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Monday 6 September 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 6th September

Trial Week #2. Kelly takes the stand and tells the truth about the death of Seb. She's managed to get quite the sunburnt nose for someone who's been stuck inside a Young Offenders' Institute for the last few months. Anyway, Laura also turns up as a character witness and does well until Sabeen destroys her by bringing up the child cruelty case. The (invisible) jury go out to deliberate and at the same time, Imran overhears Stefan and Cory arguing about the bribing of a witness (Eli's dad).

By the way, this is probably the biggest storyline that Imran has been in and I find it quite adorable that instead of bigging himself up on twitter, Charlie de Melo is posting pics of his new puppy.

Alina plans her and Tyrone's Romanian Trip (didn't they already do this in 2009?), not noticing that Tyrone is distracted. However, she agrees with Emma that Curtis can move in to the salon flat. Ty and Fiz take Hope to school (no, she can't go with Joseph) but she doesn't even last until morning play and Fiz and Ty have to go pick her up after she throws slime at the harvest festival display (we've all been there....). Hope complains that no-one would sit with her or talk to her at break. Don't want the time, don't do the time, kidder. She refuses to go back to school, although she is eventually persuaded back to double maths (and double social isolation) by her parents. Why doesn't Hope return to that special school in Brum? I mean, apart from the fact that they're not doing outside broadcasts at the moment.

Tyrone tells Fiz that he is going to Romania and she says he should go - in the most pass-agg way possible.

In the comedy (?) storyline, Eileen prepares a speech for "Patsy's" ashes sprinkling ceremony but George 'fesses up before they can get to the Red Rec. Eileen then falls out with Todd and George yet again. I'm all for will they/won't they, but this has gone on for about five episodes too long. Fortunately the writers agree with me and Eileen says she will forgive George and will also give their relationship another go with the promise that George will warm her slippers. Who could resist that!? Just get on with it now - neither of you are spring chickens, more like broiler hens.

Another couple having trouble is the lovely Curtis and the lovely Emma. He's supposed to be moving in with his massive cactus (I bet) but he's actually in the pub. This is hardly a good hiding place given that it's Emma's actual place of work. Mind you, you can hardly blame him for not wanting to move into a blackened, burnt out flat that a ten year old might try to destroy again if she doesn't get turkey twizzlers for her tea. He must be sharing a bedsit with slugs on the Hilda Baker estate if he thinks the salon flat is preferable to that. Anyway, Steve chews him out for messing Emma around and he apologises to her with the excuse that he just wishes that Kate Oates Memorial Hospital would give him a diagnosis. Is it Non-Specific Plot Device Syndrome?

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maggie muggins said...

Blink, and you might have missed the 2 jury members in part 1, about 14 minutes in! Mr. Boateng is questioning Kelly about blood splatters. I think this is the one and only time we ever see any jury so far.

I really liked Curtis when he first arrived. The weirdness of his mystery illness is taking away from that. Isn't it odd that he isn't at least being told he 'might' have one thing or another. Some glimmer of hope. I mean it's his heart. Not Long Covid, which is often treated with real disbelief my many.

dhvinyl said...

Yes, I was going to mention that the producers coughed up a few quid ( what is an ‘extra’ pay rate ?) for three seconds of two jury members…this is the strangest courtroom I’ve ever seen! Never mind the jury, the public seats would be packed.

Anonymous said...

No, I saw a couple of jury members last week too.

Pat said...

This ignoring Ruby business is getting ridiculous now. Tyrone said ‘it’s Hope’s first day back at school’ not ‘Hope and Ruby’s’. When he met them outside the house he spoke to Hope and didn’t even acknowledge Ruby in any way. She’s your daughter Tyrone! at least speak to her.

Chris h said...

Is ruby been paid just a mute background character now, never seems to speak

coconno196 said...

I don't see why Imran didn't make more of the height and weight difference between Corey and Kelly. The jury has to decide who did the kicking and who tried to pull them off. So an obvious thing to stress in the summing up. No way would Corey be unable to overpower Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Not watchingCory any more. Cory should never have been found not Guilty. This will encourage those who want to comit hate crimes. If he can get away with it so can they. How stupid are the writers. They do not deserve any

dhvinyl said...

No one ever gets away with it on Corrie, though we are still waiting for ghastly Gary and his awful haircut to be banged up for murdering Kelly’s dad. My guess is they’ll both be spun out to give us our usual Christmas funfest !


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