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Saturday 11 September 2021

Corrie Blog Interviews Sally Carman - Stunts, Seb's Dad, & Kev Split Shock! Is Abi Out For Revenge?

Soap awards, soap awards, wherefore art thou soap awards! 

Okay, it’s not quite Shakespeare is it, and I am paraphrasing slightly, but Corrie has undoubtedly been at the higher echelons of English drama in recent weeks. By the end of tonight's (Friday's) episodes, we will know that Corey's cleared of murder and Kelly is convicted. Abi is understandably distraught - could the grieving Mother be out for revenge? Corrie has confirmed that this story is far from over with some huge! shocks promised for the October soap week, and Abi is firmly at the centre of them. How is Abi going to cope with the fall-out? Can Abi and Kevin survive, can Abi get some vengeance for Seb, and what about her explosive temperament? Is a (stunt-filled) tragedy of Shakespearean proportions about to hit Weatherfield? 

Following her success at this week's various television & media awards, it was an honour to join an online press event for Coronation Street Blog and chat with Abi actress Sally Carman (SC) to learn more about this shocking verdict! 

If you aren't a fan of soap spoilers - you may want to stop reading at this point. You have been warned...

Hi Sally!! Firstly, Congratulations on this week’s awards haul and this past few weeks of brilliant Corrie! 

Q - The last few weeks of court scenes have been incredible! How was it different to you, then say to film a street or studio-based episode? 

SC - ‘'Well it’s been very different for me as I came down with Covid and was off work for a month. I ended up filming all of my bits in 2 days (separately) and being read the lines by Woody Wade (Corrie 1st assistant director) There was no one else in the courtroom set apart from Michael Le Vell (Kevin Webster) and we did a scene outside the court too. It was strange as I still wasn’t 100% but the director (Mickey Jones) mixed it so well. It was very tense and went quite quickly’'

Q - What has the fan reaction been? 

SC - ''It’s been brilliant, because, to do a storyline that affects people, a hate crime that affects people, you have that added responsibility. It’s been a real privilege and it’s something that Corrie are very good at doing''

Q - How was it putting the flashback scenes together? 

SC - ''Again, that’s been interesting because we only have the scripts, you’ve no idea what the finished product will look like. When you do watch it, to see how devastating it is - you’re taken aback by that. It was violent but necessary. The young cast have been fantastic at telling this story, and they’ve blown it out of the park’'

Q - How does Abi feel upon learning the verdict?

SC - ‘'She was daring to believe that justice could be done. She did everything by the book, with Imran saying ''trust me'' and she was hopeful (which is a hard emotion for Abi anyway) but with this result, a line has been reached, massively crossed - and she can’t let this go'’

Q - Does Abi sympathise when finding out about Kelly’s suicide attempt?

SC - ''I don’t know if Abi is emotionally mature enough to realise how much damage that could cause, to think ‘’ hold on, that’s bad’’ but she’s softening, realising it’s not Kelly who attacked Seb and with time she may have the empathy’'

Q - What effect does the verdict have on her relationship with Kevin? 

SC - ‘'Abi leaves Kevin (and Jack)! She can’t let go of what’s happened, and she’s not quite sure of what she’s going to do. Even though she loves both of them, ironically, that is why she has to leave them both. She doesn't want either of them involved in something that may or could now happen due to the trial's verdict’'


Q - What has Abi got planned now the verdict is in? 

SC - ''It is life-changing, HUGE, and all of those things. She’s driven by a force that she can't stop. It is out of her hands as well but she has to do what she has to do''

Q - Kevin goes looking for Abi, and the results of which can be seen doing October soap week, which you are filming right now. Without giving too much away, we hear it’s going to be EPIC!

SC - ''It’s ridiculous! It’s outrageous! And so much fun. We’ve been on night shoots, stunts galore, and it’s one of those storylines that as an actor you think ‘’come on, let's have it’’! We were in the studio last week doing stunts and I was pinching myself that I get to do this. I'm happy’’

Q - Will Kevin be able to stop Abi? The boundaries are being pushed but Abi is so vulnerable, and yet is always about to explode? 

SC - ''That’s the golden ticket, isn’t it! Being able to play a character that has such a good heart, but is completely emotionally immature to the point where she’s like a 2 year old. She is very reactive, and there’s nothing she’s not capable of doing. She’s an emotionally undeveloped walking heartbeat - watch out!''

Q - Will her actions signal the end of Kevin and Abi? We know there’s a plan enacted during big soap week. Can you tell us anything about that? 

SC - '‘I don’t know whether I can say anything, other than someone from Abi’s past is going to make a return and she turns to someone else for help, but it's not Kevin. A blast from the past who she reaches out to. The circumstances that they are going through, they do love each other and have found something so I would hope they have that faith in each other’'

Q - How did you feel when you found out that Corey got away with Seb’s murder? 

SC - ''Well, there are two parts to that. As an actor you go ''ooh what’s going to happen next’’ but as a character, I think ''Well how much more has she got to go through and how has he managed to get off?'' Especially just watching those scenes in court, I wasn’t there as you know, seeing Max (Corey actor Maximus Evans) on screen, standing in court looking half-bored, giving out menacing looks - he doesn’t care if the audience like him or not, Max is brilliant. He’s such a nice guy but I could kill Corey!''

Corey escaped the law - but can he escape Abi? 

Q - We can reveal that the character returning from Abi’s past is Seb’s Dad, Abi looks him up, and the viewers will realise he’s a bit of a wrong ‘un. Is this an important move for you, in terms of Abi’s character development? 

SC ''Yes, I liked what they did with that. We were due to film more scenes (with Stephen Lord playing Seb's Dad) but I got ill so we couldn’t do more. It’s a very dark story and he does try to worm his way back into her life. She tells him to ‘’do one’'!

Shameless, Eastenders, Holby City Actor, Stephen Lord will play Seb's Dad in upcoming scenes

Thanks, Sally! 

It's a very typical Abi response isn't it, and I'm sure we have more to come! Corrie did warn us and told me to tell you: ''If you’ve been surprised by Abi’s actions in the past - you haven’t seen anything yet!’’ 

What do you think of this latest development?    

I think Sally Carman is one of the best actresses in the show’s history. I've been watching since 1997, have an encyclopedic knowledge of Corrie's past, and I could easily see Abi as a character in any of the shows formative decades. Superb stuff! and well done Coronation Street for this week's award haul - well deserved! 

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