick of everyone fawning over Summer. Now it's the flatmates as well as her 3 Dads.

Anonymous said...

Mary is less Joan Crawford and more Faye Dunnaway as Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest. (I actually like that film, both it and Dunnaway's performance are unfairly maligned)


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