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Friday 4 November 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 4 November 2022

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

It’s another Summer-tastic episode this week as the tedious teenager attempts to pass off her morning sickness as just a stomach bug. Both Amy and Billy think it’s far more likely to be a return of her eating disorder, which prompts the latter to stage an intervention with the three gay dads. She still doesn’t tell the truth. How does she think she’s going to keep this a secret for nine months - claim that she’s joined the Weatherfield basketball team and has absolutely nowhere to keep the ball?

Over at No. 1, Amy and Jacob are rather miffed to find out that Daniel and Daisy have taken her room and that they have to wee in a portaloo in the street. The builder refuses to fix either the toilet or the roof until he’s paid upfront, but changes his mind when he hears about Ms Barlow’s murderous reputation. 

Meanwhile, Sam tells Hope that he’s not allowed to hang out with her anymore since Tyrone punched Nick. Hope’s reaction to this is to drop her ‘only friend ‘ right in it by telling Fiz and Ty that Sam still writes to Harvey. That child doesn’t get any less evil does she. Still maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Fiz wastes no time in going round to Nick to smugly tell him that Sam isn’t so perfect. Back at No. 9 faced with a despondent Hope (lock up the matches everyone) Tyrone unwisely promises her that they will stop the book about John Stape coming out.

In other news, Max has a date with teen Eva Braun and gets a job waiting tables at Speed Daal alongside Daryan, which as you can imagine doesn’t please the racists. They need extra staff as Zeedan has got a job at a fancy restaurant in that London. I wonder where Qasim Akhtar’s off to, panto or I’m A Celeb? Also, Sean tries and fails to win Laurence back.

Finally, the smart party in the room, Amy, very quickly works out that Summer is still pregnant and points out to the dopey adolescent that it’s actually illegal to sell a baby. Summer tells her that there’s nothing she can do as they’ve already taken the money for Aaron’s dad’s rehab. Amy comes up with the solution that the four of them move into the builder’s yard flat. Not quite sure how this helps but if it means we get to see more of Amy pointing out what a numpty Summer is, then I’m all for it.

And that’s it for this week. Catch e in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar.

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coconno196 said...

"Teen Eva Braun" - hilarious!
Builder's yard flat? Did we know about this? Who else lived there?
Overcrowding at Ken's is ridiculous but I love toxic Tracy's handling of it. BTW if Arnie's worker broke the loo by dropping a brick on it, as Tracy claimed, then wouldn't he need to bring a new one, not just a plunger?!

Anonymous said...

For months Eva hid her pregnancy by claiming she was on an eating binge due to being 'dpressed'after her break up from Aidan and no one not even Leanne was none the wiser when Susie was born and Eva suddenly lost all the weight so perhaps it will be the same with Summer?

Anonymous said...

"Teen Eva Braun"....Brilliant!

Bobby Dazzler said...

I think Tina lived in the builder's flat at one time

C in Canada said...

Toyah and Imran were living at the builder's flat, but now she's at Leanne's, so it's up for let.


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