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Tuesday 28 September 2021

Michael Le Vell interview: Kev's in danger when he hunts for Abi

How has Kevin been coping since Abi walked out?

He is doing his best in a typical Kevin way but he is quite desperate to find her because he doesn't want her to go back off the rails. That is the big concern for Kevin and the longer he goes without seeing her the more concerned he is getting.

Sally told him that the behavior was classic Abi, does he believe what she said about not loving him?

Initially he felt very unloved and hurt but when he had time to sit down and think he realised that it is just Abi fighting whatever demons she has got and taking it out on the people closest to her. That is why he is so determined to find her. She should have recognised that Kevin was the person who could help her with this but because she has never had that before she doesn't understand that the support network is there. Even though she has been with Kevin for a few years she has so much going on in her head she is just feeling unlovable. Having lost so much in her life she does that thing of pushing something away before she loses it.  

How does Kevin feel about the verdict?

He was shocked and angry, he cared about Seb too and he was angry for Abi and Nina that they did not see justice done but he has a very different way of dealing with things to Abi and he wanted them to work through the feelings together.

Is he worried about how all this is affecting Jack?

Yes he is worried, it is like history repeating itself, in abandoning Jack Abi is inflicting on him what has happened to her, he lost his mother and now he has lost Abi who he cares deeply about and that upsets Kevin because it didn't need to be that way. 

Do you think he ever regrets getting involved with Abi?

No he has never had one moment of regret about the relationship with Abi despite all the things she has done. One of the things he loves about her is the excitement she brings to his life, the ups and downs, the light and shade, life is never boring with Abi around. She is the total opposite to Sally and she keeps him on his toes and he likes that. He was hurt when she accused him of seeing her as a project. He was stunned because she is far from a project and for her to feel that way is hurtful, loving someone and helping them is not seeing them as a project but she doesn’t understand that.  

This week when he sees how Nina reacts to Corey’s press conference it makes him even more worried about Abi and he finds that £2k has gone from the joint account - does he fear the worst?

The first thing he thinks is that she is spending it on drugs and that is why he goes to the Dog and Gun to find out if anyone has seen her and been supplying her with drugs. 

He really takes some risks when he frames Tez - is he not worried about what might happen?

That is how much he cares for Abi, he is going into these dangerous situations purely to try and find her and bring her home. Kevin is not someone who has ever found himself in this dark underbelly of society, he is out of his comfort zone and putting himself at risk. He goes as far as videoing Tez and trying to blackmail him, that is risky stuff, Abi has dragged him right into her world but he is doing it for all the right reasons

How has Debbie been?

Debbie undoubtedly feels that Kevin and Jack would be better off without Abi but she feels that at the end of the day she will stand by his decision and help as much as she can.

Is he prepared to forgive Abi for putting him and Jack through all this?

Kevin would absolutely forgive her, he knows what she has done and why she ran away, he just wants her home safe so they can try and rebuild what they have. He loves the family feeling they have and loves what it gives Jack and he would be there with open arms if she returned. His search for her is not to get retribution, it is to rescue her and bring her home and help her with how she is feeling and to talk sense into her, to make her see what sort of life she could have. Yes she has lost Seb, but there is a life here for her.

Do you still enjoy playing Kevin after all this time?

I love it and long may it continue and I have been blessed with fantastic storylines. It has been incredibly busy and I love that and I get to work with the most amazing cast and crew, it is a huge team effort and I am proud to be part of that.

Kevin is surrounded by strong women do you like that he is in a new relationship yet  is still friends with Sally and his sister is around?

I love that  he is one of those classic Corrie men who is ruled by the women around him. I have been blessed, I couldn’t have asked for any better than those three women, every single one of them is so professional and on the ball. We have days where we have back to back scenes and I look forward to those days as I know they are going to be joyful. Working with the two Sallys and Debbie makes my working days a pleasure.

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