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Tuesday 29 November 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 28th November

The football is on but I'm here to review last night's Corrie (yesterday I was out watching another Manc legend, Bez, talk about his - well, let's just say colourful - life). 

 Summer and Aaron - Coronation Street - ITV

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the A story in this ep is, yawn, Summer. Aaron must wish he hadn't bribed Kev with cups of tea to let him take the afternoon off as he's immediately embroiled in two stories: Summer's pregnancy and his dad's relapse. Firstly though: creepy Christians Mike and Esther invite Ms Spellman to live with them, to which Summer agrees. Don't do it, Summer! They'll have you in a wicker man by Xmas! Also - nice way to leave Amy and Jay-kub in the lurch. 

Anyway, Summer starts having pains, is bleeding and is eventually told by the hospital that she's had a miscarriage. I apologise to anyone for whom this storyline is triggering, but to be honest it's probably the best way for the story to end - it's frankly ridiculous that Summer could have just held her coat over her belly for the next seven months and then illegally hand over her baby to the Christians. So now instead of pretending she's not pregnant, she wants to pretend that she is pregnant to rinse Mike and Esther of more money to put Madchester reject, Eric, back into rebab. Summer, hun, people have to want to get better. You can't just make someone go to rehab, no, no, no. There's always an AA meeting on when Peter needs one, perhaps he could take Eric along to one of those instead?

Nick and Leanne - Coronation Street - ITV

Meanwhile in business news, Ed breaks the news that it will cost £20K to fix the wet rot in the Bistro, so Nick claims that "Melissa" (Natasha's sister) has authorised the use of Sam's money as a loan to the Tilsley-Battersbys. I suppose Nick does have form for stealing from his relatives (Leanne on the other hand has form for burning businesses down), but it turns out that he's taken Harvey's money. "No strings attached," Nick says to Jambo. Famous last words, Nicholas, famous last words!


Martha has helped Mary's performance, but she is finding Ken's rewrites difficult to pronounce, leading to Ken and Martha looking at the script again, and then Martha's script, making Ken late for meeting Wendy in the Bistro. Rather than this OAP love triangle, I want to know when we're going to see a Brian/Mary love match? He has been quite protective of her in the last few episodes and I think they'd make a charming middle aged couple (especially now that Mary has her sophis new 'do). I'd also like to know where Roxanna is going to be staged - the community centre can seat about 6 people. Perhaps a promenade performance, starting in Audrey's, moving onto Roy's, and culminating in the Rovers?

In other business news, Stephen has an interview with Drake (not that one), a creative imagineer, but he (Stephen) doesn't get the job as he doesn't have any social media accounts. Not even LinkedIn??? And in other other business news, Sarah and Michael discuss their business venture of their quite frankly awful dads 'n' lads athleisurewear.

And finally, Dylan confesses that he's fed up of hanging out with Sean. Pretty much like everyone else on the street.

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Bobby Dazzler said...

What is Sarah wearing? I thought she had a handle on the fashion industry? It looks like she is trying to hide a pregnancy, and if you look her face looks a wee bit fuller....only reason I can think of for her to be wearing such an ill fitting hideous outfit!

C in Canada said...

Brian and Mary! OMG that's comedy gold right there. Please, TPTB!!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree Brian and Mary would make a great couple, denying to the world that they are together, even reluctant to believe it themselves. Lots of scope for comedy and pathos. I've never seen the point of Summer's storyline. It didn't educate or entertain or stir our emotions in any way. Shockingly dull young couple surrounded by equally dull adults. Not even Todd can liven it up. I read somewhere that there will be a baby snatch. Summer feels so guilty that she's persuaded to abduct an infant?

Anonymous said...

Summer gets too much airtime to me, one misrable un-believable story after another

Jack Duckworth said...

I have no sympathy for Summner. Not a hot take i know but i just hate how she's manipulating everyone and she's surrounded by so many people who care for her and wnat the best for her.

Fluttershy said...

Aaron! That's the character's name! I spent the entire episode trying to remember what he was called. I know Summer is annoying, but what doesn't help is that they've given her BF a major storyline and he has no personality whatsoever. We really need to know something about this guy apart from the fact he's diabetic if we're going to care about him.

I do actually buy the fact that they would consider putting his dad into rehab again, they're young and idealistic, and probably would. I think you have to be a bit older and wiser to realise that he's beyond help. That's one hell of a mature realisation to come to, and I don't think either Summer or Whatshisname (see, I've forgotten already) are there yet.

Sharon boothroyd said...

Shona has 'hidden' actress's Julia's off- screen pregnancy for many months now. It is clearly obvious that she is expecting a baby!
I'm not sure about Brian and Mary as a couple.
I know I've said it could be a good idea in previous bog posts but... why would Brian feel drawn to Mary?
I think she'd be a major step down from Cathy, who was more astute, mature and emotionally intelligent than Mary.
I think he'd feel quite irritated by Mary, going on about her mother and her silly made up stories. She gets on people's nerves!
Equally, I don't feel that Mary has a hankering for Brian.
I think she's happy hanging out with Eileen and her various residents, working with Tracey and being in the Am dram group.
I agree that the Summer / Aaron baby plot has been dreary. Now it's morphed into a plot about money and secrets, which should be more interesting.

Abercrombie said...

Dull, dull, dull are the Summer storylines. I agree with Humpty Dumpty regarding everyone in her world. Yes, shockingly dull and boring.

C in Canada said...

Did I read that right and Summer's going to abduct a baby?!
I'm not sure how on earth she would think she'd get away with that....isn't she supposed to be the smart one?

Anonymous said...

C in Canada,Toyah got away with manipulating Eva to give up her and Aidan's baby and keeping Susie from the Connors after her surrogate had a miscarriage so I'm sure Summer will too.
The question is whose child would Summer kidnap as no one on the Street is pregnant.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Baby abduction not confirmed. It was only what I read. But I also read that Summer is going to be kidnapped! Sometimes the tabloids are more interesting than the storylines!


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