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Monday 27 September 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 27th September

I'm pretty sure NQTs get a mentor and even if that person wasn't around, Daniel would've (should've) reported Max to the Head for a serious crime like wallet-thievery, rather than trying to contain it himself. Anyway, the head teacher (Holly Hunter) calls Daniel and David in for a meeting, both of them acting like naughty schoolboys. Daniel apologies for throwing his bag and manhandling Mad Max, but not the tea-leaf accusation and David starts throwing his puny weight around, demanding Daniel be sacked. He half gets his way as Daniel is suspended (I'm sure Daniel, Ken's son, would have joined the NUT, or at least the NASUWT, and had a rep there with him). Anyway, Max tries to pay for his lunch at the shop with the stolen card, but Danny-boy did manage to get Tracy off his back for long enough to cancel it and it's declined, which Dev immediately reports to David. Max, Max, Max, if - now you have your new head - you're going to start a life of crime, try a shop more than a hundred yards away from your literal house. David lies to Dev about it being his card but then has a go at Max, who reluctantly hands over the wallet. David tells the school it was a misunderstanding and he wants to drop the case (but not that Max actually stole the wallet). Daniel then finds out about the declined card from bigmouth Dev and confronts the Platts but without fully admitting that he knows and he knows that they know that he knows.

Oh, and a man come round about the sinkhole. It's only been a year!

It's Kelly's sentencing but that's the least of Imran's problems as Adam (who unfortunately hasn't been anywhere Trim Up North and it looks like a small rodent just died on top of his head) bugs him about the paperwork for Mrs Sykes's case. But that pales in comparison to Evil Queen Sabeen's return, wanting Imran to help her on the case....of Jambo Harvey Gaskell (!) Sabeen is the Maury Levy of Weatherfield, non? He declines and Saucy Sab starts dropping hints about their night of forbidden love. He still refuses, but we'll see, won't we?

Gail tries to cheer up Audrey with a custard slice, but Audrey is still miffed about the wig hair tinting and has gone into a depressive spiral about her worth as a human being and a hairdresser. Aud, you're 81, have a well deserved retirement (just don't go anywhere near Stillwater; stick to Grasmere Drive). Gail decides to organise a belated surprise birthday tea dinner for her mum tomorrow i.e. Wednesday.

So who owns the salon now anyway? I thought it was sold to Ray/Debbie?

Paul asks Ed about some materials for a job but Ed says that he has cashflow issues and can't buy them. Danny, Weatherfield's only builder-slash-chef, is concerned and passes on the info to James, whose family 'fesses up to Ghastly Grace being a drain on the Baileys like a Victorian cousin. He ups his rent by £15K and puts it into the Bailey bank account. Just don't let Ed anywhere near Paddy Power with that amount.

Nina has weltschmerz, which is "a deep sadness about the inadequacy or imperfection of the world". I think I get that every day when I log onto twitter. Roy, because he's the best, tries to persuade Nina to go back to her freelance work at the factory but unfortunately she's been replaced. Roy's next idea is Nina going back to college. What about selling handmade clothes on Etsy? Ebay?

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