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Wednesday 5 May 2021

Spoiler Alert! - Corrie Blog speaks to Mollie Gallagher (Nina Lucas) About This Week's Hate Crime Drama

Tonight, Coronation Street tackles a hideous hate crime when Nina and Seb are involved in a brutal and life-changing gang attack. In a storyline that's reputedly to last the remainder of the year, the attack is primarily aimed at Nina Lucas’ goth persona but has far-reaching and dramatic consequences for the residents of Coronation Street. Several characters are going to be drawn into the fall-out and issues raised are sure to get the country talking. At the centre of the story is Roy’s niece, Nina Lucas. Over the past few weeks, we've seen a sweet romance grow for her and Seb, with Roy offering his guidance and thoughts. Will the attack change all of that?

I joined Coronation Street online to chat to Mollie Gallagher (MG) about Nina, her growing fanbase and working with the iconic David Neilson

Q How did you feel when you heard about this storyline, and how you felt about Seb and Nina being attacked for the way Nina looked? 

MG I immediately found it awful but this stuff happens so it's an important story to tell. A real privilege to be given such a story and feeling nervous about doing it justice. I’ve put my all into it!

Q Did you feel a sense of responsibility when working with the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, in telling the story? 

MG  Yes. It’s something so important and I wanted this story to be an accurate representation, as was possible, so I did the research! 

Q What makes Nina tick as a character?

MG  I was pleased that Nina was accepted by the audience. At this stage of her life, she has finally accepted who she is. We had the recent speech about how she became to be, and that's how I went into this story. She’s a lovely character with a big heart and did not wonder why she wouldn't be accepted. We can see different sides to Nina, which I love

Q In the build-up to the attack, everything seems to be going well for Seb and Nina, which makes the attack an awful occurrence, doesn't it? 

MG  Yes. I think one of the first scenes that I and Harry (Visinoni, Seb Franklin) had, a long-time ago before they were paired, Seb came into Roy’s Rolls and sarcastically complained about waiting around for an order. They had a spark at that point, but maybe just as potential friends. It was just a passing thing until they shared scenes about the building site outside the cafe, and Nina liked his charm and humour - they connected

Q You did rehearsals with Harry over facetime before the attack. Was that important to you? 

MG Yes, we did loads of scenes on facetime and because of the fast-paced love between them. I’d not met Harry that much before so we FaceTimed scenes and it worked very naturally. We put a lot of effort in, so yes it was important

Q Do you enjoy Nina’s look, and how much input do you have into it? 

MG  I love Nina’s look, I love it so much! Every day coming into work I get excited. Making costumes is a massive thing for Nina, and before Covid, the make-up artists created a big look for her character

Q How did you learn to do Nina’s make-up during Covid restrictions?

MG Well I'm not very good at doing make-up and we had to do our own during Covid. I’d come in earlier than I needed to, to make sure I was on it and not have an eye-lash go out of place! Costumes are good at finding the right stuff, and if I ever came across anything, they would be suggestive of my ideas. 

Q How would you describe your look, growing up. Have you ever had an alternative style yourself?

MG Well, I've always worn what I like. It depends on what environment you are in, in reality. You can blend in or not, it just depends really. I don't know, I just wear what I like which I think is the message of the story. I was grateful for the authenticity that comes with playing Nina. It is the perfect role for me, I couldn't write it and would have dreamed of this part had I seen her on Corrie before. 

Q You must be proud of playing Nina and her part in this upcoming storyline? 

MG Part of it is about being who you are and expressing yourself freely. That's always been a big thing for me and I'm so grateful to be doing a storyline like this!  

Q How does Nina feel when she’s confronted with Corey’s gang? Is it just the name-calling or is it the slap that escalates the drama? 

MG She’s had name-calling before and is used to that. However, Kelly is egged on and then the slap happens. Nina then realises that this could escalate - you could feel the panic when filming the scenes. It was something about the day, we were in a big group and hadn't filmed like that for a long time, it was really good

Q What was it like being filmed in a hospital bed and having that awful make-up applied? 

MG As soon as the make-up came on, I just wanted to cry. It was so realistic and I remember thinking wow! And it helped seeing myself in that way, for the upcoming scenes

Q What is it like working with David (Neilson, Roy Cropper) at the hospital bedside? 

MG  I remember it, it seemed so real, just being sat there and living it in my head. I was thinking about Nina and Roy and how much they've been through. They are family now so both have somebody. Working with David is amazing! and he's taught me a lot.

Q Does Nina blame herself for the attack and does this change her appearance? 

MG Yes she does. With Corrie, the viewers have watched Nina grow and people like her - she is who she is. I think it helps that she’s a strong character with an individual's identity. She changes and It goes to show how much she would be affected by the attack, which then affects her strong identity. It feels so real - it's awful!

As a fan of Corrie, counterculture, and all things alternative, Nina is by far one of my favourite new characters that the show has introduced in recent years. The fall-out of the attack promises to be harrowing, heartbreaking even and proposes some possible life changes for Nina. I can only imagine the brilliant Roy Cropper scenes and his life-affirming quotes, that have yet to come. 


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Cowks said...

Pleased with the hints that Nina survives the attack, albeit changed, as she is one of the stronger, more complex characters, who keep Corrie interesting. It initially seemed from the similarities to the Sophie Lancaster case that this would end in a fatality. So long as they don't repeat the Sophie Webster character arc!

Unknown said...

Nina is such a lovely person with a heart of gold , both seb and nina good young couple but after seeing them both in hospital well certain brought a lump in my throat and a tear, if i was 30yrs younger id be lol hope you both pull threw xx


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