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Saturday 12 November 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 11 November 2022

I need to open tonight with an apology.  I felt somewhat distressed at the content of this episode and on second watching (for this review) I felt little better.  I suspect my antipathy will be evident in my report.  Most seriously the episode ended with a hooded figure throwing red paint over the door of Speed Dahl.  Much of the episode was occupied with Max being suckered into believing that Daryan was "creepy" towards Lauren (who by the way does not want Max stinking of curry after his shift ends) and that naturally Daryan and Alya stick together as "people like that (Muslims) always stick up for one another" as his "re-education" by Griff gathers pace.  Max tries to argue it is not like that - but Griff has manipulative ways and a video (which we do not see),  Griff also refers to the lies of mainstream media.  When David tries to tackle the subject with Max he hits a brick wall.  Griff offers Max money to provide social media coverage of an upcoming talk.

You remember Tyrone - the hard up, scrap metal dealing mechanic of a couple of years ago.  Who a week ago had enough money to buy all the copies of the local paper?  And this week has enough money to buy all the copies from the nearby bookshop and also a cardboard cutout of the late Mr Stape?  Which he then stores in the outhouse - all to keep Hope from reading about her father and his evil kidnapping of Rosie and the wrong Christmas presents?  And who promised his daughter that he would prevent the book being published - until Adam told him what lawyers cost?  Hope takes her anger out on the outhouse door which swings open to reveal John Stape!  Later Ty apologises to Nick and asks if Sam and Hope can be friends again and Nick arranges for tea for two at the Bistro with Hope revealing she has a copy of the book to read.  Carla makes it clear to the factory staff that talking about John Stape at work is an absolute no-no.

Meanwhile the wheels of justice are rotating again - slowly this time and for which some unfathomable reason required a trip to London and some ill-judged comments about railways at a time when Avanti West Coast is running a reduced service - but Stu's conviction has now been formally overturned - so this is great news and yet somehow Stu looks to have the burdens of the world on his shoulders.  The complication is Eliza whom he has promised Bridget he will be responsible.  However she has to have her own bedroom and that means that Stu can no longer live with Yasmeen at 6 Coronation Street as there is no spare bedroom.

Esther and Mike seem such a lovely young couple don't they - church-attending, charity workers?  And yet baby-fixated in a way not seen since it was R'Toyota's raison d'√™tre!  Having given the money they also work out that (silly) Billy does not yet know that Summer (madness) is having a baby.  But they are worried about the legalities as you cannot have a contract about an unborn child in this country - but the lawyer has a suggestion.  And the thumbscrews are out.  Just put Mike as the father on the birth certificate to ensure he has parental rights.  Is this a step too far for Summer?  On reflection no - so long as she and Aaron stick together all will be well.

Now what harm can be done by a former arsonist reading "John Stape - A Legacy of Evil" - a book about a serial killer knowing that she has the same genes?  Probably just a nightmare or two or more likely a lifetime of future derangement for the entertainment of the viewers?  I am sure she will be a really well adjusted adult!

Howard has a type - Fern Lindon and now Bernie - well you can see it, can't you?  Bernie wants Howard to tell the police about his ex-wife being a thieving con artist but he has some other ideas, so they share some tea and then a few drinks down t'Rovers.  But little progress is made in the direction of the police station as more Dutch courage is needed before facing the might of the local plod.  Eventually Shona (who appears to have taken to drinking by herself) points out Howard's intentions and Bernie calls him out on it.  Later, shamefacedly Howard returns - he has been to the police after all but they are still not prepared to look for Fern.  Howard has a plan.

And you remember that hooded figure redecorating "Speed Dahl"?  You all thought it was Max didn't you?  No it was an upright member of the local constabulary, Geoffrey Nugent.

I realise that I am probably in a minority of one; I was happy to hear that Spider would return.  However I am not sure that demonising the police force like this is "entertainment" as the Corrie powers have not yet seen fit to explain his "journey" and it is going to take some believing how he went from the rain forests of Peru with Aunty Emily to the Weatherfield back streets and criminal damage.  Sorry but this is seriously wrong.  We have done racist problems several times since the arrival of the Bailey family and I think it is too soon to go there again.  Alongside that I am unhappy at Summer having yet another story.  Where is the gentle character stuff?  Ease off the gas and rebalance please.

Written by Owen Lloyd-Fox and John Kerr.  Directed by Emma Lindley.


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Anonymous said...

What is the logic of spider vandalizing places, he trying to set someone up. he seems to be the latest in a returning fan favourite whos part has been completely ruined by hopeless writers and a producer who wants the sack!

coconno196 said...

I thought Spider was doing to show Griff that he is dedicated to the cause? After Griff doubted his loyalty last week?

Anonymous said...

So Spider goes from warning Toyah to stay away from Griff because he's dangerous[Griff wanted to blow up Saira Habeeb's car]to committing an act of vandalism on Speed Daal where he dined at a few weeks ago?!
What is the point?What will Toyah say should she find out?

Anonymous said...

I think the point is that it's part of his job. Griff still doesn't totally trust him, so he did this to show her was loyal to the cause, to keep on the good side of them. I'm assuming he told his employers of this beforehand

Sharon boothroyd said...

We won't be given that explanation of Spider's journey.
If we do, it'll be when he admits it to Toyah, after this plot (sorry, 'issue') is over.
We are supposed to simply accept that he is now an undercover police officer.
As for the paint splashing - he is undercover, and he hasn't hurt anyone.
This John Stape book - what I don't understand is why Sally and Kevin don't have anything to say about it.
I can't see snobby Sally feeling happy about all and sundry reading the details of her daughter's kidnap. She'd be appalled and would join forces with Fiz and Ty to get the book stopped.
Sally wasn't in the factory, for some reason, and Kev hasn't said a dicky bird about Rosie's part in the book to Ty. Why not?
I think there's something sinister about Mike and Esther.

Kosmo said...

I missed out a small scene where Griff made it clear that he wanted Spider to demonstrate his allegiance to the cause (whatever that cause might be) and to teach those people who stick together (Muslims in case the point was missed) a lesson that you cannot treat people like that.


coconno196 said...

Yes. Every now and then we see a shot of both Mike and Esther looking devious. Can't work out their agenda though. They have already coughed up £10000.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Mike and Esther are just totally obsessive about having a baby and we're starting to see they will stop at nothing to do that. But putting Mike as Dad...what a yucky idea...almost as yucky as simpering Aaron and Summer saying so meekly, "well, if that's the only way we can do this...." Come on: Summer is meant to be intelligent; and yet somehow she has morphed into a submissive little half wit. Of all people...why would she consent to become a baby machine? Next thing you know, she will be popping one out every nine months, with a new named Dad for each one, and never have to worry about going to Uni! This is stretching credibility too far.


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