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Friday 21 May 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 21 May

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here, (the one with the intact right eyebrow who hasn’t been charged with murder), with your Friday night review.
On the Street Sharon is continuing to skulk around the cobbles, looking shifty and poking her nose into everyone else’s business like a much less subtle version of the Hooded Claw. Overhearing that Sam’s astrology club has been cancelled, she gets Gail and Shona out of the way and then tips off Harvey. He dispatches a henchman with a huge white van and a massive beard. Admittedly I’ve never kidnapped a child before, but I would have thought turning up on the Street with a van the size of Rovers driven by a member of ZZ Top might make you look a bit conspicuous. Exploiting Sam’s weaknesses, beardy man shows him a telescope and when Sam takes the bait the doors are shut behind him and he’s driven away with Sharon Sneakley watching through the window. Just wait until the Ant Hill Mob find out!

Over at the Rovers, Johnny is oblivious to the Ronnie-shaped tension between Daisy and Jenny. He assumes that Daisy dislikes him because he’s treated Jenny so badly in the past, which to be fair he has. I know I’m in a minority but I’ve never really bought into Johnny and Jenny as a couple so I’d be on Daisy’s side here, had they not written her as the bitchy offspring of Piers Morgan and the Wicked Witch of the West. With Johnny promising to be a better husband and Jenny trying to hide her shame, Ronnie and Ed turn up for a drink. Within minutes Ed has invited Johnny for a game of dominos at his house, (despite them never having had a conversation before), and before you can say double-six Johnny has reciprocated by inviting Ronnie to come back to the Rovers as their lodger. Ronnie tells a guilt-ridden Jenny to hold her nerve and not fess up about their indiscretion, but will they be able to get Daisy to keep her trap shut?

Meanwhile Tyrone and human chipmunk Alina tell Emma that they’ve decided that they want to buy the salon flat (the same one they were complaining to Debbie about two days ago). Ty goes to Kev to ask if he’ll loan him the deposit but Kev turns him down flat. Seems a bit unfair, didn’t Debbie give Kev £200k the first time she showed up, where’s all that gone? Ty’s day gets worse when Fiz finds out and marches around to the garage to nag him about his responsibilities to the girls. I would have said he’s well out of that relationship, but it turns out that Alina’s idea of interior design is to plaster the walls with loads of terrible millenial acronyms like YOLO. Suddenly that awful wallpaper at No.9 and Evelyn’s greyhound ornaments don’t seem so bad! 

In other news, Cathy continues to drive Yasmeen and Elaine mad with her hoarding and general slobbishness and Steve is embarrassed to have come last in his charity bike race, (despite shaving his legs), until Emma and Amy remind him of how much money he’s made.

At No.8, a frantic Natasha reports Sam missing to the police and at the hideout Nick is told the news. Meanwhile poor frightened Sam is trapped in the van alone. As darkness falls, he reaches in his bag for a torch and sings a Kate Bush song to himself. And that’s it for this week so he’s stuck there until Monday now. Unless he can build an escape kit out of a paper clip and an elastic band, and let’s face it if anyone can….

Catch you back here next week or on twitter @mskelstar.  

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dhvinyl said...

Brilliant review as always, Kelly!

Anonymous said...

I don't see how Sharon could remain on the Street now as she crossed the line with the kidnapping of Sam.
I feel sorry for Rita as she is friends with both the Platts and the Barlows as well as Leanne and she will be heartbroken when she finds out the real reason her 'daughter'returned.

Chris h said...

That kidnapper will be sick of him by monday, what a annoying kid


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