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Friday 17 September 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 17 September

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

When Phill drops his car off at Websters Auto’s, Tyrone searches through it. He finds a napkin with the name Brigitte and a number scrawled on it and pockets it, convinced he’ll be able to prove to Fiz that Phill is a player. Later Ty babysits Hope (no one seems to know or care where Ruby is) but when Fiz emerges dressed up to the nines, Ty plays what he thinks is his trump card and demands Phill explain who Brigitte is. It turns out that she’s a chef who Phill’s getting to do a special tasting menu.  This makes Ty look even more of a muppet than usual.

Meanwhile, it’s still  Mary vs. Freda and Gemma over Norris’s funeral plans. Mary eventually agrees to bow out, but as the two allies celebrate in the pub Gemma breaks the news that she may not be able to attend the funeral as it clashes with Aled's cochlear implant operation. Freda takes major offence at this and accuses Gemma of changing Aled’s identity and turning her back on the deaf world. I’m a bit confused as to why Freda feels she has the right to comment on this just because she is also deaf. I mean, I was born in June but I don’t think this gives me the right to tell all parents of Gemini’s how to raise their children.

In other news (new) Max is in danger of dropping into a lower set at school and failing his GCSEs. David tries to solve this by firstly shouting at him and then trying to persuade Daniel to give him some extra tutoring. Unsurprisingly Mr Osbourne declines, as he probably doesn’t want to spend any more precious time teaching the horrible tyke. Also, henchwoman Sharon turns up and argues with Gary over Kelly. When Maria finds out she tells him not to try to help Kelly, because Maria is a generally self-centred person.

Over at Speed Daal, Alya is having a stressful day as her delivery driver is lost and a party of 12 turns out to be a party of four, one of whom is a tarantula who escapes and scares all her other customers away. Amid the stress, she takes a call from the bank that turns out to be a scam and has all the money stolen from the business account. But its ok because Zeedan returns with a terrible haircut and some new muscles and says he will transfer £50k to the account. This is either terribly convenient or very suspicious, and I think we all know which don’t we.

Well, I’m not really sure what to say about tonight’s episodes. Did they give the writers a well-earned week off after all the drama of the court case and let the tea boy do tonight’s script? If you think I’m wrong please disagree with me in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar. I’m off to binge-watch Alma’s Not Normal to get my Northern woman humour fix.


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dhvinyl said...

So bad, it made him unrecognisable…but as he’s returning as yet another dodgy character, I guess it doesn’t matter. How the supposedly bright Alta has managed to fall for a scam that’s had so much publicity is beyond me, as as for the gentle blinking Max who has morphed into yet another nasty teenager…can’t we have a few nice youngsters please? I cheered the departure of Alina…but fear I may live to regret it. Is there any chance that the brief return of the might Sharon is a precursor of Gary the murderer finally getting his long long long never-to-return spell in jail? And yes, Kellly, this episode has to have been written by the tea boy !

Sharon boothroyd said...

I agree that the script wasn't the best. The lines 'Scams, spiders and sat navs' was awful! As was 'He's in the karsie with a comic.' I cringed!
It didn't make sense- Alya is too smart to fall for that type of scam, no matter how busy she is.
It was nice to see the return of old faces - Elaine, Rita, Freda, Ken, a new mean Max, Claudia, Ricky's Sharon, Zeedan.
I'm warming to big- nosed Phil and well done to Fizz for telling Ty to beggar off!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me but somehow it doesn't seem right that Fiz is still living in Tyrone's house and is now entertaining Phil in it even though Tyrone's gran and daughter Ruby live there.
If anyone needs to 'bugger off'it's Fiz to her own apartment with Hope and Tyrone movex back in HIS house with his gran and Ruby.

Anonymous said...

Being deaf is a little more nuanced than sharing a star sign with someone. Freda was asked for her opinion on the implant surgery so I think she's entitled to air it. She feels disappointed that Gemma seems to be going against her own heart on the matter, seemingly to appease Chesney, and also with a belief that being deaf is a stigma that the surgery will remove, separating Aled from the community he belongs to.

Other than that, I agree with your assessment. Friday's episodes were dung.

Chris h said...

Bang on. Who was writing that spider story, scooby doo’s writers and dont get me started on square head max mk2, he seems to have come back a dam sight older and more vile


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