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Monday, 8 November 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 9th and 11th July 1999

Kevin and Alison held a flatwarming party for their new place above the bookies, playing the Spice Girls and serving plates of brown food.  (Hayley, in particular, seemed to load her plate with every variety of crisp and cocktail sausage she could find).  They received an unexpected guest: Rosie, who'd snuck out of number 13.  She announced that she didn't want to go back to Sally and, much to Alison's annoyance, Kevin let her stay with them.  Also playing host were Maxine and Ashley, bringing together the potential in-laws.  Fred proudly announced that Ashley was his son and there was a moment of confusion as Maxine's parents thought he'd got his sister pregnant.  Tyrone was sick of dossing on a mate's sofa and approached Natalie about renting number 6.  He was unsurprisingly unable to afford the rent, but his request caught Jack's attention.  He took him out for a cup of tea and Tyrone admitted he'd never lived anywhere for more than six months.  Jack felt sorry for him, and he persuaded Vera that they should rent Ty the box room in the roof at a knock down rate in exchange for him doing odd jobs round the place.  It was, unsurprisingly, adorable.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 12th and 14th July 1999

At the factory, Linda was getting lippy with Deirdre, comfortable with her position as Mike's bit on the side.  Mike warned her to keep her tongue, but it seemed he was still not over Alma.  He took her out to dinner to discuss the divorce, but became resentful when he realised it was the same restaurant she went to with Ravi.  He bristled with jealousy.  Also busy with divorce arrangements was Leanne, who got a cheque for £2000 from Gail.  The cheque was unsigned; Gail explained that once Leanne signed the divorce papers she'd get the cash.  Martin meanwhile was resentful that they'd had to use their money instead of making Nicky responsible.  Sally got in a strop about Rosie wanting to stay with Kevin.  She told him he couldn't just be a dad for the good stuff, and said he could look after her all week and see what being a parent was really like.  Alison was annoyed that their perfect little love nest was being spoiled by a stroppy eight year old.  Maxine's mate Melanie confessed that she didn't love her fiance but she felt like she had to marry him anyway.  Maxine told her she had to call it off... with half an eye on the vacant church slot.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 16th and 18th July 1999

Jack went to Wethy General for tests on his heart.  The doctor told him that he was going to need a triple heart bypass.  Vera insisted on him looking after himself but he went to work in the Rovers anyway.  Natalie didn't want to cause him to have a heart attack... but she also didn't want to pay him to sit around doing nothing.  Alison demanded a night alone with Kevin so he dumped Rosie back on Sally.  Unfortunately, she'd finally arranged to have a date with Danny that night, and she had to break it to him they couldn't go out.  He went to the Rovers and bumped into Sharon.  They had a great night together, which put Sally's nose out of joint.  Vikram was horrified to learn Leanne was admitting adultery to get a quick divorce, because apparently he's just arrived from Amish country.  He said it was all too much for him and dumped her.  

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 19th and 21st July 1999

Danny asked Sharon out on a date.  Rita warned her that Sally was interested in him, so Sharon asked for permission to go out with him, and Sally had to give her blessing through gritted teeth.  At the B&B, Jack had one of his attacks on the stairs, scaring Tyrone.  He begged him not to tell Vera but Tyrone told her anyway, causing her to fret.  She tried to persuade Jack to spend their savings on going private so he could skip the waiting list for his operation but he said she'd need the money if he died.  Leanne signed the divorce papers, so Gail authorised the £2000 pay off.  Almost immediately Vik decided he wanted to get back with her.  Funny that.  Steve got Stephen Graham round to buy some of his dodgy fags but Jim was disgusted to find him doing his criminal business in the house and chucked them out.  (Please remember that the money for Steve's initial run came from Jim but apparently he's had an attack of conscience).  He told his dad he wouldn't be doing any more ciggy runs to Belgium, but of course this was a massive lie.  

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 23rd and 25th July 1999

While she waited for her cheque to clear, Leanne got a loan, and used the money to buy herself a posh frock.  Martin realised she was going to blow all the cash and emptied the bank account so that the cheque would bounce.  Leanne was furious and accused Gail of cheating her.  Gail was embarrassed but Martin refused to apologise or tell her where he'd stashed the money.  He thought the money belonged to "the family" and that a marriage was about sharing, even though the money came from Gail selling her half of the cafe.  Vera was desperate for Jack to get the private operation, even enlisting Ken to try and persuade him, but he refused point blank and told her to drop it.  Ravi and Mike argued in the pub over Alma, with Mike saying she was only after a meal ticket.  Nita told him to stay away from the Baldwins; she knew that Linda was sleeping with Mike, so she told Ravi that Mike was off with a younger woman.  Ravi, in his turn, passed this news on to Alma.  And Sharon and Danny went bowling and got on marvellously, leaving Sally simmering with jealousy.  

Hold firm, everyone; there's only a few more episodes of Ravi Desai and his weird, creepy acting ahead of us.  The author will be holding a farewell and good riddance party over on Twitter @merseytart.

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