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Thursday 3 November 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 2nd of November 8 pm

Number 1 Coronation Street has had that scaffolding up for months now! With Steve away at Andy’s, Tracy has taken charge of the repairs, leading to her trademark tirades, outbursts and unique style. Tonight, Arnie’s portaloo has remained outside the house, and Tracy reverts to using the Rovers toilet for a tinkle and a shiraz. I was expecting councillor Maria, to make a stand about the pavement obstruction, or at the very least Ken, but Ed and Aggie were there to keep this funny neighbourly feud going. Arnie is obviously a  cowboy builder, and tonight he persuades Daniel that the roof ‘flashing’ must be fixed. I think that was a technical term meant to confuse us all, but Ed (yes, roofer/builder Ed Bailey) tells Daniel and Tracy that they must get this sorted out rather than erm, Ed, for example. Anyway, I hope that the scaffolding stays up just that little bit longer. This is a corrie storyline with heart and harks back to the show's original conception. 

Which leads neatly to a Corrie conception of a different kind...

Tonight, Summer tells Billy she’s had the termination, and Billy confides in Todd about his concerns and worries. I’d much rather the archdeacon had taken more things more ecclesiastically, and maybe become more at odds with Summer over her abortion stance rather than this gay dad triage. Our friends in the USA have had this debate recently, and with the current Corrie Canada thread, I think it could have legs. Just my idea, if any Corrie writers are reading. As it stands, Summer goes to see Aaron and he tells her that his dad's rehab will cost £10K and they need some money, somehow. Arriving at the hospital to meet Esther and Mike, it's clear that Summer has not had the termination, after all, and she's willing to sell them her unborn spawn to raise that £10K! The god squad immediately make payment, and Summer tells Aaron the truth. Later, Aaron and Summer meet them again at Victoria Gardens and Billy spies the friendly group hug. Summer and Aaron vow to keep things secret, and she lies to Billy about the day's events. It's another sin from Summer, and I hope he gets his archdeacon moment soon!

Meanwhile, Tyrone’s taekwondo lesson from last week must have fringed towards boxing as he punches Nick Tilsley tonight over Hope’s latest misdemeanour. With the Weatherfield gazette spewing tabloid-style tripe about John Stape (I love this storyline) from Phil's book serialisation, Hope flees school in shame and hides out with Sam at Victoria Gardens. Fiz and Nick have a parental clash, and after hearing about Nick’s frank talk, Ty heads over to Victoria Court and punches Nick in the face. Adam gives the newspaper some legal advice, telling Fiz they need to mitigate the damage. Later, Leanne storms around and confronts Ty and Fiz, whilst Nick tells Sam his walkie-talkie friendship with Hope is off. 

Also tonight, Griff’s grooming of Max appears to have sped up the pace. The angry teen is still scathing at David, and Griff invites him to his flat for a get-together. Griff offers Max a look at his right-wing books collection, and he meets the pretty blonde daughter of one of his host's friends. Max is caught clean in his net.Hook.line.sinker. Later, the vulnerable youth tells David and Shona about the book but they both brush it off, glad that he is studying something

Elsewhere, Sean’s latest romance with dentist Laurence comes to an abrupt end. It turns out the picture that Todd saw, WAS Lawrence's wife but she died years ago, sadly from cancer, and he explains it all to Sean. Skilled at pulling teeth in his day job, Lawrence painlessly extracts Sean from his life, and the lovelorn barman is back on the single shelf. 

I am @rybazoxo over on twitter. A die-hard #Corrie fan who remains a viewer regardless - through thick, and thin, good and bad. 

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coconno196 said...

Why on earth wouldn't Max be suspicious of this complete stranger, old enough to be his father, suddenly befriending him. Plus all Griff's mates are so unpleasant and aggressive that an evening in their company is hardly appealing. Of course the girl has clearly been brought along to lure Max into the group. But why? What does Max have to offer ?
An awful storyline. Griff is just too horrible to be true

Sharon Boothroyd said...

I agree that Max should be suspicious of Griff and his grubby mates.
I expect they want Max to help spread their message. It is an awful storyline but it needs to be highlighted.
I just want to say that, I too, am a die hard Corrie fan!
I know it's not perfect but I still think it tries its best to retain Tony Warren's original vision of a down to earth community living on a Manchester terrace.
New arrivals Dee Dee and Glenda are breaths of fresh air and just what the soap needs.

C in Canada said...

Max is young and impressionable. And has skills in making/editing videos, therefore I can see Griff wanting someone 'techy' like that in his group.
Plus if there's a girl there...teenage hormones don't think rationally.

Poor Sean...back on the shelf again. I hope they get back together, Sean's had so much bad luck with partners.

Love Dee Dee, glad she's decided to stay. Glenda...not so much, I hope they tone her down a bit. She's a tad overbearing for my taste.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comments about Max would like to ask isn't Spider trying to warn Max about Griff?
Due to his feelings about Toyah,Spider warned her over and over again about Griff and since Nick is her brother-in law and Max his nephew,I would have thought that Spider would have tried to warn Max about Griff as well or at least have Toyah warn Nick and David about Griff instead of doing nothing?


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