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Friday 3 September 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 3 September

Friday 3rd September

COREY PUTS ON A PERFORMANCE Outside court, Abi rails at Stefan and suggests it’s time his son started telling the truth. Corey takes the stand and lies through his teeth, claiming Kelly viciously attacked Seb as he tried to stop her. Corey paints himself as the victim, telling the court how Kelly’s Dad is a gangster and she threatened to have him killed if he reported her to the police. Kelly listens, incensed. Imran cross examines Corey, suggesting that in fact he was the one who killed Seb. Will Corey and friend Eli be rattled? 
EMMA’S HEART BREAKS FOR CURTIS When Curtis reveals that he’s got a hospital appointment later to get his test results, Emma offers to go with him. However when he suddenly collapses unconscious behind the bar at the Bistro an ambulance is called.
HOPE STARTS TO OPEN UP Fiz and Tyrone take a reluctant Hope to her first therapy session Hope explains to the psychologist how she started the fire because she felt sad when her Daddy left and people are always leaving her. Fiz and Tyrone listen, heartbroken. ELSEWHERE George assures Todd that he’ll dispose of Phelan’s ashes in a respectful manner as soon as he can. Todd remains unconvinced. While George’s back is turned, Todd tries to steal the ashes but as he lifts the lid on the urn, George returns and catches him red handed.

Friday 3rd September

ABI IS DETERMINED TO DISCOVER THE TRUTH The trial continues and Imran suggests to Eli that he’s lying about Kelly in order to get a reduced sentence himself. Abi clocks Corey’s unease. Tommy Orpington takes the witness box and gives Corey a glowing character reference. Outside court, Abi launches a verbal attack on Stefan, accusing him of trying to buy Corey’s innocence with bribes. Stefan denies it but it’s clear he’s rattled. Determined Abi searches his social media accounts, will she find any proof? 
EMMA BREAKS OVER CURTIS’S HEART In the hospital, the doctor tells Curtis they’d like to keep him in overnight and run some more tests. But Curtis reckons it’s a waste of time. Back at the flat, a struggling Emma has a shock announcement for Curtis. 
ALINA WANTS TO TAKE TYRONE AWAY When Alina reveals she’s booked a trip to Romania so he can meet her family, Tyrone’s heart sinks, aware he can’t leave Hope at such a crucial time.
ELSEWHERE George chases Todd in a bid to retrieve Phelan’s ashes but Todd trips up, sending the ashes flying. George is furious as Eileen arrives to witness the mess. Todd makes out they’re the ashes of Patsy Freeman, a little old lady with no living relatives. Saddened by Patsy’s plight, Eileen tells George she’d like to give Patsy a send off. Todd masks his guilt.

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dhvinyl said...

Ah me….had high hopes that a great Corrie week would climax with the ending of the trial with no jury….but this reads like another lapse into stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks it's another case of "the wrong person in jail" scenario and Corey will not go to jail....until later. They've said this storyline goes into the new year, didn't they? Ugh...

Sharon boothroyd said...

Where are the jury? I assume in another room and watching the proceedings on screen. It'd be nice to know where they are!

Humpty Dumpty said...

There are two storylines going on here. The main one of hate crime which is the attack on Nina and Seb, and the secondary one of class and privilege as played out by Kelly versus Corey. If this goes on for too long, the secondary storyline is going to become the more important one. It is true that victims in court can often feel like bystanders because all the attention and support seems to be on the defendants. Nina only has Roy, who I think should have been raging that Nina wasn't getting support from either Witness Support or Victim Support. If she has, it's been well-hidden in the script. Roy is reserved while Imran and Abi are both loud so they grab the viewers' attention. It may be true to life that victims don't have much support so let Corrie really show that this is the case with Nina. No parent, older siblings or professionals eg: a school teacher to help her case.

I hope Imran gets round to arranging a reconstruction of the attack - on-screen with actors. Corey is 6'1" and in top condition as a footballer. Kelly is 5'2" and probably of average strength. Imran could show through this reconstruction that Corey could pull Kelly off Seb with a flick of his wrist. Imran complains he has no funds but surely Kelly would qualify for legal aid and this would a legitimate expense.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really bothered where they are, I don't worry about stuff like that


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