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Thursday 17 November 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 16th of November 8 pm

Daryan's physical injuries are much clearer tonight following Monday’s horrendous attack. Visiting Maria and Gary for help with his immigration application, he reads them his statement and is visibly emotional as his backstory is regaled for us viewers. hard-hitting. Meanwhile, the main attack suspect, Griff, is busy right-wing sabre-rattling, and the residents are aghast when the community centre's environmental meeting turns out to be a cover for his sinister agenda. As analogies go, it was well written, and as that sabre-rattling got louder, his speech, although eloquently delivered, sounded very familiar.

Roy’s impassioned rebuttal against Griff was my favourite scene tonight and for all the right reasons. With Max filming events, he did seem to see things a bit clearer but was quick to change sides again when PC Tinker turned up to arrest Griff for the racist assault. Assuming Alya’s involvement, Max was quick to point the finger at the speed daal boss, until Darius told him that it was he who raised suspicion with the police. He then visited Lauren, who denied that her Dad, nor Griff, would have had anything to do with it. Max vowed to sort it out. 

Later, Maria and Toyah, decide to try and reclaim the community centre as a refugee help point. After his arrest, Griff is released and soon back on Coronation Street, telling Spider that Max gave him an alibi. Griff then threatens Spider, telling him to up his game if he wants to stay in the gang. Toyah tells Spider about the community centre plans, and his nervousness is clear to see. Meanwhile, Max heads over to Griff’s and posts the edited meeting footage online. 

On a lighter note tonight, Bernie’s doppelganger comedy crime farce comes to a conclusion. Dee-dee offers legal advice, telling Bernie to plead guilty, and Howie pays her a visit pre-hearing. Suddenly acting suspicious, Gemma quickly notes that Fern’s ex knows precisely how much the jewellery heist was worth, and she calls upon her Mum’s heavyweight friend from the dog and gun. Making threats, Howie convinces Fern to meet him in a random car park, with the number 5 gang hiding in a van, and soon enough, the police are on the scene to arrest Fern. Later, Dee-dee tells Bernie that she’s in the clear. 

Hope, Sam, Summer, and Max - the Corrie youth contingent have had storylines in abundance this year, so you could be forgiven for thinking we probably don't need any more kids of Coronation Street. Not so, as tonight, Stu’s granddaughter Eliza becomes the newest teen albeit a pre-teen resident when she moves in with her Grandfather and Yasmeen. 

Elsewhere, Nick and Leanne make Debbie a derisory offer for the Bistro so Ronnie offers to make a few calls…   

What did you think of tonight’s Corrie? Let us know in the comments box. 

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Anonymous said...

More kids storyline to make up for the lost time during the pandemic!


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