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Friday, 12 November 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 10th November 7.30 & 8.30

Since Aadi came back into Corrie, events at N0.7 have had a high impact, and it's been a tumultuous year for the Alahan clan. The high impact drama has pushed the family to the forefront of the show, and long may it continue. Ignoring the (quite ridiculous) premise that this is all based on (cars are a motif for this family), Aadi's disgust at Dev's fatherly failings lead to a dramatic showdown, and rightly so. Alongside the outstanding acting, I am interested to see how this will pan out in the long run. With three businesses in the family fortune, you would think Aadi would be happy about his new managerial role - I guess Chesney is still doing the dogsbody duties, unseen off-screen. Money has long been a part of the Dev story arc, he is a businessman after all, but you can't put a price on your kid’s heads! Aadi admitting damaging Dev’s car will surely put another big dent in this father/son relationship. 

And what about Aadi's failed relationship with Summer?  I can't imagine a brainbox like her having some girly crush on her teacher, so I think she’s using that to distance herself from Aadi and his problems. Kelly and Aadi though? I could see that, maybe as a bad boy/girl coupling, just hopefully leaning less on any Corrie crime capers like this past year. Head swaps can be a risky business in soapland, but with Aadi, I think it's definitely paid off. 

Here’s an idea. If Nick and Leanne are so concerned about Sam’s silence, why doesn’t she contact her sister, Toyah, who happens to be a professional counsellor?! I miss the little lad dispatching facts like a mini Roy Cropper, so I do hope he talks soon! Clever Corrie for giving Sam a background just like his Father, it’s just a shame we had to lose Natasha in the process. Corrie collateral damage, let's call it that. That said, how beautiful was that scene between Steve and Leanne in Roy's Rolls!!? I watch a lot of Classic Corrie, and even in 1999, she was stealing the show. Take a bow Jane Danson, exceptionally done. 

Talking of brilliant Corrie women, a few weeks ago I mentioned in this blog how Carla may react following Johnný’s demise. I was a bit presumptuous in assuming Corrie would do a sidestep and hide it under the carpet, ignoring the factory boss' mental health frailty in favour of Peter's recovery. The scenes in Underworld with Sarah suggest that Corrie will in fact delve further into Carla's tempestuous psyche. Is it just grief, or is something much deeper in the offing? Peter is looking good following his life-changing (and very serious) liver transplant, so at least there is that. I am glad to see Peter back, but I was more surprised to see another familiar face turn up tonight on the show, too. Did anyone else spot her? The posh parent at the party? I'm 99% certain we've seen her somewhere before? 

Elsewhere in tonight’s Corrie; Adam warns Daniel about Daisy, Tyrone’s got a new love interest, and Kelly struggles to settle into civilian life!

I may have had a 'wobble' recently with my Coronation Street fandom. It's rare, but after 24 years, it can still happen. However, tonight's double was exceptional and I think I'm back to normal again. Superb stuff. 

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Anonymous said...

I think Nick suggested calling Toyah but Leanne wisely rejected the idea for now. She recognizes that this is a normal part of the grieving process. She will wanting to give Sam space but be a support to him at the same time. I love Leanne. This new dynamic to the family is awesome.

C in Canada said...

Being in Canada we're a few weeks behind, but I did like Summer and Aadi together, they're a cute couple, did they break up? I would hate to see Aadi with Kelly, talk about a wrong fit.

Kelly and Simon now, they seem like a better fit, both of them having unconventional upbringings.

Anonymous said...

Adam is protesting a lot about the suitability of Daisy. Is this a hint that maybe he will end up having a dalliance with her? I hope not...but this is soapland afterall.

coconno196 said...

The posh parent is played by Emma Stansfield. In 2005-6 she played Ronnie Clayton, rather unpleasant gifriend of Steve Mcdonald.


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