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Friday 24 September 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 24 September 2021

Activity tonight largely centred around dear departed Norris Cole.  The Street's resident busybody was never going to pass up the opportunity to have the last word - on everything.  So with the great and good - Ken, Rita, Audrey, Claudia, Freda, Gail, Mary as Princess Leia, Gemma (eventually) and Roy gathered in the church for Billy to step in as vicar of the day to say farewell the old curmudgeon who had the service he wanted, playing music (Rivers of Babylon) he hated because he wanted to force it into the hearing ears of his friends.  After Rita (who spent more time with Norris than her husbands)  had an opportunity to say a few words Billy then revealed that he had a final letter from Norris which Norris had requested that Roy be asked to read.  Ken had expected that he would be doing this!

Roy reveals Norris feels like Eva Peron - Don't Cry for me, Argentina" - before Norris saying that generally he had a wonderful life.  First Norris remembers Freda and the twilight years they have shared and enjoyed have been very special and that he should have said it more often to her when he was alive - Freda responds above.  

Mary used to badger Norris to prepare for his funeral and once to silence her said that she must wear her Princess Leia outfit at the event - but as he observes above even Mary is not daft enough to fall for that.  Poor Mary (above).

Roy continues by telling the congregation that there is something precious hidden inside the paper boy outside the Kabin.  Norris' last word is addressed to Rita - the "Sunshine of his Life" (another song he cannot stand).  He winds up Rita about the sexual tension between co-workers implying it was between them - but he assures Rita that she made his life better.  And he will take one secret to the grace with him - he will never tell another soul that Rita used to go to Claudia to get her colour done (above).  Audrey is dumbstruck believing that Rita did it herself as Gail had told her so!

The only other story of note was Max getting up Daniel's nose.  And frankly Daniel is not going to make a teacher if he carries on like this.  He randomly accuses Max of stealing his wallet and imposes an immediate detention.  Max plays on his phone and eventually Daniel has to go because Tracy is sitting Bertie.  Max refuses to leave the classroom and Daniel throws his bag into the corridor - breaking the lasagne therein which was the Platt family tea! Daniel later tries to apologise to Max but they soon argue again.  David catches them arguing in the Street.  Later David tears a strip off Max - who reckons it is worse than North Korea.  Then Shona tears a strip off of David.  All is not well in the Platt household.  Daisy is in the Street and tries to calm down Daniel pointing out that he could lose his job.  David turns up at Daniel's flat and the argument continues.  David believes Max is innocent and Daniel is convinced of the lad's guilt.  Daisy gets no thanks from Daniel by trying to get him to see sense for most of the afternoon.

Ed Bailey is sorting out the snagging at the house for Grace and takes Paul back on - but gives him instructions to do the painting before they do the carpentry.  Apparently the list of jobs Grace wants done is huge and she is not letting him do anything else.  James Bailey is back in training and seems recovered; Aggie is going to make marmalade chicken wings for dinner to celebrate and chef Danny offers to help with cooking so they should get a decent meal!  Aggie crosses paths with Grace and above she almost gets to call Grace some thing very rude - but Danny appears before the sentence was finished.

Audrey and Rita exchange words at the wake and Gail tries to calm them down - but Claudia wanders by and Audrey continues to be stroppy.  Otherwise Mary is talked into forgiving Norris.  Gemma and Freda also try to settle their differences from earlier in the week.  Aled's operation will be rescheduled for a few weeks' time.  Rita recalls Audrey's poor hairdressing and eventually Ken has to calm the ladies down.  Mary and Ken leave the wake to check on the paper boy.  Mary collects a chainsaw from Paul and Brian (because he is sober) puts on the protective gear and attacks the paper boy.  Inevitably there is nothing inside the paper boy.  Then Rita recalls that Norris always hated the figure as he reckoned the eyes used to follow him when sweeping the street!  Freda starts laughing - Norris has played his final trick, conning them into destroying the paper boy.  Led by Mary they all start singing "Good byeee" and the camera pans over some of Norris's famous moments.

What can I say?  Malcolm Hebden has been with the Street on and off since 1994 as Norris and deserves a decent retirement and his character was given an excellent send off.  Tonight also gave the older cast members opportunities to remind us of why they continue to be given stories and make contributions to the entertainment that Coronation Street provides.  I might often snipe and carp but tonight was right and proper and my thanks to all involved in bringing this to our screens and especially to Malcolm Hebden for his huge involvement over nearly 30 years.  

Written by Damon Alexis-Rochefort and directed by Michael Lacey.


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Anonymous said...

Well written, won't see it here across the pond in a few weeks, but thanks for the great write up.

coconno196 said...

Yes, a very good episode with echoes of Corrie at its best. Great to see the old folks again, but where were all the deaf people at the funeral? Wasn't the interpreter engaged specifically for them?
Good that Gemma (who's been great lately) finally persuaded Chesney to continue with BSL and to teach the other quads - and Joseph? No harm in getting the implant, but sounds will be distorted and BSL offers better communication.

Anonymous said...

The Interpreter was for Freda. I wasn't aware that there was supposed to be loads of desk people going to the funeral


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