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Monday 13 September 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 13th September

Tyrone is not showing any interest in Alina's Tiny Thin Romanian Wedding. What is it with Tyrone and women planning to marry him abroad? I mean I know he's smartened up in the last few years but really? A likeable lunk is the best you can say about Ty. Anyway, he goes to visit Fiz who is upset because some of the parents at Bessie Street think that Hope is a danger to their children and have set up a WhatsApp group to "discuss" it. To be honest, they're probably right.

Phil(l) is back back back, although only to make Tyrone jealous, it seems. Quit Tyrone and go out with Fancy Phil(l), Fiz! You even have alliterative names! And matching hair! Hope might try to kneecap him in his sleep, but that's a risk he seems willing to take. She doesn't take Tyrone's Bistro protestations of love very seriously, telling him to go back to his accidental fiancée. He tells Alina that they can't go to Romania because of the girls (and Fiz) and so Alina cancels the trip. I still hold out hope that now Ghastly Grace is out of the picture (and Alina will eventually find out that Ty is trying to get off/back with Fiz) that Michael and Alina get together; they'd make a very attractive couple.

Nina approaches Imran, who looks ruffled rather than wrecked after his night of sin with Evil Queen Sabeen, to talk about an appeal, but Imran says there are no grounds. Just about the only person not blaming Imran for Corey walking free and Kelly being imprisoned is Gary, perhaps because he's also somewhat to blame for Kelly's downfall. Perhaps the Corrie residents should start blaming the prosecution instead? Immers goes straight to the hospital, lies to Toyah and then starts railing at the youth offenders' institution for their lack of safeguarding. He and Toyah are allowed to see Kelly, who seems to have brought her eyelash curlers and mascara to hospital, and who bemoans her fate. Cheer up Kelly, there's a prison set just ready for a new storyline. Imran then blames Toyah for not answering his phone when Kelly called, just before the suicide attempt. I think the only way Imran can apologise to Toyah is by ripping off his shirt.

After the Trial Fortnight, we're picking up on forgotten storylines. James is told by the doctors at Kate Oates Memorial Hospital that his ankle is not ready for the new season of lower league football. He then decides to chase up the police investigation. Craig says he wants to be re-interviewed and that there will be a second enquiry.

Aadi, who seems to have had a glow up, gives Summer a cheese plate. "You know a way to a girl's heart," she tells him. Through her cholesterol levels? Dev invites Summer and Papa Billy over for tea after Aadi starts moaning at him, complaining that he's not interested in his son's girlfriend, and doesn't even know Summer's surname. Do any of us know Summer's last name? To be honest, 99.9% of teenage boys would love their dads to ignore their love-lives. Asha has sensibly quit the house for the dinner party at which a drunken Dev tells his child that there's no shame in loving sex. Quite understandably, Summer and Aadi sneak out of the house.

And finally, Abi has somehow decided that the cure to all her ills is dumping Kevin and going to Doncaster to stay with cousins. Abi Abi Abi, going to Doncaster is never the solution to anything. I guess this is a (well-deserved) break for Sally Carman, but it seems a bit dumb.

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Anonymous said...

Jimmi Harkishin and Daniel Brocklebank were brilliant as embarrassing drunken dads! I haven’t laughed so much in I can’t remember

Pat said...

Why could the director (or the 3 assistant directors) not see that any credibility or poignancy with Kelly’s hospital scenes was lost because viewers were totally distracted by wondering how Kelly could still be wearing those huge false eyelashes?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't wondering as you can wear them for between 3-7 days. Quite feasible she could've put them on the evening before the verdict.

coconno196 said...

I love new Aadi and his scenes with Dev are ways brilliant. The dinner party was hilarious.
LOL re Kelly's eyelashes. Similar to Abi's perfect manicure - she's a car mechanic!


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