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Friday, 5 November 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 3rd November 7.30 & 8.30

Last Wednesday, Corrie put me off a bit, I admit. The misery porn, Natasha's death, grief, guilt, and drunkenness. A cacophony of Corrie miserablism that would have put Morrissey off watching!. So much so I didn't watch Friday's episodes until the following Monday. I needed a breather, which is unlike me, to be honest. Like Tim and Kev love Wethy County, I follow Coronation Street until my dying day, but it did worry me a tad. Will I be singing its praises following tonight's episodes? 

When originally mooted, Kev and Abi's wedding looked full of fun. Sally and Tim both jostled for roles in the ceremony, tomboy Abi grumped over wearing a wedding dress, and some classic comedic Corrie was on the cards. Fast forward nine months, however, and things look a lot different. To say Abi has been through the mill is understating it somewhat (the collapsing sinkhole being a gun-toting finale). Debbie knowing about the gun means Kevin had to find out, the tearful confession was as expected. The ceremony did eventually go ahead in the end, but is another smoking gun waiting to go off in the newlywed's faces?  I would predict so. Corey disappearing will have ramifications for all concerned. Aside from Abi's running away trope, I thought it was such a sweet wedding ceremony. The humour wasn't needed in the end, and the  Buzzcocks soundtrack was a wonderful addition. 

No wonder Maria is feeling a bit out of her depth, but going viral on the internet seems to have fired up the hairdresser in her quest for Corrie COP26 infamy. We know this is a tie-in for national televisions climate conversation, and I am passionate about the urgency, it's just Maria's not that convincing? Would Nina or Mary have carried this storyline better? Anyway, the council are keen on flattening the Red Rec for a Bypass, and Coronation Street's rammed with cars, so the time is right for another resident protest. It was quite a catchy rally rouser to sing; air pollution's not a lie, please don't let our children die! 

Depending on whose camp you sit on, this is either inspiring or propaganda*. For me, it's the former, and Ian Kershaw’s intelligent and astute writing made sure the message was clear! Aside from the residents camping up a tree, or calling Emily back from Peru, surely this would be the perfect time to bring back our favourite (and only) eco-warrior character, Spider? Toyah needs support right now - it would make for perfect timing! Corrie writers can thank me later.  

On that note, I was pleased to see Tracy Barlow back on the street tonight too. She did look pretty (!) and whilst dishing out her trademark acerbic put-downs. It roused me from a brief Corrie slumber and I am now back in the game! Let us sing it from the terraces - 'Air pollution is not a lie, please don't let our children die!'

Elsewhere on Corrie; Zeedan’s money laundering via a food van, Curtis proposes, and Maria decides to stand for the local council. 

*For anyone suggesting this story 'isn't Corrie'  Ken went on a Ban the Bomb march in 1961. The political polemic has long been part of Coronation Street's illustrious history. Long may that continue. 

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Chris h said...

Very poor storys, i never bothered at all last week and still we have social distancing in most storys, that same hotel set used for kevins wedding with what 3 guests and little jack webster, the oldest looking 11 year old eber, he will be sporting a beard and tattoos soon

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): "Misery porn" that's a good way to describe it. Gratuitous trauma, death, grief, including a 10 year-old speaking to his mom's corpse. I think the "smoking gun" that ruins Kev's and Abi's relationship will not be Corey but her one night stand. Which will be such a shame, because Jack, Kevin, and Abi, plus the Debster, make such a great family! The unexpected scenes where Jack spoke about how much he loved Abi were really can understand it though; the poor kid's never had a mother. But unfortunately, there will be more misery for him and Abi when the truth comes out (around Xmas, I'm guessing) about Imran.

popcorn said...

Last night in Canada Abi and Corey fell down the sinkhole in the Horranation episode. Instead of being frightened and horrified, I laughed out loud in several spots. What on earth has happened to Corrie? Looking back, there were many times when Pat Phelan had me truly terrorized. This whole storyline has left me sorely disappointed.

maggie muggins said...

Too distracted by Kevin's year-round tan to concentrate on the story. Does he stop off at tanning salons between call-outs? I know, I know, the actor has a right to much needed getaways after so many shutdowns due to Covid, but he seems to be tan more than in the past. Still love the character. I like all the long-term ones.

Anonymous said...

When I saw Kevin I thought he looked like a homeless person, with the scruffy beard and the old purple jacket. the horrornation scenes were horrible Too noisy to hear properly what they were saying and just mostly very cringe-worthy


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