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Friday 3 September 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 3 September

Evening Corrie fan’s it’s (other) Kelly here with your Friday night review.

It’s day two of the court case and it’s Corey’s turn in the stand. He tells the jury (where are they hiding by the way?) that Kelly was drunk and looking for a fight. He says that she kicked Seb to the ground before laying into him and that he tried to stop her. For good measure he adds that he didn’t go to the police because her dad is a gangster and that she threatened him.

When it’s Imran’s turn to question him he quite reasonably points out that 12 stone, 6ft Corey could easily restrain tiny Kelly and that multiple witnesses have claimed he’s a manipulative bully who called Nina a freak. When Corey continues to deny this Imran switches to just repeatedly shouting “You killed him didn’t you?”. I’m not sure it’s not the best strategy as Corey just bursts into fairly convincing tears. Come on Imran, stick on your Legally Blonde dvd and find a clever way to catch him out!

Next up is Eli who admits that he and the other toerag (where’s he?) attacked Nina but claims that Kelly started it all and that he heard Corey begging her to stop. Kelly loses it and shouts that he and the judge have been paid by Stefan, Corey’s dad. She’s removed from the courtroom but Imran worries that the jury will see that she’s got a temper and jump to the wrong conclusion. Abi sees that Stefan is rattled by the bribery accusation and tells Kev that she will find out what’s going on and who the mysterious new bloke in the courtroom is. 

In other evil minor news, Hope is having her session with the psychiatrist or psychotherapist (even Fiz and Ty don’t know which). She’s still showing zero response for starting the fire and claims she did it because her dad left, and that people always leave her. The pysch(?) seems to buy her story, but as Hope is increasingly reminding me of Damian from the Omen, I can only assume that this is because she arranged for her to be stared at by a large evil black dog.

Elsewhere, Curtis suddenly collapses at the Bistro and is taken to hospital. They want to keep him in for tests but he insists on checking himself out. Wanting to take care of him, Emma suggests he move into the flat with her. 

At the funeral parlour in what I think was supposed to be light relief, Todd tries to get rid of Phelan’s ashes but ends up tripping and spilling them all over the floor. Causing George to make this face. 

When Eileen arrives, Laurel and Hardy claim they’re the ashes of a little old lady called Patsy with no living relatives. Saddened by Patsy's plight, Eileen tells George she'd like to scatter her ashes and say a few words. 

Back at court, Tommy Orpington is called as a character witness for Corey. He says that Corey is a great role model but Imran forces him to admit that he hardly knows him and has met him less than 10 times. 

Meanwhile Abi has been researching Stefan’s social media accounts and has found that the mysterious bloke in the courtroom is Eli’s dad and that Stefan has given him a flash job at his firm, presumably in payment for his son’s silence. Will it be enough to bring Corey down? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

And that’s all from me, Catch y’all later in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar. 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I've worked out what's wrong with the trial. Defence counsels for Kelly and Corey are behaving as though they are CPS barristers. Sabeen and Imran seem to spend their time accusing the other defendant rather than defending their own. Actually, it took me a while to realise the third barrister in a wig was the counsel for the prosecution. He's done nothing except say 'No objections, My Lady' and 'No further questions'. Have we actually seen him question the defendants? I could do his job. Perhaps the writers thought the hate crime storyline wasn't strong enough on its own and added class war.


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