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Monday 3 May 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 1st and 3rd April 1998

When Brian Park left Corrie as a producer he went on to run Bad Girls.  He had plenty of experience, as Deirdre's life behind bars is all very Larkhill Prison.  She tried not to get involved in prison life and Margi Clarke - yes, I know she's called Jackie Dobbs, but come on, she's Margi Clarke - pinned her up against a wall and told her to stop being a stuck-up cow.  Outside the prison walls though news of Mike's £10,000 donation to Deirdre's legal fees caused Angie to worry about the company accounts and Alma to be disgusted.  She accused him of doing it because he was secretly in love with Deirdre and walked out.  Hayley received her inheritance and used it to travel abroad so she could have her final gender confirmation surgery.  She said goodbye to Roy and confessed that she found him attractive.  He gave her a farewell present of a silver necklace and spent the rest of the week moping about what could've been.  A flash bloke in a posh car turned up on the Street and tried to talk to Toyah.  She told him to get lost, and Les threatened to thump him - only for him to tell Les that he was Greg Kelly, his long lost son.  Les didn't believe a word of it and chased him off.  At number 4, Leanne and Nicky were being kept away by Shannon's crying.  Judy heard them bitching about it and asked after the baby.  Zoe was angry to hear about her interference and told her to stay away from Shannon - she wasn't her baby and it was none of her business.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 5th and 6th April 1998

The first of these episodes was the last written by Adele Rose, the first woman to ever write for Corrie and a stalwart of the show since 1961.  Not only was she a legend at Granada, she also created Byker Grove in her spare time, so we should all tip our hat to her.  Mike and Alma continued to argue about his involvement with Deirdre, with Alma feeling publicly shamed, as though she'd been taken for a ride throughout their entire relationship.  He visited the prison and discovered Deirdre was in a miserable state.  She was being bullied by Warden Veitch, a character who seems to have escaped from Prisoner Cell Block H, and ended up in the hospital wing.  Alma left him to stay at Gail's once she found out.  As if things couldn't get worse for Mike, Angie announced that she'd been offered a job with a fancy London fashion house and wanted to dissolve the partnership.  Spying an opportunity, Mike demanded a £10,000 release fee from her new bosses.  Greg showed Les a picture of his mum and he realised that he really was his son.  Toyah was upset and dashed over to the Kabin to tell Leanne.  She was sat behind the counter smoking fags with Zoe and laying into Rita's spangly jumpers, the minx, and she found the idea of a half-brother intriguing.  Les organised a family get-together so they could all meet him for the first time.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 8th and 10th April 1998

Judy approached Zoe and offered to take care of Shannon.  She said she didn't want to interfere - just help her out.  Zoe of course leapt at the opportunity to palm her baby off on someone else but Gary was displeased to see Judy getting involved with Shannon.  He asked Zoe not to let her care for the baby again, but Judy overrode him and told her she'd be happy to take care of her any time.  Mike hunted down Alma and she told him she knew why he was funding Deirdre's defence; he wanted his ex-girlfriend's eternal gratitude.  To get his marriage back on track he agreed to stop paying the legal fees.  The Free Deirdre campaign took to the streets, protesting outside the courthouse and waving a petition at strangers.  Ken was later approached by a woman, Mary - who said she had some information about Jon Lindsay.  And Angie bid farewell to Weatherfield for the last time with a raucous leaving party in the Rovers.  It's sad to see her go but to be honest, she's barely been in the show for the last six months, ever since she did a house swap with Samantha.  She's an ace character who deserved better (and who should be brought back to form a power one-two with Carla running Underworld).

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 12th and 13th April 1998

Mary spilled the beans to Ken: she'd also married Jon, and had a marriage certificate to prove it.  He'd pulled the exact same scam on her and fled.  She explained her story to Frankie the solicitor and she reckoned it could save Deirdre's bacon.  Overjoyed, Mike contacted the prison but Vinegar Tits Warden Veitch didn't pass the message on.  Instead she got her sedated for being hysterical.  When Mike was finally able to visit he told her the good news and she became furious with the Warden.  Fiona and Steve moved onto the next stage of their relationship as she asked him to move in with her.  He confessed he loved her.  Maxine meanwhile was eyeing up Greg, and went out clubbing with him.  Les warned her off as he thought she was after Greg's money.  Nicky got a lecture at college from a convicted criminal, Darren, about how awful prison was.  As Darren explained his story Nicky realised this was the man who'd stabbed Brian all those years ago.  

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 15th and 17th April 1998

Remember how we had months and months and months of Judy wailing that she wanted a baybee but she couldn't have a baybee and no matter how hard they tried she couldn't have a baybee?  Well, turns out she could have a baybee, sorry, baby, after all, as she was pregnant.  Leanne and Nicky cared for Shannon but when she stopped breathing, they went to Judy for help.  She rushed her to hospital.  Jack went to the doctor's because he had leg pains and was told that his arteries were hardening; he needed to radically change his lifestyle.  The doctor told him he had to give up smoking but Alec bet him £50 he couldn't last.  He wandered round the pub leaving temptations in Jack's way because Gilroy is a wonderful shyster.  Warden Veitch continued to persecute Deirdre for no apparent reason, including making a dig about Samir's death.  Deirdre went for her but Jackie stopped her, saying she'd never get released if she belted a warden.  And then Jackie did it for her.  The Court heard the evidence and decided that Deirdre could be released on bail pending her final appeal.  She left prison, sobbing, and was greeted by Ken and Mike.  Finally the Weatherfield One was free and the residents threw a celebration for her in the Rovers.  It was quite lovely.

@merseytart misses Anne Kirkbride.

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Louby said...

This was such a great time for Jack and Vera. With Alec in the mix as well, they are hilarious. They still argue, but it's nothing like their earlier years in Corrie when they just shouted at each other constantly.

In spite of really obvious plot holes, the Deirdre/Jon saga was a joy to watch again.

Greg, I think they brought him in as a Chris Collins substitute but it didn't really work, especially as I can remember how his character turns out!

The whole week was great, in spite of such a sad ending.

Jack Duckworth said...

Greg was just an awful guy. No idea how nobody saw through him.


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