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Thursday 16 September 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 15th September 7.30 & 8.30pm

‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night' is one of my favourite poems by Dylan Thomas. A famous poem about death and not dying quietly is almost certainly a strange start to a Coronation Street episode review, but tonight I feel it has resonance. When I began writing for this blog, this was a day I never envisaged. The most powerful episode reviews I ever wrote, would be the aftermath of Aiden’s suicide, but I think tonight is a close second, with the death of Norris Cole. The 'Corrie Icons' special aired on Monday night was our clue of course, but that made tonight's episodes no easier. I was kinda hoping for a final deathbed cameo from Norris, but from a drama writing perspective, I think that’s where the pathos comes in. Tonight’s episodes were penned by Jonathan Harvey, (who also wrote that Aiden aftermath episode) and those closing moments, Norris’ final moments, were written with that great pathos in mind. 

As a fan of Classic Corrie, it was also a treat for me to see Ken and Rita chew the fat at Roy’s Rolls. I’m used to seeing those characters together in the 1999 nostalgia fest, and it worked well as a good intro to tonight’s tragic finale. Ken’s reluctance to revisit Norris at ‘Still Waters’ became ever poignant when news reached the Rovers return that Norris had collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. 

With Rita, Ken, Mary in hot pursuit they arrive at the hospital with Freda stood outside the emergency department. Even with that hilarious Princess Diana reference (fans of Harvey’s ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ will be familiar with that), Freda’s delivery of the sad news left a solitary tear in my right eye. Laughter and sadness in juxtaposition - That is Coronation Street at its height. Beautifully done!! 

As for the death of Ty and Alina’s relationship, I think we saw this coming, didn’t we?? Although Alina’s presence has been somewhat pernicious towards the hell-bent Hope, I think the writing has long since been on the wall (or on a graffitied portrait, perhaps)! Since Tyrone kissed Fiz, and Phill’s timely reappearance, Alina finding out about Hope and her previous arson attempts. was rather a schadenfreude moment, in aspects, I thought. The final nail in the coffin, delivered by the little hell-raiser herself - perfection! Alina's pregnancy is sure to cause more ramifications. 

I've always thought that ‘Still Waters’ was a great name for a Corrie retirement home, and as the ripple of Norris’s death inevitably reaches the street, I wonder if he has left anything in his Will for Ken, Rita, or Mary? 

‘Still Waters’ do run deep don’t they. How very poetic, I knew that was relevant! 


Elsewhere in Corrie tonight: George & Eileen’s rom-com romance continues in earnest, Craig's reinterviewed for James Bailey’s race case, and Adi and Summer discuss their future. 



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Humpty Dumpty said...

Loved Emma's line when she heard Norris had died: "Is he alright?". I know she's supposed to be dizzy but many of us have said completely the wrong thing when shocked.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

I thought the arranging funeral scenes got a bit silly.
But the actress who plays Gemma has picked up BSL very well, which is good to see. We probably won't see the quads though, until they start school.
I liked Eileen and George sneaking off for some afternoon delight!
Alina's still pregnant, so in 15 year's time Ty will have a surprise turning up on the doorstep.
Yes, it's that old soap cliche - the long- lost offspring!
I see we have a new Max! I expect he'll be a troublesome teen - before we know it, he'll be hauled off to the nick by Craigy and have got some girl pregnant.

maggie muggins said...

The fighting over who knew Norris best for the funeral plans did get a bit overwrought, but made for good 'old times in the Rovers' kind of thing, which is rare these days.

And New Max looks like he's aged about 5 years in the last year. I know being a teen ain't easy, but I hope he's not going to be horrible.

coconno196 said...

Yup. Another personality transplant with NuMax.
I enjoyed Ken, Rita, Mary & co reminiscing about Norris, admitting his faults but fond of him anyway.
I am also impressed with Gemma's BSL. I assume it's accurate or there would be complaints.
I do hope Fiz sticks to her guns and doesn't take Tyrone back. I used to like them as a couple until recently but now I prefer her with Phil. Much more fun and humour in their relationship, as with George and Eileen.


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