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Thursday 6 May 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 5th May 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Since Nina and Asha’s ill-fated relationship, both girls have moved on quite quickly and with rather opposite results. Asha has disregarded every warning possible and got back with bad-boy Corey, whilst Nina has turned Seb into a smitten kitten. An unexpected romance for us Corrie fans, but a coupling we can all get behind, I'm sure you’ll agree. The past few weeks have seen Asha settle into bizarre domesticity with some coerciveness to boot, whilst Seb and Nina are also living in domesticity, sharing sweet something’s under Roy’s roof and preparing a gift for Abi’s upcoming nuptials. The story moves on tonight, however, and with some dramatic consequences. 

Tonight, Seb has found the perfect pendant for his Mum and plans a trip to York to pick it up. Confused and angry by Seb’s reluctance to help her write some vows, Nina explains all about the gift to Abi. Meanwhile, Corey’s being abusive to Asha, and deciding to ditch footy training, he gets into a stolen car with Kelly, Eli, and Summer.  Rather than study, Asha reluctantly joins them on a joyride. 

Feeling guilty and reflective, Abi apologises to Seb and asks him to walk her down the aisle. It’s very poignant and it looks like Abi’s luck might be finally changing, right?. Seeing the stolen car speed down Victoria Street, Seb and Alina are stood outside Roy’s discussing the moon landings (definitely faked by the way) and the couple share some jokey moments together. It’s very sweet and it's obvious they are destined to be together. Seb even buys Nina a jokey toy ring from the shop and exclaiming his happiness, the couple decide to walk by the canal to watch bats. Nina leaves Roy a note. 

Meanwhile, down by the same canal, the gang of joyriders are boozing and listening to loud music, when Corey, Asha, and Kelly row about the obvious flirting and tension in the group. Asha walks away and rejoins Amy back at Number 1, Coronation Street. 

As Abi’s hen night gets in full-swing at The Bistro, Kevin and the lads are sharing beers and a curry at Speed Daal, even Roy’s got in on the japes. Tim and Tyrone have the gang donned out in fake moustaches imitating that classic Kevin Webster persona. It is certainly some much welcome comedy. What with Seb’s foreshadowing and Abi also exclaiming happier times, I think we can guess that trouble is only around the corner! 

Down by the canal, Nina and Seb hang out with the gang and Nina’s independent style is mimicked by the youths, apart from Summer, who walks away in disgust. Nina was only down there looking out for Asha and Summer but gets a slap from Kelly as things get unduly heated. The couple quickly leaves, walking with some pace, but Corey goads the gang into following them - leading to a ferocious attack on Seb and Nina, by Corey, Eli, and Kelly. 

Following the aftermath of the attack, Kelly sneaks back to her foster home which is of course Imran and Toyah’s flat. She’s late and she’s been drinking. Imran delivers a speech about consequences, unknowing of the attack of course, but it is prophetic and drives the point home. 

At the Bistro, Abi is awash in the drink, whilst at Speed Daal, the boys are missing Seb’s company but head to The Rovers anyway. Roy is concerned about his early start and dutifully heads home. Back at Asha’s flat, Corey is also home and on the phone delivering instructions about how to cover up for the attack. Asha then returns to an apologetic Corey who’s armed with flowers and apologising for his previous behaviour.

Meanwhile, the police visit Roy's Rolls and The Bistro simultaneously. It's a dramatic vignette or music montage (I can never decide) as Roy and the Hen party are delivered the news about the attack. As events reach The Rovers Return, it’s clear that Seb and Nina are now in hospital, and are both injured. Nina is undergoing serious emergency surgery, whilst Seb’s life is also precariously hanging by a thread. They've both received appalling head injuries but the hospital nurses offer some hope. 

Meanwhile, Adi delivers the news to Asha about Nina’s beating. Carla visits Roy and he explains that Seb managed to call emergency services before losing consciousness. It’s an appalling attack that leaves Abi and Roy both questioning who could do such a thing. Nina remains unconscious but comes out of surgery. Roy sits by her bedside and delivers a soliloquy of sadness. It’s beautiful scriptwriting.  Meanwhile, Abi cries at her son's bedside, her son laying still with tubes hanging out of him. 

