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Sunday 12 September 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 10 September 2021

Good evening.  There was no Wednesday this week in case you were wondering.  This is late because I have been on holiday and had to watch the in-between episodes to make sense of it all.  Mainly however tonight concerns the ongoing court case.  In most of the first of the two episodes the jury are unseen - they are considering their verdict.  Imran, Abi and others are convinced that Corey's father looks like he has bribed Eli's father - but there is no evidence.  Imran meets Kelly - but she is in despair as she realises that the case has not gone well and she is going to serve a prison term, although Imran tries to convince her otherwise.  Abi has decided that Stefan needs to be confronted and heads into his office and puts it to him that he knows his son is violent (above).  Stefan has anticipated being locked in his office as he has a panic button (and a rolodex).  Shortly after he refuses to confirm Abi's suspicion the police arrive demanding entry to the office.

The cafe is closed to enable Roy and Nina to attend the verdict - Nina is convinced she wishes to attend wearing a black veil which she is busy stitching to remind that it is about Seb.  Dev comes to the cafe and hands over a good luck charm from Asha for Nina - Roy doubts that it can counter the justice system - Dev agrees and they discuss how they support their girls.

After the break the court assembles for the jury to deliver their verdicts.  Stefan is there to support Corey, Abi is in a police station being given a caution, Simon decides to go to the court and Roy is helping Nina stitch the veil.  

And not to anyone's great surprise Kelly Neelan is Guilty.  We then leave the court and do not hear the decision on Corey but Abi arrives in time to see Corey joking with Stefan as he leaves the court without a stain on his character.  Imran is distraught by Kelly's verdict.  Corey gives Abi a wink as heads off for a curry.

Moving onto the second episode the recriminations commence with Simon shouting the odds at Imran.  Imran needs to see Kelly before she is taken to prison.  He is also blaming himself for his failures and starts an argument with Toyah.  Roy attempts to comfort Nina with words - but rends the veil asunder and walks off.  Imran has to tell Kelly that she will get the maximum sentence of 12 years.  Kelly responds by saying she cannot do that long.

Once home Toyah suggests that another lawyer might be a good idea for the appeal - except that Imran says there are no grounds for appeal.  Imran spots that Toyah has gone into counselling mode and the argument deepens.  As the shouting continues he walks out.

Kevin and Debbie are trying to get Abi to take a holiday - but she is not interested - in an odd scene Abi is heard departing but not seen.  Simon brings Asha up to date - but his anger seems undimmed.  At the cafe Dev talks to Roy to allow him to express his opinions and to regain his composure - Dev says he just needs to spend time with Nina and when she joins them Dev apologises and says that Asha would like to see her.  

Imran eventually finds Abi in the Seb memorial garden where they are joined by Sabeen.  Abi wants the right person to suffer for Seb's death and at the moment his life was worthless.  Abi makes it clear that she wants to score - Imran begs her not to take drugs.  Sabeen offers Imran a drink.

Leanne brings Simon to Toyah's flat and forces an apology out of him.  The sisters then sit down to try and put the world to rights.

At the Bistro Sabeen offers Imran a key to her house and uses the opportunity to remind him of how they got together and what it was that she originally saw in him.  She also (unlike Toyah) remembers how he drinks his whisky.

Later Imran goes to Victoria Gardens and finds Abi - who has drugs but is not going to take them.  She is still looking for answers, but is still mentally stuck.  Imran and Abi talk - she cannot go home, something has to change and she does not know what.

In a wordless scene Nina finds Roy repairing the veil and sits at the other side of the table and takes up her needle to work with him.

For reasons only known to Imran he finds Sabeen waiting in a taxi and gets into it with her - with his phone left at home as he departed earlier.

In prison Kelly is found having attempted suicide - so Toyah  is about to depart for the hospital and has no idea where Imran might be.

Inevitably we have not heard the complete case presented by the prosecution - Kelly's behaviour and background enabled Sabeen to paint her as the guilty party and proving innocence is difficult.  If Eli's evidence can be proven to result from a bribe then there may be grounds for appeal - but proof is likely to be difficult.  There are now many troubled people both on the Street and watching on - I hope that normal soap outcome of the guilty eventually paying for their deeds comes to pass - and quickly.

Written by Debbie Oates.  Directed by Tim Royle.


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Humpty Dumpty said...

I think we've had a hint of problems arising from Stefan bribing Eli's father with a job in his company. Stefan was on the phone to an unhappy client about a failed delivery - again. Stefan needed to be on the phone so that he was caught off-guard by Abi coming in, and maybe I'm reading too much into this, but Eli's father had no experience in sales/whatever department. He's struggling in his new job. Perhaps Stefan has to sack him and then the business of the bribe comes out. Eli's father gets revenge by making Eli tell the truth.


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