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Thursday, 25 November 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 24th November 7.30 & 8.30

2021 has been one of the most dramatic years on Coronation Street, bringing an abundance of change, death, sinkholes, and crimes aplenty. To push these stories, and for dramatic purposes, we have seen an influx of new and recurring characters. But what about the old guard? With Norris dead, Natasha dead (rude!), and Johnny Connor sinking in a sewer, are we about to see another character leave the street? And if so, can it be anyone other than Roy Cropper? 

Usually, our Roy is the moral compass on the cobbles, dispatching random facts and offering measured words of advice, often prophesying, as he dishes out his veggie sarnies. Roy is always straight-laced, dependable, and reliable. However, Abi has corrupted the cafe boss, and even though he was only protecting Nina, Roy feels out of his depth and is determined to leave. Will he go? Tonight starts with Roy selling his woody (insert Kenneth Williams gif, here), signing the businesses over to Nina, and announcing that he's heading off to work as a chef in South America. Quick work! Is he going to see Emily Bishop, perhaps? 

We had a few mentions of Corrie past tonight, and Maria’s sudden interest in politics, and as a hairdresser, got me thinking. Is she about to do an Audrey Roberts and become councillor whilst still styling hair?  Real-life MP’s and second jobs may be in the headlines at the minute, but no mention of local councillors! Anyway, the organisation of the Christmas market is livened up by the presence of Mary, some juicy council gossip, and the possibility (obviously) of Maria V Sally in a by-election showdown. Can we guess the winner, or will Maria do an Audrey and become a councillor/hairdresser extraordinaire? 
Maria reluctantly resigns herself to being Sally's flunkey, but I can't see that lasting long, can you? 

Speaking of which, Faye’s reintegration into cobbles life is going as fast as her release from prison! She’s soon back at the Bistro, and it's a bad start, as memories of Ray become too much for her. Faye confides in Tim, and after a heart-to-heart, the cabbie reveals thaƧ he put her up for the bistro position and swiftly gets her a sales job at the factory instead! I mean, I’ve been out of work a year now, facing an awful jobs market, and with a pandemic and a recession to boot. I should move to Weatherfield, instead? I'd be working in Tracy’s florist by this time next week!  

#TeamRoy turning up to see him off, bore all the hallmarks of Coronation Street's esteemed history. Even with the social distancing, I love it when Corrie gets an ensemble together for a scene, and it was a nice touch. I did hope it would deter him from leaving. Even Nina’s protestations fell on deaf ears, and by the time the credits rolled, Roy was heading off into a taxi! Let's hope Roy’s only going to recuperate, rests up, and somehow brings Emily back with him! That's if he comes back?

Elsewhere tonight; Imran questions Laura, Kelly burns bridges with Stu, and George helps stem Sam’s silence with some stargazing.  

P.S- Leanne sounds a bit rough, doesn't she? Let's hope she’s not caught the covid! Get well soon, Jane! 
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Sharon boothroyd said...

In reality, I don't think Roy would walk out on a tearful, begging Njna (or Carla) She's his only blood relative and he promised her dad he would look after her.
BUT... maybe this whole gun scenario with Abbey and Harvey has soured his approach to life.
I think in practical terms, there was little scope for development for Roy. Another love match was out, and even though he'd made friends, in another 5 or 10 years, he'd still be stuck behind the cafe counter in that saggy cardi and tatty apron.
I don't feel Roy will be returning, but you never know...
Rita, in her eighties, is still stuck at The Kabin - although we hardly ever see her.
So good luck Roy and also to the actor who played him!

C in Canada said...

Roy will be back - there's been nothing in the news about him leaving the show. This is nothing but a plotline. Roy will be back and will be missed until he does :)

fairycake said...

I love our Roy so much! I truly hope he returns, all though I have a nagging feeling that this might turn out like our Emily's trip from whence she never returned! Any road, I do wish Mr. Neilson all the best, as well as Miss Danson, who obviously has a sore throat and trouble speaking. XX

CK said...

I think I'm going to miss Roy more than Nina. Who do we have left now of good characters? They'd better not let Mary go! More Mary please

Anonymous said...

