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Tuesday 7 September 2021

Ruxandra Porojnicu interview: Alina and Tyrone split up

How is Alina feeling after her proposal from Tyrone?

She’s happy and hopeful that this new chapter will bring them together again and they will be stronger than never. She genuinely believes he feels the same way.

Does she believe that she will get her happily ever after after everything she has been through?

Yes, even though she is still hurt by the miscarriage and everything that has gone on woth Fiz and Hope she’s willing to give it another go. She believes if she stays with Tyrone they have another chance at happiness.

What sort of wedding does Alina want?

She really wants to get married in Romania and she wants to go over there to see her family and start making all the plans.

What’s her first thoughts when Tyrone tells her that Fiz is planning to move away and he can’t go to Romania with her?

She’s quite shocked to hear that Fiz might move away and a bit upset that Tyrone once again put her aside and chose Fiz. However, she’s also contemplating how their life would look without her being across the street and deep down she hopes that Fiz will make this step.

Does Alina feel like Tyrone is putting Fiz before her? Does she have any doubts about the relationship at this point?

Yes, she feels like Tyrone is putting Fiz before her but because they just got engaged and they are already planning the wedding she tries to stay positive and see only the bright side of things.

What is it about the conversation with Michael that makes her look at things differently?

Michael points out to her that Tyrone will always have to think of his children and she realises he is not doing it to side with Fiz, he is thinking about his daughters and she does admire that in him.

Is Alina looking forward to being a stepmum? What is her relationship like with the girls?

She does yes, she really loves Tyrone and she wants to make this relationship work. Alina knows how important the kids are for Tyrone. She would do anything for him hence why she gives her best with the kids too. However, when it comes to Hope she finds it very difficult and sometimes painful to be around.

What is going through Alina’s mind when Hope spills the secrets about the other fires?

She’s very hurt discovering yet another thing that Tyrone kept away from her, another secret between him and Fiz. There is a pattern here of him keeping things from her. If Tyrone had been honest and not kept secrets the situation could have been different? For Alina, honesty is one of the most important things in a relationship. She loves Tyrone but without her trusting him, she feels like they can’t build a future together.

When Tyrone says he wants to get back with Fiz, how does she react?

She’s totally devastated because she was trying so hard to make this work. However, somehow she is not surprised, as deep down she knows that Tyrone’s connection with Fiz is very powerful. I think she felt it coming but she didn’t want to accept it till the last minute when he actually said it.

Tyrone follows Alina to a hotel, why does she decide it’s over between them?

When Alina sees that Tyrone followed her at the hotel she still has a glimmer of hope that he wants her to stay but soon she realises it’s not for the right reasons. I guess they both know it’s over but Alina has more courage and steps up to end it. She is being true to herself and she is very strong despite losing what she really wanted.

Do you believe that Alina truly loves Tyrone? How does this compare to how Seb and her other relationships have hurt her in the past?

She does, yes, she truly loves Tyrone and she wholeheartedly wanted to build a life together. With Seb she didn’t have the chance to dream of a future and a life together. I think this hurt her much more because she and Tyrone had a baby together and that feeling of being parents it’s something very powerful that united them on a different level.

Tyrone hasn’t been fair to Alina or Fiz, what would you say to Tyrone if Alina was your friend?

I’d tell him to stop trying to please everyone and take some time off to try and find himself.

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Anonymous said...

I do hope in the future that Alina is paired up with Michael,he would treat her with more caring and respect than Tyrone.
As for Fiz,she can't take Ruby with her,Ruby is not her biological daughter and Fiz cares little about her anyway.


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