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Monday, 29 November 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 29th November

Zee hides some pre-laundered cash in the Speed Daalmobile, which Ryan takes and confronts Zeedan with it. I suppose he had to be found out eventually and it had to be dopey Ryan who did the finding (Ryan#2 would have blackmailed Zeedan and Ryan#1 would have written a song about it). Zeedan 'fesses up but threatens Ryan, saying he'll give Hashim his name if he interferes. "This is the stupidest plan I've ever heard," says Ryan - and he was involved in that Dr Ali/gangster plot. Alya discovers them, because of course she does, but Ryan keeps schtum - for about 5 mins and then tells all. She confronts Zeedan, who tells her to butt out, but of course she doesn't. I know Zee thinks he is the patriarch of the family, but he has met his sister, hasn't he? She doesn't butt out of anything. She challenges Hashim, who seems a bit more interested in his walking football game, than dealing with Alya.

Well we all suspect Curtis by now, don't we? I thought the storyline was gonna be that Tracy accuses him of just being after Oliver's fund, but in the end he turns out to be kosher, but now I'm wondering if he has Munchausen's (which I believe has not been done before on the cobbles). It seems an awful long con if he has been planning to get money by going out with Emma for the past 6 months. Anyway, they chat about their upcoming nuptials and Emma wants to invite Curtis famille, but Curtis is not keen, making up some lies about his dad being dead and him not getting on with the rest of them, and also his friends all go to different schools, she wouldn't know them. Emma says she's going to invite them anyway.

Am I in a  minority of one of loving Double D, Daisy and Daniel? He has softened her, she has toughened him up a bit - he's not the same with her as he was with Bethany or Naughty Nicky the cardigan-wearing sex-worker. He's even stopped banging on about Sinead all the time. So it's a shame that he calls her a self obsessed clothes-horse and they bicker about who is the worst. The hunky footballer turns up at the pub, which Jenny then tells a jealous Daniel about. They split up again, for reals this time, as Danny-boy discovers that she originally wanted to go out with him because of the house his mum mysteriously gave him, which he hasn't mentioned since. But I guess they had to split up in order to facilitate the next part of the storyline with Summer.

] don't think the writers know what to do with Grace. First of all she was the wronged woman, then the slightly bonkers love interest for Michael, then the twist of being the unhinged child-snatcher, then jailbird, then Michael's girlfriend again, now she is just....a terrible bitch? She wanted a child so much she was prepared to kidnap one (as every woman on Corrie has to do at some point) but now she's leaving her natural born baby at home to go out on the lash? Just because Michael didn't want to marry her?? Anyway, whilst Gemma and Chesney take Aled to the hospital for his cochlear implant operation, Bernie takes delivery of the sofa that Aggie bought for Grace, which Aggie finds out about because it's a pretty small street. Should've ebayed it, Gracie!

In Kelly news, Gangsta Gazza and Eco-Maria offer her a job at the barbers, which Kelly immediately scuppers by letting Stu sleep there. At least she's not forgetting the person who helped her when she was homeless unlike some people *cough*Sean*cough*.

Oh and Sally's new eggshell-blue door is very nice! Muy Andalusian. 

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