David Neilson.
That's who plays him

Anonymous said...

100% agree

Anonymous said...

How long before we get someone addressing this big question mark to let us know what is happening with Roy and David Nielsen?

Humpty Dumpty said...

I read David Neilson lives in Barcelona and commutes to the UK when he has a storyline. Maybe he's going home for a rest and will come back after a break. He has just won a British Soap Award. I imagine Corrie producers will be very reluctant to let him leave and have given him a long leave of absence.

Antiphon said...

If Roy really has left for good then he will be the very last classic character to have appeared in Coronation Street of the same calibre as the likes of Hilda Ogden, Elsie Tanner, Bet Lynch, Eddie Yeats, Annie Walker and Ena Sharples, to name but a few characters from years gone by who were also regarded as classics. There will be no-one like him again and the show will never be the same again. Apart from possibly Ken Barlow for historical reasons as he is the last character to have appeared in the first episode broadcast in December 1960 there is now not a single character in the show for whom I feel any real affection. Roy was the very last vestige of the real Coronation Street, which largely died out many years ago.

Abercrombie said...

I was thinking just this week that Corrie of yesteryear had great actors with often humorous scripts. Small talk, character depth. I agree with Antiphon, today's characters elicit no warmth. How can we invest in such shallow characters, full of angst mostly of their own making, lying, cheating and taking no responsibility for their own history. When fingers are pointed at others, the majority should point the finger inwards. The last episode I watched saw Fiz whining about Tyrone's 'date'and saying "l am not going to invite her daughter to Hope's party" after latter had been excluded. Playground drivel. The worst part of it is,that this type of behaviour is present in life and we need a lighter touch on screen.

Antiphon said...

I even wondered if David Neilson has had some kind of falling out with the producers which has made him decide to leave as soon as possible which has led to such an abrupt departure for Roy? I really hope not, but this kind of thing has happened in soaps before. I hope either ITV or David Neilson himself soon confirm whether or not Roy is likely to return and not just leave us all in limbo. If Roy really has left for good at least we would get some closure.

Anonymous said...

Roy hasn't been seen to actually get on a plane yet. He could get to the airport and change his mind. I'm sure David Neilson hasn't hung up his pinnie for good just yet

maggie muggins said...

I'm worried about Roy leaving too, but have another thought. Would love to see a Stargazing Live crossover with Corrie, where Sam gets a visit from Prof Brian Cox and Dara O Briain. They go for a visit to Jodrell Bank Observatory and of course Roy can't resist going along too! He's not leaving!

Antiphon said...

From an interview David Neilson has just given to Inside Soap magazine it looks very much as if Roy will not be returning to Corrie. It is the end of an era; I doubt if I will ever watch the show again now that the last character who really represented the real Coronation Street has probably gone for good.

I do remember being concerned when Haley passed away some years ago that Roy would not continue to appear by himself indefinitely and that his character might eventually run its course. It is very sad that he has seemingly now been consigned to oblivion in South America and we will probably never hear from him again, in much the same way that classic characters such as Florrie Lindley was exiled to Canada, Lucille Hewitt to Ireland and Maggie Clegg to Zaire in years gone by.

Antiphon said...

Judging by an interview David Neilson has given to Inside Soap magazine it looks very much like Roy has indeed left Coronation Street for good. To be honest I doubt if I will ever watch the programme again as Roy was just about the last character to represent the real values of Coronation Street.

To be honest when Hayley passed away some years ago I was inclined to wonder whether Roy would continue to appear by himself indefinitely. Perhaps The Powers that Be have now finally decided that the character has run its course, or David Neilson himself has done so. Moreover the fact that Roy signed over the cafe to Nina and sold his beloved Woody didn't seem to indicate that he planned to return any time soon, if at all.

It sadly looks as though Roy has been consigned to oblivion in South America and will never be seen or heard of in Weatherfield again, just as classic characters like Florrie Lindley was banished to Canada, Lucille Hewitt to Ireland and Maggie Clegg to Zaire in years gone by.

Farewell and good luck Roy. We will never see your likes in Weatherfield again.


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