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Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 3 November 2021


KEVIN KNOWS HE’S MISERABLE NOW Abi assures Debbie that she’s going to tell Kevin the truth and then she’ll be out of their lives. Kevin returns home to find Abi packing her bags.  Abi explains how she stole his money and bought a gun, intent on killing Corey, but Nina talked her out of it. Kevin finds Abi in Seb’s memorial garden and telling her how much he loves her, begs her to meet him at the hotel where he’ll be waiting to marry her. What will she decide to do?
STEVE FEARS CURTIS IS HAVING A HEART ATTACK Emma confides in Steve that Curtis has gone missing, he’s got an exam today but he’s convinced he might not live long enough to graduate. Steve finds Curtis in Victoria Garden and gently persuades him not to give up and offers him a lift to his exam. When Steve’s car fails to start, Curtis gets out and gives it a push, but as the car leaps into life, Curtis sinks to his knees, clutching his chest. 
MARIA CAN’T BYPASS THE OPPORTUNITY TO PROTEST With the support of Ken, Daniel, Aggie, Roy and Mary, Maria organises a demonstration outside the council building. Phill arrives and reveals that he’s on the planning committee.
ELSEWHERE Zeedan reveals to Alya and Yasmeen that he’s rehired the food van and intends to make a proper go of it this time. Zeedan calls Hashim and assures him that he’s come up with a plan.

KEVIN’S HAPPILY EVER AFTER IS RUINED BY COREY Kevin and Jack wait at the wedding venue, Suddenly they’re interrupted by Nina, who reveals that she’s had a call from DS Swain, they’re reopening the case and going to arrest Corey.
WILL EMMA SAY YES TO CURTIS In the hospital, Curtis plays down the seriousness of his situation and assures Emma that all he needs is rest and he’s free to go home. But back at the flat Curtis has a shock proposal for Emma? 
MARIA CONSIDERS RUNNING FOR THE COUNCIL Craig arrives at the demonstration and orders the protesters to stand aside. When Chris from the Gazette arrives, Maria offers another exclusive. Having finished his meeting, Phill tells Maria he’d like to buy her a coffee and hear what she has to say.  
ELSEWHERE In the bistro, Danny tries out his new menu ideas on Ronnie.  

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Fluttershy said...

What a wedding, no Sally and Tim, no Tyrone, no Raw-SEH or Saw-FEH, they couldn't even be bothered to zoom!

Sharon boothroyd said...

Yes, it was one of the worst weddings on the street! no proprr vows, no rings to exchange, no meal and no - one there!
I find it difficult to believe that a doctor would send Curtis away with paracetamol when he's complaining of severe chest pains.
Surely they'd need to do an ECG or an x-ray? I thought Steve would ask Curtis about that?
I'm sorry this isn't a popular view but I'm convinced Curtis is faking this 'illness' and is a con man in some way.
A commenter asked me why I was convinced - - well, I've been watching Corie for a long time!
I sensed there was something sinister about Geoff right from the start but people said I was wrong.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I can't see where Curtis is headed. We haven't seen any facial expressions behind people's backs to indicate he's a wrong'un. I can only think the writers don't know what to do with him and are keeping their options open. He's just proposed to Emma so my alarm bells will start ringing if he keeps making excuses why she can't meet his family.

Anonymous said...

I loved the minimalist wedding. Right up Abi's strasse. Don't forgot most of the things were cancelled earlier in the day.
But what a masterstroke of playing The Buzzcocks "Ever fallen in love." Amazing. I carried on singing long after the music stopped

C in Canada said...

You'd have thought at least Sally would have been there. She and Abi are good friends after all.


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