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Monday 31 May 2021

'She has a really weird love-hate relationship with Carla!' - Corrie Blog speaks to actress Tina O’Brien

Life is on the up for Sarah Barlow! The ex Rovers Return Barmaid is now managing Underworld and has settled into a happy marriage with Adam. But when it transpires that Adam is a match for Peter, who’s desperately awaiting a kidney transplant, Sarah feels like all that could be taken away from her. She’s determined to talk Adam out of the transplant but is she prepared for Carla’s wrath? The women have a history with Adam, and the quasi-incestuous Barlow’s know no bounds! Can Sarah talk Adam out of it, or will she risk losing her Husband for good? 

I was very privileged to join Coronation Street online to learn more from the actress who plays Sarah, Tina O’Brien (TOB) about this latest tribulation! 

Q Sarah seems to be settled into factory life and marriage at the moment? 

TOB - I think she’s really happy that things are working out for her and Adam. I think she still has that seed of resentment though, towards Carla, that she won't let go of. She seems happy though, with a career choice, and wants to make it work. 

Q Has Sarah forgiven either Adam or Carla for their one-night stand? 

TOB  I think it's both! She has a really weird love-hate relationship with Carla. She’s in awe of her, a wonderful woman to work with, with her knowledge of the factory. I think Sarah always feels a bit insecure in comparison to Carla, in the sense that she’s not good enough. She respects Carla but is insecure, they are supposed to be on the same team, but she slept with her partner!

Q Does Sarah still have a spark for Gary, or is she now #TeamAdam? 

TOB I think she’d tell Adam she was #TeamAdam! I think she still has a little thing for Gary. They shared a lot of experiences, but I don't know whether she would want to get back with him. She does still have a soft spot for him though! At one point I did think she would get back together with him! 

Q How does she feel when she finds out that Adam agreed to be a donor for Peter? 

TOB She’s quite mean about it actually and strong in her feelings. She finds out through Carla and there again lays the problem. She feels left out of the conversation and Carla knows more than she does. I think she’s hurt by it but not very sensitive about it, she discourages Adam from doing it, thinking that Peter will just drink again anyway!

Q Do you think it's more to do with fear? She could lose Adam in the operation? 

TOB I think so, yes. If I step outside of the situation, I can see Sarah’s point of view. Is Adam doing this for guilt? If he is, then it's the wrong reason and it could make him ill. 

Q She does try to change his mind. Does she worry about how the other Barlow’s will react? 

TOB She knows that Carla will blow up but Sarah doesn't expect Carla to say that she thinks Sarah disagrees only because Carla slept with Adam. It’s hard to know, maybe a little bit of that, but more about her and Adam’s future. 

Q Sarah and Carla have quite a dynamic in their working relationship. Do you enjoy working with Ali (King - Carla Connor) and playing out their factory life together? 

TOB I love working with Ali King! She’s just mega as a human being and we have a lot of fun! It's nice when you work with people for a long period. And being very lucky, working with some great people. Sarah is slightly in awe of Carla and I'm in awe of Ali King! She’s such a strong actress and it’s brilliant to work with her - I feel very lucky! 

Q Carla and Sarah embark on a mission together, breaking into another factory to receive bust stock. Are you liking playing this edgier version of Sarah? 

TOB Yes I love the fact that she’s now so driven, costumes have got me some power suits, and she enjoys what she’s doing. In a way, without Carla seeing it, she's picking a lot up from Carla and Nick and soaking it all up. She could be going under the radar a bit with what she could potentially be capable of! 

Q - We know The Rovers is going up for sale, could you see Adam and Sarah running it? 

TOB Do you know what, I think those two running it together would be great! Adam is good with the money and finances side of things, Sarah has worked behind the bar before - they’d be a good match in the rovers! 

Q - Do you think Sarah would ever have a child with Adam in the future? 

TOB I think it would be funny! From the actors perspective - wearing a fake bump for 9 months and acting with a baby. If they stay together then absolutely but who knows in soapland?! 

Q - How has it been working through Covid -19 restrictions? 

TOB It's been strange, part of the job is being tactile and displaying emotion, so acting like a couple, can be tricky. You have to try other ways in conveying those feelings but being 2 metres apart. It is what it is! I think most actors will be happier in general when things return but of course, they are there for a reason. 


Plenty of things are happening for Sarah at the minute! Are you looking forward to it?

I am @rybazoxo, your Wednesday night episode reviewer, and all-around Weatherfield aficionado! 

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Anonymous said...

After seeing the preview clip,I don't think neither Ken or Simon will take it well that Sarah considers Peter a 'loser 'not worthy of a transplant.
Sarah and Adam were separated due to Sarah lying for Gary so Sarah who's son's father was a drug dealer is in no position to judge Carla


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