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Sunday, 7 November 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review, Friday 5 November 2021

Tonight opened with Corey and Stefan hiding out in an apparently disused factory as they had gone on the run on Wednesday.  Stefan contacted his mate Christian, father of Eli, to bring a van and to ask if they can make use of a houseboat until Stefan can arrange for them to flee the country.  The police have told Abi they are on the run and she asks Gary to contact his "friends" to see if they have heard anything - but Gary reckons that the chances of that are close to zero.  

Abi remembers the heavily bribed Christian and Gary catches up with him just before he sets off to transport the murderer and his loaded father.  Christian gets the two of them into the closed van and Gary takes the keys, next stop (above) Weatherfield cop shop where not only is the detective waiting for them as Gary opens the doors but also Nina, Abi and Kev.  Once interviewed Corey is soon down to answering questions with the "no comment" but presented with the evidence the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) are willing to allow the police to charge Corey with murder as there is significant new evidence (Eli has also withdrawn his statement).  [UK laws were changed a few years ago to permit retrial where there is new evidence].  

To everyone therefore Gary is a hero and just to maintain a balance can I remind you that his actions led to the death of Rana and that he also (probably in self defence) killed Rick Neelan; however much good he might do those little problems remain out there to trip him up one of these days.

As a spin-off from this Imran believes that he has good news for Kelly in that this should allow him to launch an appeal against her sentence.  Once he has seen Kelly and told her that is the course he is pursuing he also sees Abi to give her the same news.  Abi reminds Imran that Kelly started the verbals on Nina and Seb and if she had not done so then Seb would still be alive.  Imran reminds Abi pointedly that everyone makes mistakes and Kelly may deserve a second chance - reminding us that whilst he has admitted his infidelity to Toyah he has not named Abi and poor Kev remains in complete ignorance.  Abi (above) tells Imran to stay away from her.

The first sign that the distancing restrictions were being lifted came earlier in the year when James Bailey and Danny Tomlinson kissed in the middle of the Street.  Tonight the romance came close to closure.  Ronnie Bailey had summoned a London mucker, Tom Carswood, to Weatherfield to experience the seven course dining delight available at the Viaduct Bistro.  Danny cooked up a storm and on the basis of the meal Tom Carswood offered him the role of chef in the brand new restaurant he is soon to open to add to his range of eateries.  

Needless to say Danny has his head turned and frankly my anger at Ronnie knew no bounds.  I can understand that Danny is an exciting find but Ronnie gave not the slightest consideration to the mental well-being of his nephew.  He could guess the likely outcome of getting his friend north and poor James has only just started to regain his fitness (although returning to the first team might be easier with Corey out of the way).  Also I thought Debbie was Ronnie's friend so to organise her chef being stolen is hardly best behaviour.  In the Rovers, Danny convinces James that he has to get his career back on track, James agrees and calls Danny the best boyfriend ever.  Danny then thinks about the offer but whilst James is in the Rovers toilets, Danny phones the restauranteur and declines his offer (above) - his family and his life are in Weatherfield.  He does not tell James about the offer at all.

When former Mayor and jailbird Sally (later entirely cleared without a stain on her character) hears that Maria is intending to stand for election as an independent councillor, Sally announces that she will also be standing.  And in an interesting turn of events Maria and Fiz (whom let no-one forget were not always best of friends) are having a drink with Phill who re-appeared last week saying he was on the planning committee.  Now if he is "on" the planning committee it implies he is a councillor (for another ward) with existing political allegiances and suddenly he is offering to assist Maria who is independent - this hardly adds up to consistency!  Anyway the three of them form "Team Maria" - the creation of which they are toasting (above).

Emma and Curtis are engaged - just look at those happy faces above.  Once apprised of the development Steve feels that he needs to help get to the bottom of Curtis's medical disorder and tells Tracy that he intends to use some of their savings (the McDonalds have savings?) to get Curtis in front of the right consultant to get answers.  Initially she is not overjoyed at this use of their money but later on mature reflection (yes even Tracy is capable of that these days) she has pondered what she would do if either of them knew that they had a terminal disease.  Daniel offers the benefit of his wisdom with Sinead in that he would still have married her.  So reluctantly Tracy accepts how their savings will be expended.  Do I remain alone in not being entirely sure that Curtis has told us all the truth?

Sam is still not speaking.  Well he shows more sense than a lot of people.  George recommends a book to Nick to help him as the remaining parent whilst Audrey also reminds Nick of his memories around Brian and the impact of the funeral when Nick could not understand why these things were being said about his dad who was just in that box!  

Kev has bought a single massive rocket which Abi and Nina take to Seb's memorial garden.  Abi says she dedicates this rocket to my son Sebastian.  "I still love you, you big lump, wherever you are and I said we would get justice for you didn't I?  Now you can rest in peace."  Nina adds that she will never forget him.  Abi lights the touch paper and moves back.  And as we have all experienced it glows and then appears to go out.  She moves forward and then at Nina's urging moves back.  They discuss throwing a bucket of water over it for safety and then suddenly the rocket lights and we see their faces lit up in different colours and part of the display (below).

Obviously Ronnie will be asking James about Danny and the offer of work in London, so that will not be secret much longer.  It must be very difficult for Sam to stay silent!  And I hope that the clash between Maria and Sally will remain serious about the environmental issues but will also enable us to see some decent comedy asides from both to balance the equation.

Tonight was written by John Kerr and Joe Turner, whilst the director was John Greening.


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Anonymous said...

Why would Abi not have waited for Kevin and Jack before setting off the rocket?
The 11yr old see supposedly loves and Kevin who bought it for her and both of whom have supported her throughout!
ER Canada

Anonymous said...

Considering that she bought a gun on intending to kill Cory but led to Harvey killing Natasha by mistake [he thought she was Leanne] when he found the gun in the ginnel,Abi is in no position to judge Kelly who did try to stop Cory's attack on Seb and showed genuine remorse whereas Abi has shown little remorse for her actions which led to Natasha being murdered and for Roy to lie to protect her.

maggie muggins said...

Nice write-up on a truly Corey-Corrie episode, Kosmo!

I can only add that I question those still blaming Kelly for Seb's death. I seem to recall that it was either Corey of one of his friends who egged her on to slap Nina. She may has been taunting the couple, but I don't think the slap was her idea. I could be wrong as it was so long ago!

And I still think we need Spider back right about now. And you can add me to the list of those that don't trust Curtis one bit.

Oh, and good point to the comment above about Abi's gun leading to Natasha's death. Yikes. Tangle web that probably will never get untangled on Corrie.

Anonymous said...

So if James got an offer from higher league football club would he turn it down so he could stay in Weatherfield with Danny?

coconno196 said...

Agree with both comments. Abi's hatred of Kelly is unreasonable, and Kelly didn't start the attack. Corey & co told her to hit Nina, and she only did it to impress them. She was horrified by what followed.

Anonymous said...

Time to get Maria a new haircut. This one is so dated.

coconno196 said...

Yes. Maria is a poor advert for a "hairstylist". Audrey too, and I find it hard to believe that's all Claudia's own hair. She should tone down the colour too.

Terry Duckworth said...

I feel that if they had done more with Stefan and played hin less like a rich asshole and more like a deperate parent who only wanted to protect his son his sadness at Corey being captured could have been really heartbreaking.


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