Abi’s luck has seemingly run out again and the wedding is postponed.

It's then that Seb's monitor suddenly beeps erratically and nurses rush into the room. 

Are things about to get worse? 

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Fluttershy said...

The scenes with Roy in the hospital brought tears to my eyes. How can Corrie be as poor as its been (several friends have stopped watching, and I'm close to giving up) then manage to pull a blinder like this out of nowhere? Beautifully written and acted, a masterclass in the art of the soap. Why isn't Corrie always this good?

KC said...

It was a tough watch, but by far the best episode I've watched in a long time.

First of all, Nina. Since she first came on the scene, Nina was and acted different. I quickly loved the character because I felt we had someone who was similar to Roy. Their relationship is so real, so authentic and if you gave me a solid hour of these two talking about anything (trains, bats come to mind) I'd gladly watch.

By far the best part of the episodes were Roy's not 1 but 2 (!!) monologues. This was the icing on the cake and I'll watch it all again just for those monologues. David is a treasure and deserves every accolade from it. I loved when he mentioned how he doesn't display emotion like Nina and you can feel the love he has for his niece. Again, great direction by Corrie to introduce a family member that ACTUALLY works!! And you know what? They didn't need to come on the cobbles with a BIG SECRET!

All around, it was tough but the acting was SUPERB!

C in Canada said...

I'm in agreement with both the above commenters. I have always loved Roy's character, and I too could just sit and listen to an entire show with just Roy talking to (insert character here, doesn't matter), about (insert subject here, doesn't matter). He's always the voice of reason and logic and he makes it work so well.

I also have liked Nina from the start. She was also 'different' but also different from Roy but it works. She has a way of getting right to the point and I love that about her. (And yes she arrived without a big secret!)

Pairing these two was a stroke of genius, and I hope it continues for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I loved these episodes. Best by far for a long time. Roy's monologue was touching and heartwarming.
I love Seb and Nina as a couple, they really work well. Nina had changed send Seb's mood for the better. I hope Corrie realise what they've got here and don't split them up
Loved the scenes with Abi too. She was so happy at her hen do, then to see the emotion from her at the end. Hats off to Sally Carmen

Anonymous said...

I also forgot. Loved the 'Kevin's' at the stag do.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Nina and Seb's storyline is what Corrie is all about. We read that it becomes something of a class war. Guessing that Corey comes from a privileged background and the family can afford expensive lawyers. Corey does have a great sense of entitlement. Tremendous performances last night. What a shame then that Leanne's drugs ring is running alongside and it's dreadful. A soap can only do justice to one story of violence and intimidation at a time. Let Harvey meet a sticky end in prison and Sharon can disappear in the night.

CK said...

It was very hard to watch and was so similar to the attack on Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend. How could anyone be so ruthless?

Roni said...

I absolutely agree. Both Roy and Abi brought tears to my eyes. Best scenes to date.

dhvinyl said...

Yes, Roy’s monologues were the highlight.....but really........when was this story line written? Trying to create these scenes under COVID restrictions was incomprehensible and as a result they didn’t work, though the editor did the best he/she could. The programme is now full of young actors and extras, several of whom are replacements for pre pandemic cast members, and the story lines seem to come out of nowhere. I’m particularly saddened by the girl who plays Asha, whom I’d hoped would be the one person, other than Roy, with the semblance of a brain. As it was all we’re getting are more scenes to fill the three sets that have to earn their keep, hospital, prison and police station!

I despair ! (Oh, and that was more a synopsis than a review!!)

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the comments regarding Roy and Abi.
I really hope that Seb isn't killed off soon after Oliver's death as that would send Abi over the edge .

Anonymous said...

I don't want Abi falling off the wagon. I know it might not be realistic (wait a sec Corrie and realism?), I hope she decides to fight for herself and her son.


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