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Friday, 19 November 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 19 November

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Nick has collected Sam’s telescope from Natasha’s house in the hope of bringing the lad out of his trauma-induced silence. He’s seen by Max who stops doing some covert filming on his phone for 5 seconds to offer to come round with Lily and hang out with Sam. Lily, (who seems to have been reading the Hope Stape Guide to Getting On With Your Extended Family), is not happy about the plan as she thinks that Sam not talking is stupid and babyish. 

The reason behind Max’s filming soon becomes clear. He’s gone full tinfoil hat brigade and made a conspiracy theory video linking Johnny and Natasha’s deaths, which ends with a thank you to Summer. Ms Spellman is furious when she sees it and marches round to Nick’s flat to demand Max take the video down or take her name off it. Nick hears the argument and when Summer storms off he decides (in an incredibly unbelievable plot device) to go after her, leaving his traumatised son with two other children. When Max then leaves, Lily decides to lock poor Sam on the balcony, telling him she will only let him back in if he talks. 

As she taunts him, the lollipop she’s sucking comes away from the stick and she starts to choke. Some might call this instant karma. Sam chucks his beloved telescope off the balcony which alerts Roy and George who rush up and save the day by bashing Lily on the back. Not sure how they got in, as I don’t really peg either of them as a breaking the door down type?

Meanwhile, Debbie is forming a plan to help Fay get out of prison. She does some digging and works out that Ray paid some bloke called Colin £45,000 to create the Platt sinkhole. I’m guessing at this stage we’re never going to find out how that major feat of engineering was completed in complete silence and total secrecy in a terraced street? Anyways, Debbie visits Ray in prison and bluffs that she’s found Colin. She gives Ray the choice of admitting to assaulting Fay or facing a charge of manslaughter and possible 24 years jail for the death of Johnny. Ray opts for the first option. Help me out here dear readers, I forget what Ray is actually in for? I thought it was attempted murder for locking Kev and Abi in a freezer? In which case isn’t he facing a long sentence anyway so what’s in it for him?

Elsewhere, Daisy and Daniel are enjoying their clandestine affair. Thinking her stepdaughter is single, Jenny tries to set her up with Ashley, a new Weathie County player. Later Daniel admits that he was jealous and that he wants her to be his girlfriend. Personally, I don’t really care very much for either of these two, so the best I can say about their union is that at least the two of them being together stops two other people from being unhappy.

Away from the Street, the now homeless Kelly is helped by Stu who tells her that he played a part in Corey being brought to justice. Kelly pretends she hasn’t heard of the case. Stu’s got quite a bad cough, is he going to make it to Christmas?

In other news, when Carla moans to Nina about Johnny’s decision to leave her out of his will, Roy suddenly snaps at her. We later found out that he's feeling guilty, worrying that Abi’s gun was the same one that was used to kill Natasha.

When Nick finally decides to return to his flat to do some actual parenting, he finds Lily being taken away in an ambulance. He later gets the whole story from George and wonders to Leanne whether Sam has turned a corner by saving his cousin? Leanne responds that she doesn’t think that Sam threw the telescope deliberately to get Roy and George’s attention and that he would have let Lily die? How on earth did you jump to that conclusion Battersby? Sure the Street has a larger than average quota of children who have clearly been possessed by a demonic entity, but Sam is not one of them.

And speaking of which, at No.8, when David orders Max to hand over his phone as he clearly can’t be trusted with it, a furious Max takes a swing at him and stomps upstairs.

And that’s it for this week. 

I’m off to start a crowd-fund for to exorcise the demon currently possessing the children of Weatherfield before it finds another vessel. If you want to donate or know the name of a reputable priest let me know in the comments page or on twitter @mskelstar. 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Very strange episodes tonight. I was sure that Sam pushed his telescope over the balcony. Clever kid. Presumably, this will come out when he starts speaking again. Who's Lily again? Last time we saw her she was a baby. We probably won't see her for another five years. Plot device lollipop, but actually not a bad reminder about children choking on hard sweets. I can't remember what Ray's in prison for, either, and don't much care. I get him muddled up with Harvey. Perhaps Ray's mate will come looking for Debbie with a gun after he discovers he's been duped. Exit Debbie a hero.

Unknown said...

This viewer is not happy with the new Max. The actor is ok at playing "the bad boy." But, hopefully, if he's going to stick, we can have a total redemption storyline where he can have 5 or more years of being a saint. Otherwise, with zero blood ties to being on the street, if he's just going to be another bad kid, just let him go.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,To answer your question about Lily,she id David's and Kylie's daughter.
I am disappointed that after months of Sam seemingly being the 'golden grandchild' that Lily's first appearence is her being in danger with Sam remaining silent?
I'm sorry I don't understand how Debbie's attempt to get Ray to plead guilty for attempted rape can help Faye be released for her assault on an innocent Adam whom she thought was Ray and who was unconscious for three days because of her.
Since Faye is being portrayed as a victim even thouggh she committed an assault,I wonder if Faye had killed Adam 'by mistake' thinking he was Ray,does that mean she should get with murder?

CK said...

Was I right in thinking that Leanne and Nick think that Sam is capable of letting his cousin choke to death? Leanne said the telescope fell off the balcony and Sam didn't throw it?

Anonymous said...

CK,I also wondered if Sam was capable of letting Lily choke to death and was relieved that the telescope did fall alerting Roy and George otherwise I believe Lily could have died.
I wonder if the writers are setting up another brother feud with Nick and David as it seems that neither Max or Lily seem to like their 'golden'cousin.


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