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Thursday 10 November 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 9th of November 8 pm

With discriminatory language and views that some readers may find offensive… 

No, I am joking because this is the coronation street blog, but I did wonder, when starting this review, why that warning would be needed when watching the show on catch-up online. 

This is a slightly skewed slant, but I wanted to get the Max storyline out of the way first. Max the vulnerable lad is slowly being lured into Griff's web of right-wing political tyranny, and with Spider elsewhere, the little fly is starting to get stuck. Tonight, Max is keen to start afresh at Speed Daal, after Monday's disaster, and Lauren turns up to meet him after his shift. Visibly uncomfortable by the staff, Lauren makes a quick exit. Back at HQ (the Weatherfield answer to The Berghof), Max is shocked as his girlfriend explains her ill feeling of being at the curry house, telling Max that Daryan was perving and freaking her out. Max collars Daryan at Speed Daal, asking for an apology, which he gives to them, but Alya is quick to correct the error of his ways. Later, Lauren leads Max to his bedroom. I guess the pre-episode warning was to do with the vague suggestions of racism, and I'm left wondering how far this storyline will go.

Fighting man Tyrone Dobbs is up against the ropes again tonight, what with the video of his slap going viral in Weatherfield, the dozy Dad struggles with his latest actions and the threat of the book's early release. Adam Barlow is hoping to halt publishing with a defamation claim, telling Ty and Fiz they need a fast £100K to stop publication. Facing unrealistic costs, and a tight court deadline, the couple admit defeat, telling Adam they simply can't afford it. Unfortunately, that also means relaying the news to Hope. The little girl is distraught, rightfully blaming Tyrone for lying and making her anger known. Fiz is concerned about Tyrone’s violent outbursts and tells her his masculinity has been hurt, which explains his gym trips. Later, the police call round and arrest him for that slap. Fiz talks to Hope and tries to explain his actions, whilst Tyrone gets off with a caution. Adam is also busy elsewhere tonight, checking in on Stu’s case with Alya, who has obviously picked up the legal jargon, following her victory with Dee-dee. 

Talking of court, Bernie receives a summons tonight, to face jewellery robbery charges, and tempted by Dev’s offer of a posh hotel spa treat, Bernie seems to think this is where Fern would be residing. Hiding in plain sight? Doubtful. Anyway, she arrives at the hotel, masquerading as Fern Lindon, (surname revealed). At the hotel, Bernie tries to access the hotel system and inadvertently gets caught in the act by Howard, a hotel guest, who just happens to be Fern’s ex-husband. She makes up a bizarre excuse but then tells him the truth. Knowing his ex-wife, Howard admits to believing her and tells Bernie that Fern robbed him as well. Although he obviously hates her, he refuses to help her find Fern. Later, at the rovers, Bernie tells her assembled family about her findings, only for Howard to turn up. He tells her that he will talk to the police. 

Meanwhile, Summer's surrogate pregnancy has moved from Billy’s pokey flat to the new setting of the builder’s yard maisonette. Summer seems to have moved in okay but tonight she’s still feeling poorly, and whilst working at Underworld, Jacob tries to convince her to tell the bosses she’s pregnant, and to tell Aaron how she’s feeling. She appears to refuse both. Meanwhile, Tracy visits and makes herself at home, just like Blanche or Dierdre would have - loved that!

Elsewhere, Sam’s restorative justice crusade towards Harvey, as touching as it is admirable, continues with pace tonight. With a visitor from the crime victim scheme (it's a real thing, by the way) Sam discusses his thoughts about his grief journey and the counsellor agrees it's a good idea, much to Nick and Leanne’s dismay - will Harvey agree to it though? 

I am @rybazoxo self-styled cobbles connoisseur & Coronation Street superfan. 

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coconno196 said...

Lauren doesn't waste time, dragging Max to bed when they have only known each other a couple of days. Or am I behind the times?

Anonymous said...

Very much so! And I don't think there was much dragging involved, he was more than willing


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