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Thursday 2 September 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 1st September 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Tonight it's the Corrie courtroom drama, and as the trial begins, I'm hoping to feel less of a hankering for classic nostalgic Corrie of old, as we enter the court for the opening day speeches. Monday night was very good although it felt slightly surreal and a bit Hollyoaks in places. I'm also unsure of legal parlance so if I get anything wrong in this review, please remember I am reviewing Coronation Street and not Crimewatch. It certainly felt like the latter, in some places though!

Taking to the stand, Nina's distraught gothic attire gave her ‘suddenly remembered’ statement a lot of credence, the key witness statements were somewhat surprising, and the replay of Seb’s heart-wrenching audio hit the spot. Grilled by Sabeen over the graphic novel evidence (how good is Imran’s ex!), I think the 117 days gap in memory was a fair point. 

Unsurprisingly, Asha’s take to the stand was nuanced and not at all in Corey’s favour. I do wonder if Asha’s feelings for Nina would be relevant in terms of a murder case? That said, that was probably the most Corrie thing that happened tonight and the (rarely seen) serious side of Dev was something else entirely - what a treat!! Also enjoyed seeing Corey’s true side come out in front of Sabeen during the courtroom break. Will that side of him appear under questioning? A bad boy always shows his colours in the end - that's the Corrie rule, don't forget. 

The former bad boy, Simon Barlow, was also at court (forgetting his drug scandal) and his defence of Kelly is admirable. A future romance maybe? You’d hope Kev’s warning would hit home but I doubt not. And what about Abi? I will stand in any court and defend our Abi Franklin! Just like Nina, this story has been truly driven by both characters, brilliant performances from both, and I am keen to see the post-trial fall-out for those two. It's just the court scenes, legal parlance, and procedural stuff I have trouble with. 

And what of Imran? His performances throughout this drama have been brilliant. The reality would be a legal conflict of interest of course (as Kelly’s foster parent) but I think we can put that to one side what with his convincing characterisation and delivery of top-notch writing. That scene between Dev and Imran on Victoria Street was episode defining for me and was an exceptional piece of drama. That aside, a few of the directional twists from Monday also seeped into tonight; swift surreal scene shifts, different directional style, and quite a bit of it felt very unlike Corrie for me.

My hankering for Corrie nostalgia may have to wait for another few episodes!


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Charles said...

Credit to all of the cast from this week's episodes, we've had some absolutely stellar performances, particularly from some of the younger cast members.

I am a little confused about what's happening with the trial as I can't work out where the other two lads (Eli and Jay I think) who were responsible for attacking Nina have got to.

Even if they were both pleading guilty for assaulting Nina so don't need to be put on trial for that, wouldn't they also be plausible suspects for Seb's murder?

Even if the evidence suggested they couldn't have killed Seb themselves, they'd be vital witnesses in the case and I'd have thought they'd be offered reduced sentences for cooperating. This seems like a fairly substantial plot hole!

Anonymous said...

I think they're being called by Sabeen as part of Corey's defence, hence the reason they've not been in court previously

Sharon boothroyd said...

I thought they'd been dealt with earlier, pled guilty and were handed sentences, so they are now in jail?
I don't know how they can convict anyone here with an invisible jury!


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