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Monday, 29 November 2021

David Neilson speaks about Roy leaving Coronation Street

Has Roy left Coronation Street, or not?

I'm inclined to think not, and I'm typing this with my fingers crossed, because no-one in their right mind would want to see Roy Cropper leave the show.

But here's what David Neilson, who plays Roy, told last week's Inside Soap magazine in an interview:

"When Corrie aired Norris' funeral, we had a scene with the hearse pulling up – and because of Malcolm Hebden, I thought: 'I'm really sorry that I won't get to work with him again'. But there are two exits in this for me: one for the character and one for David. Hopefully they won't coincide – maybe they will. I know Roy leaving will get a reaction. It's a big part of your life and a big part of that popular culture. He will be remembered for a long while."

So has he left for good? What do you think? I think David's statement leaves things open and that he'll be back. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed, just in case.

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Smiley said...

He also mentioned how he is 72 years old. I feel that he is leaving, he might come back for one final hurrah before leaving for good. I think his exit was beautiful for Roy who does not like to be at the centre of attention. He got one on one screentime with his friends. That is beautiful.

Humpty Dumpty said...

How can Roy hand over a business to 17 year-old Nina? You can't have a business account at the bank until you are 18. What kind of legal advice did he get from Imran? Roy got his job, sorted out bank signatories, change of account name with suppliers in a matter of days. Hard to take this storyline seriously. Perhaps the actor wanted a break. Wouldn't it have been just as effective for Roy to say that he had to get away to clear his head and was taking on a six-month job somewhere? Unless this current storyline leads to Nina having a break-down under the stress and Roy feels obliged to return to Weatherfield.

Humpty Dumpty said...

OK, before it's pointed out to me - Nina is 19! I was looking at old information. Everything else above still applies, though.

Antiphon said...

I wonder if perhaps David Neilson himself is uncertain whether he wants to return to the cobbles or not and therefore did not want to commit himself either way when he spoke to Inside Soap. The tone of the interview did seem pretty dark though and did seem to imply that Roy would not return. It seems odd that no hint of him leaving was given beforehand which suggests that it might have been quite a sudden decision; perhaps he was dissatisfied with the storyline or perhaps he felt he was getting too old for the part at 72, although other actors such as William Roache and Barbara Knox are older.

The whole manner of him leaving so suddenly and leaving Nina to fend for herself just does not seem like Roy at all, which suggests that the writers had to put together an exit story for him pretty quickly.

The Daily Express has suggested that he might even be killed off offscreen in the New Year. Although this would be very sad it would at least give us closure and would be better than him just disappearing to South America never to be seen or heard from in Weatherfield again.

I really do hope that Roy returns but the interview does not seem to give us much hope that he will.

Anonymous said...

Nina is taking over the role of ranter like Alya used to be. She is quite intolerant to many for wanting to be accepted as she is. I don't really like the character and she is no replacement for Roy.


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