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Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Millie Gibson interview: Can Kelly cope on the streets?

Is Kelly at rock bottom once more when she finds herself on the streets?

Yes she’s at rock bottom and in some ways it’s even worse than when she was in prison which is really shocking to see because you wouldn’t have thought it could get any worse for her but it does. She’s free but in a way she’s still locked into this nightmare because of what she’s done. She still can’t escape from it and I think she feels more alone than ever. At least when she was in prison she had Toyah and Imran’s support but now they have to focus on Elsie and she finds herself on her own.

Why doesn’t she reach out to Imran and Toyah?

She can see they have to focus on Elsie now but also I think she wants to learn to stand on her own two feet. They’ve helped her for so long that I think she wants to prove to herself that she still has that in her after everything that’s happened. But she’s still so young and it feels like the whole world is against her now.

Were you surprised to read what’s next for Kelly and as an actress were you pleased that her release isn’t just the happy ending it could have been?

I knew she was going to have a tough time when she got out of prison and everyone wouldn’t be opening her back with open arms. But her being homeless and finding herself thinking about turning to this strange man in desperation was quite shocking. As an actress I’m so grateful that they think I can manage storylines like this, it’s been amazing to get my teeth into it.

What happens at the hotel with the man Alan who invites her to his room?

Kelly does have real trust issues with men after her dad leaving her, then what happened with Corey and now this. She’s desperate for help and I think she knows his intentions are not right but in that moment she feels she’s out of options. After this l I think she’ll have even more trust issues with men. She’s been left with scars and she’s almost quite territorial over the need to protect herself. It’s going to be hard for her to open up to anyone at this point. 

How damaged is she after what she’s been through?

She might not show it too much externally but inside I think this has really changed her, I think she’s got a form of PTSD since the attack which triggers when she gets certain reminders. She’s definitely going to have the scars for a long time.

We’re seeing a friendship with Aadi developing, would you like to explore that more?

I do really love their friendship, they’re like two lost souls but also very different in their upbringing and morals so I do think he’s quite well suited to Summer because they’re both on the same wavelength. Aadi is possibly a bit out of his depth with Kelly, she’s complicated, but I do love their friendship and how he’s there for her.

What sort of reaction are you getting to Kelly now, do you think people are starting to have some sympathy for her?

At first everyone hated her but now we’ve seen the other side and what actually happened some people do feel the way she was treated in court was harsh. It’s a hard judgement to call, is she villain or victim, I think she’s both. She did start things off that night with the slap and the vindictive behaviour. But now people are starting to see her vulnerability I think some people are warming to her. 

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