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Monday, 1 November 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 1st November

Jack fakes an earache to get to spend the day with Abi to play Boggle and also to keep her close so she can't go on a homicidal spree. She goes off to "pay the wedding photographer" (i.e. goes to the police to chase them about the forensics on Corey's tracksuit) and, worried, Jack confesses to Debbie that he thinks she's going to kill Corey. She fronts for Abi but when Jack's back on the X-box Debbie then threatens the Abster, telling her to walk away from the wedding, else she'll tell Kev about the gun. In the meantime, Corey follows Stu, realising he's been played. Can't Stefan pay for some goons to do Corey's dirty work? I bet Gay Gansa Mick would do it for £50.

Eco-warrior Maria has a new issue - a bypass that will go through the Red Rec. Not the Red Rec! And where's Spider when you need him? Hopefully not protesting HS2. Sally speaks to Fergus about the new road, who says a councillor called Councillor Mo Lunghi - The Enforcer - will push the decision through. Maria contacts Chris from the Gazette and makes an impassioned speech to camera-phone.

Over in Ozark, I mean Speed Daal, Ryan turns up for his first waiting shift. Zee says he has his eye on him - I think it's the other way around, n'est-ce pas? Also I can spot a tiny little flaw in the money-laundering plan (and I use the word plan loosely) - isn't Yasmeen going to notice a big hole in the bank account when Zee transfers the money to Hashim? My other pedantic point is that most restaurants take the majority of their money by card nowadays. Anyway, Alya calls the police - well, she calls P.C. Plonker Tinker - regarding Hashim threatening Zee in the ginnel of doom, much to Zeedan's disgust.

 Oh and there was some stuff with Curtis's anatomy.

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dhvinyl said...

Curtis’s hair looks remarkably thick and bushy to me, though I’m still pondering what purpose he’s serving in the storylines. Jack is walking astonishingly well for a young man with one leg, and why isn’t the by-pass front page news on the Wethy Gazette rather than a surprise to the so astute Sally Webster. Oh, and where is Maureen Lipman when we so desperately need her ?!

Anonymous said...

Jack has a prosthetic limb, which allows him to walk astonishingly well and play sports and live a normal life

Sharon boothroyd said...

I'm also puzzled what role Curtis is playing - a nice young student, or someone more sinister?
He's clearly pretending to have a curious struggling illness that no- one can diagnose.
I bet he doesn't really take those pills, either.
If he's in the long con game, why is he pulling the wool over Emma's eyes?
What has he got against Emma?
Maybe nothing, but if she's an 'eager to please' type, perhaps Curtis is hoping that she can persuade Steve to pay for some private 'tests' for him.
Some say Curtis could be connected to Ray, but Ray had nothing to do with Steve, Amy or Tracey.

Anonymous said...

I must be very stupid on this subject, but how do you come to this conclusion? Have I missed something?
"He's clearly pretending to have a curious struggling illness that no one can diagnose." Please can you give me examples of this?
I'm aware of his numerous hospital admissions, he showed Emma the huge scar from heart surgery and his tiredness.
What makes you think he's not taking his medication? I have a health condition that had needed 3 separate lots of surgery, and a weeks hospital admission in March this year, yet my condition hasn't fully every been diagnosed. I hope all my friends and family believe me! And I take all of my medication 3 times a day to manage this.
Curtis has never once asked Emma to persuade Steve to hand over any money from Oliver's fund. Does he even know about Oliver's fund?
All supposition. I just read the spoilers for the following week and take it from there. I hope you can clarify this for me at I'm at loss to know what I've missed

dhvinyl said...

I really don’t care about Curtis. He’s just another unnecessary character brought in to fill time and space until the regular cast are all fit and well and able to fill The Rovers again. Jonathan and the other fine scriptwriters must be so frustrated at having to dream up ridiculous storylines for these fly by nights…and we viewers are having our loyalty to our Street severely tested !

Sharon boothroyd said...

My comments weren't intended to be aimed at anyone who leaves comment here, and not aimed at anyone in a personal manner.
I'm sorry if you have taken offence and I'm sorry if I have upset you, anon. If Curtis is ill with an undiagnosed illness, so be it, but he didn't hang about in hospital that time when he was supposed to be seen by a doctor, did he? He soon skipped off.
Scars can easily be faked. Make- up artists manage to fake them!
Maybe Emma had mentioned Oliver's trust fund in passing to Curtis?
So he wouldn't need to approach Steve directly and ask for money for private tests when he probably had an inkling that Emma would do so on his behalf.
Scammers are clever and sly like that.
Time will tell if Curtis is genuine, but all I'm saying is that hints are being dropped now that Curtis is not who he seems to be.

coconno196 said...

I was also puzzled by your distrust of Curtis until this week. He looked worried to hear that Aggie works at Wethy General, plus he is keen to keep his illness a secret. Until then I found him utterly convincing and charming. I do hope he doesn't turn out to be a wrong'un. Emma doesn't deserve it. Not to mention we have had too many personality transplants already.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Curtis does know about the fund since he helped Emma fundraise for it (with the naked calendar, for example). I thought Curtis was authentic too, till this week, when suddenly he was acting very furtive. They've changed the way they film him too--having a lot of close ups of his face whenever the implications of his illness are mentioned--which make him look secretive or like he's hiding something. And the whole thing with Aggie and her anatomy is very suspicious, for sure. Obviously, he doesn't know anatomy and the whole thing with the test questions put him on the spot! And did you notice how he conveniently had an attack when Steve was going to drive him to the hospital? And suddenly he keeps harping on the fact that he could drop dead at any moment when before he was a lot more positive--so, clearly, a con man upping the pressure on Emma.

My guess is that he didn't necessarily come in as a conman--that's why his illness seemed genuine in its early stages and was presented as such. He was a genuine nice guy and seemed to be going to his classes in a real way too. But now someone has decided that this is the direction the story will take (a scam) and so we're suddenly being given hints that he's faking. In a few more weeks' time, or a month or so, we will be given a glimpse of his co-conspirator and then we will know for sure he's a fake. I hate it when they do that to a character!

And is it really worth it just to try to get some money from Oliver's fund? Seems like a a very unlikely, complicated and not very skillful scam to me (ie to fake a terminal illness for what--at least six months now?--in the hopes of perhaps getting a small pay out so he can carry out his bucket list. But that's typical when they switch a character around like this--they shoehorn him into a plot that doesn't fit who he was initially.


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