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Saturday, 13 November 2021

Charlotte Jordan interview: Daisy puts Bertie on social media

What do you think of Daisy and Daniel as a couple?

I think they could really work well together. You know, it's that classic sense of opposites attract. Daniel probably brings out the more human side of Daisy and steers her in the right direction. And Daisy will loosen Daniel up. I think they could work really well.
At this point, do you think Daisy’s feelings for Daniel are genuine?

Yes. I think by this point she’s probably falling quite hard and fast for him. And I think it is genuine. I don't think she realises going into it that it will become such a genuine, strong feeling for him. But I think that's definitely the direction that it goes in.
What is it about him that you think she likes?

I think it is the fact that he is so different to her; you know, he's a teacher, he's moulding the next generation of minds and all that. He's everything that's good. And she is… not everything that's bad. She's just a flawed human, but she is somewhat selfish, and what she wants drives her. So I think it's nice for her to spend some time with someone that's the opposite of that, and having a kid to look after is selfless. That’s what's gonna help her go in the right direction.
Does she like being around Bertie as well?

I think it's a mixed thing. It's probably a little bit scary for her in the sense that it's going to remind her of Tom (her brother), and that trauma that happened. But I also think that once she gets over the initial scariness of it and realises that she's capable of looking after a little baby, I think it'll be a really lovely thing.
And he's also pretty good for a social media profile, too, it seems…

Yes! Again, that's not a contrived thing. I think it's just she is that age, she's 23. They all post everything every five seconds on social media. So it's not like, ‘Oh, I'm gonna use this infant to get ahead in life’. It's just that ‘oh, this is what I'm doing for the day, I'm looking at this really cute kid’. She's just posting about it, and then it sort of spirals. But initially, it's not a vindictive move.
How does Daniel react when he finds out she’s been using Bertie on social media?

Like I said, because it's not it's not a vindictive move to begin with, he's actually fine with it. At the end of the day, how it starts is she's doing him a favour – he's got no childcare, and so she says, you know, fine no worries, I'll look after Bertie. So he's pretty chill about it.
What are her thoughts when Daniel suggests that they see each other in secret?

I think she's really into that. Everyone is giving their opinion about their relationship and basically telling them that they're mad, and it's all going to end in tears, and they're doomed. It's from Jenny. It's from Adam. It's from everyone, telling them not to do it. And I'm pretty sure they're just sick of hearing it. Because it's hard to get to know someone when everyone's in your ear just going, oh, it's a terrible idea. Also, at the minute, her main focus really is going to be Jenny and her grief, and making sure she's okay. And if Jenny thinks that's all she's got to worry about, she'll stay off her back about the rest of her life.
Jenny tries to set her up with a footballer in the pub – is Daisy deliberately flirting to make Daniel jealous?

It's just a bit of fun. She does enjoy the game. At the end of the day, that's what she likes. But it's not a malicious thing. It's just, ‘okay, I'm gonna have some fun here’. And also, we found it quite funny, because Jenny's basically calling her a gold digger – and then she's really pushing towards the footballer with loads of money!
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