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Wednesday 2 November 2022

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 2 November 2022


SUMMER ADMITS SHE IS STILL PREGNANT Aaron asserts that his Dad needs to go into rehab but it costs £10k so it’s impossible. Summer meets up with Mike and Esther at a private hospital and agrees to let them adopt her baby.  After attending Summer’s scan, Mike assures Summer that they’ll provide her with all the emotional and financial support she needs. Summer announces that she needs £10k up front. Summer meets up with Aaron and drops the bombshell that she’s still pregnant, she’s giving the baby to Mike and Esther and in return they’ve given her £10k meaning his Dad can go into rehab, how will he react? 

TYRONE LASHES OUT Fiz and Tyrone read the second instalment of the book in the Gazette with horror. Fiz and Tyrone meet up with Adam to discuss a plan of action, but they’re interrupted by a call from Hope’s teacher to tell them Hope’s gone missing. Fiz finds Hope and Sam in Victoria Garden. Sam explains that Hope was upset about the nasty things her classmates were saying. Nick reveals that he’d appreciate it if Hope stayed away from Sam. Adam tells Fiz that he’s put a halt to any further articles in the Gazette, but that it might not be possible to stop the publication of the book itself. Tyrone returns home to find Fiz in tears and Fiz tells him how Nick has banned Sam from seeing Hope. Tyrone calls at Nick and Leanne’s flat.  Nick opens the door and Tyrone punches him hard. Nick orders Sam to hand over his walkie talkie telling him he’s to have no further contact with Hope. Leanne calls at No.9 and tears a strip off Tyrone for punching Nick.  Fiz turns on Tyrone and points out that his irrational behaviour has cost Hope her friendship with Sam.

ELSEWHERE Arnie tells Daniel that the roof is worse than he thought and they’ll need scaffolding up the back of the house too. Ed rails at Tracy and Daniel for making his life hell with their scaffolding and portaloo. In the Rovers, Laurence catches Sean trying to crack the code on his phone.  Snatching his phone back, Laurence marches out leaving Sean red faced. 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Where are the writers going with Summer and her baby's adoption story? It is illegal in the UK to sell your baby. Will they approach Adam to do the legal stuff and then find out it can't be done - except by someone who is related to the birth mother. So, could this mean Billy (with Todd/Paul) will adopt the baby instead? And what will happen to the £10,000 paid by the couple which I think they've given Summer without a contract, or I may have missed that bit?

Louby said...

It's very confusing isn't it? Summer attended the clinic the day before, and at the time didn't know that Aaron's dad needed £10k, so what would her reasons for not doing it be? Why pretend that she had gone through with it when she hadn't? It is illegal to sell a baby but not illegal to have someone else adopt it privately, and "expenses" can be paid, so the money can be for loss of earnings or maternity clothes or anything vaguely related to being pregnant. The whole thing is very, very dull. I feel quite sorry for Harriet Bibby, it must be quite depressing to have to act so miserable all the time.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The writers have confused the issue as I'm pretty sure characters have used both terms - adoption on the one hand and surrogacy, which does allow expenses to be paid - in this storyline. If the story is about adoption, then an adoption agency has to become involved. Summer could choose to be involved in deciding on the parents. If it's actually about surrogacy, the writers have got it wrong. In the UK, the surrogate mother must be over 21.

Anonymous said...

If I were Nick I would not let psycho Hope anywhere near my son. That girl is in serious need of therapy and her stupid mother is in constant denial. I am a Canadian viewer and am not looking forward to this or the Summer storyline at all!


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