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Monday 13 September 2021

Corrie producer confirms sinkhole's return - and this time it will kill ... but who?

There's big news about the sinkhole on Coronation Street as the story will be revisted. According to Digital Spy, the sinkhole story will result in one character dying.

Sally Carman (who plays Abi Franklin) told The Mirror at the National Television Awards: "It's going to be so big it will rival the tram crash. You're going to have your socks blown off."

The soap's boss Iain MacLeod teased it even more, stating: "We don't have Chekhov's gun in our stories but we do have Chekhov's sinkhole. We've tried to look at the last 12 months and the limited way in which all soaps have been forced to tell their stories, and try to subvert that and go 'we're back'.

"It's going to be really huge – there's loads of emotion, there's loads of big spectacle – it's going to be cinematic. It's a statement of intent that we wanted, as a show, to put out there – to make something we couldn't possibly have made in the past 18 months because the pandemic wouldn't allow it.

"But we're back now, our team is the best in the business and we can do it and we're going to do it and it's going to be incredibly impressive.

"When you do a story of a certain scale and at a certain level of spectacle, the viewers expect there to be significant aftermath to it and significant outcomes. So yes, I can confirm that Chekhov's sinkhole will result in a death."

I wonder who it will be?

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Anonymous said...


CK said...

There are a few characters I'd like to see fall in.

Anonymous said...

Corey. Which I hope it's not. I don't want him to die causing a "whodunnit" and around and around we go. Can't the bad guys go to jail so we can avoid the cliched "innocent in jail " storyline? This is starting to send a bad message.

Louby said...

If it is Corey, how many characters would that be who have died instead of faced justice legally? I can think of Alan Bradley, Tony Gordon, Pat Phelan, John Stape, Geoff Metcalfe, Richard Hillman, Jez Quigley..... any more?

maggie muggins said...

Good point, Louby!

Maybe it will be David...the dog.

Unknown said...

Probably shona.they took a really great character and ruined could say Shona's usefullness is dead and buried.

Anonymous said...

I think it will be Hope. She will have an accident while up to no good. However I hope it will be Gary.

Scott Willison said...

Natasha. Then Nicky gets to be Sam's dad full time.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie: Please let it be Grace! Her character has been so impossibly erratic from the start-nasty, nice, nasty, nice, now gratuitously and viciously nasty again. She's even worse than Daisy in the impossibly and wantonly vile category.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Yes, it probably will be Corey and they'll probably be a whodunit plot to follow.
Personally, I'd be happy to say goodbye to - Gail, Johnny, Mary and Ryan - and Rita.
Rita's been a big part of the show but we only see her every now and again and there's no storylines for her.
I've heard that Sharon's returning, and evil Harvey, so maybe they'll be killed off?
As for Hope - I guess there's plenty of mileage left in this kind of troublesome child!


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