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Monday, 22 November 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 22nd November

D.S. Bob (Abney) calls round with "just one more thing" for Abi - that the gun used in Natasha's murder was also used by Tez in a raid. As an aside, do you think D.S. Bob keeps in touch with D.S. McKinnon, late of this parish? Maybe on Facebook? I reckon they meet up for gin o'clock drinks and talk about their cases. Anyway, Tez says he will sell out Abi rather than go down for it, but Kevin has a little word with him and Tez tells the po-po that he can't remember what happened to the gun, post-raid. Roy tells Abi that they must confess, but later lies to D.S. Bob again.

I'm not a big fan of the American gun lobby's concept that guns don't kill people, people do, but Roy taking responsibility, and demanding Abi and Nina do the same, for Natasha's death is nonsense. Firstly we can blame Natasha herself for wanting to buy Audrey's salon and put down roots and therefore sealing her death warrant. Secondly, the writers for deciding to kill her off, and thirdly Jambo/Harvey for pulling the trigger. If he hadn't found the gun, he'd have got hold of some lead piping, a rope, a dagger or a candlestick - he could probably have found any of those in the props cupboard. 

Anyway, the upshot is that Roy starts making preparations to leave town. As if.

Asha, Aadi, David and Summer all have a go at Mad Max for his conspira-video, which all leads to i) David dropping Max's laptop ii) Daniel telling David that Max has a talent for film-making iii) Max confiding in Daniel that he wants to make amends and iv) Danny-boy helping him apologise to Summer.

I wonder if Emma Hartley-Miller (Homeless Carol) is mad that she didn't get a callback to play the homeless character? Or are we supposed to believe Carol is now living a wonderful post-Double Whammy life? Anyway, Stu and Kelly are BFFs now, and he takes her to Chez Billy, i.e. the soup kitchen, but she scoots off when she espies Billy. This leads her to confess to Stu that she was there at the scene of Seb's death and he tells her they've all made mistakes. Genuine question: did Kelly take a supply of false eyelashes before she fled the halfway house? Or just eyelash curlers? Billy tells Imran that he saw our Kel.

George brings 'round his old telescope as an attempt to get Sam to speak again (to be honest, it's nice to have a bit of a break from Sam's endless science nerd prattle. Also, I do wish TV Burp was still on so they could compile a montage of Sam marching out of the room whenever anyone speaks to him). Nick knocks over and breaks Sam's memory jar, which upsets him. Should've got a tupperware one.

Prison's been quite good to Fay(e) hasn't it? She looks like the Weatherfield equivalent of Sophia Burset has given her a glow up. Craig is very happy to see her out of the big house, so much so that he ties yellow ribbons around the old oak tree house. Faye gets a strop on and stomps upstairs, but later apologises.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that Abi does have Natasha's blood on her hands and her lack of remorse for Natasha being killed [by mistake ]by Harvey who did use her gum frustrating to watch as Abi is acting like she's the victim and not Natasha or Sam


C in Canada said...

If Harvey didn't have a gun he would have used something/anything else within arms reach to hurt Natasha.


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