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Monday, 22 November 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 13th and 15th August 1999

Oh no, it's Terry Duckworth!  Vera demanded he return to Weatherfield since Jack was recovering from his bypass.  He turned up, but, true to form, it was bank balances that were mainly of interest to him (though he took time out to cackle with glee at Kevin's divorce and to belittle Tyrone).  He established how much cash Vera had in her bank account and discovered that Sharon Gaskell - who he'd once gone out with - now owned the Kabin.  He immediately started smarming round her.  Jack meanwhile refused to return home while Terry was around.  Toyah was ecstatic about her new relationship with Spider, excitedly telling Leanne that she'd been deflowered.  Leanne went round to number 3 and told him to treat her right.  However, he was already regretting getting involved with her, leaving her hurt and upset.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 16th and 18th August 1999

Maxine the bridezilla continued to rampage across the Street, demanding a Caribbean honeymoon from Ashley.  She was disgusted to learn he was scared of flying.  After a word from Audrey, though, she forgave him, and he was so pleased he neglected to mention he'd got Gary to be his best man again.  Judy was in a less forgiving mood, though, and she refused to attend the wedding.  Leanne confronted Spider and told him to be more sensitive.  He was still confused so Toyah took the decision out of his hands by kissing him.  Emily wandered around the Street, befuddled, with an enormous instruction book for the factory's computer system.  She managed to delete the payroll from the PC.  Mike sorted it for her (though Johnny Briggs tapped the computer like it could explode in his face) but Emily resigned anyway.  Linda went behind his back and begged Deirdre to return.  Jack returned from hospital to find Terry was staying at the B&B and was disgusted, saying he'd never change.  He refused to be under the same roof as him and arranged to stay at the Rovers, but Terry agreed to leave instead, going to the pub.  Kevin and Alison went out for dinner but he dashed off to help Sally who had a flooded bathroom.  She was forced to walk home, and was accosted by a mugger.  She was helped by a passer by - Terry Duckworth.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 20th and 22nd August 1999

Alison recovered from her mugging.  She was mainly angry with Kevin for leaving her, meaning she'd been vulnerable, and accused him of being under Sally's thumb.  She packed her things to leave but Kevin stopped her... with a proposal.  Deirdre agreed to come back to the factory with a new job title and a promise that Linda wouldn't be cheeky to her.  Mike was now free to book a holiday, and he surprised her with a luxurious trip to the Far East.  Jack and Vera celebrated their forty-second anniversary though Vera confessed what she really wanted was Terry back with them.  He turned up with a silver picture frame as a gift for them, but Jack sent him away with a flea in his ear.  He returned to the Street and took Sharon out for a Chinese, trying to persuade her to dump Danny for him.  Spider and Toyah hunted for a place they could have a bunk up.  She persuaded Roy to let them use the cafe for a romantic meal after hours, but their attempt to get it on in the empty Battersby house was interrupted by Les returning for his fags.  Spider was terrified Les would find out what he was doing to his daughter.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 23rd and 25th August 1999

We finally discovered why Alison was such an emotional mess.  She told Kevin that her sister Cheryl drowned in a canal when she was young and her parents had accused her of murdering Cheryl, thinking she was jealous of the attention she got.  It didn't help that Alison couldn't remember what actually did happen.  I think it's safe to say she would never do anything as interesting as kill her sister.  Vera begged Terry to stay and prove to Jack that he was a good person.  He said he'd happily stick around - if she gave him some cash to "help him settle".  She realised he really was a scumbag, and warned Sharon off him, telling her he was clearly after her money.  He was livid and Sharon saw what a nasty bit of goods he was.  Terry went to see Vera and threatened to leave forever; the poor old woman was upset at the idea of never seeing him again.  He suggested that rather than simply handing over some money she could buy his fancy BMW...  

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 27th and 29th August 1999

Toyah got her GCSE results.  She'd actually got an A for English, and Les and Janice threw her a party to celebrate.  She thanked Ken for his tutoring which had really helped her, while Leanne glowered with jealousy.  Ashley really wanted to talk to his birth mother, and was considering hiring a private detective in Australia to find her.  Fred tried to put him off and went to visit a woman - Kathleen, Ashley's mother, not in Australia after all but instead in a leafy Manchester suburb.  He explained the situation and she told him that while she was happy Ashley was settled, she didn't want to meet him.  Fred returned to Ashley and told him that if he went looking for Kathleen he'd only end up hurting his adopted mum.  Alison's parents came round to meet Kevin and spent the whole time being cold and dropping nasty remarks about Alison being all murdery.  Kevin lost his temper with them, saying they should blame themselves not her, and they left.  Alison was pleased that he'd defended her.  Jack was angry to learn that Vera had bought the car off Terry.  Even though it seemed like a bargain, he considered it yet another in a long line of his schemes to get money out of the Duckworths.  Maud got a letter from some solicitors; her former fiance, Sidney, had left her ten thousand pounds in his will.  She didn't know whether to accept it but everyone encouraged her to enjoy it.  She considered using it to buy a new hat.

One of the best things about watching this era of Corrie is knowing all the most irritating characters are going to meet unpleasant ends.  Maxine, Judy, Alison - @merseytart has seen your future, and it's not good.

Classic Corrie is on ITV3 weekday afternoons and is also on the ITV Hub.

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C in Canada said...

I love these posts - it give you a real perspective into the modern characters and their backstory.
Plus it's just plain interesting to know what happened before I started watching.
I miss Jack and Vera.

Terry Duckworth said...

See i ain't such a bad fella. I Saved Alison. More than her boyfriend or his braatty ex would have done.


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