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Tuesday 25 May 2021

Asha attacks Corey? Corrie Blog speaks to actress Tanisha Gorey

Asha Alahan has found herself being drawn right into the heart of the hate crime attack and its shocking aftermath. Initially, Asha believed Corey was innocent, but when he demanded a fake alibi for the night of the murder, she slowly realised that her boyfriend could be guilty after all? 

Confiding in Adi about her plan, and slowly winning Nina over, can Asha convince Corey that she’s still on his side? Enacting a plot to bring the truth to light, could Asha be in more danger than she realises? 

I was very privileged in joining Coronation Street online to learn more from the actress that plays Asha, Tanisha Gorey (TG)

Q This storyline has been such a rollercoaster for Asha. How is she feeling about everything? 

TG Asha is all over the place at the minute, isn't she! and so many people are involved in this storyline. Maybe she would have given Corey an alibi if Nina wasn't involved. It’s that desperation to be loved, which is why she went back to Corey. She’s still in love with Nina, she’s upset about Seb, and has quite the history with Corey.

Q Does Asha still have feelings for Corey or is Nina where her heart lies? 


TG When Asha found out about the attack, it was clear that she still has feelings for Nina. In her eyes, she was the love of Asha’s life, she wanted to be with her, but it all stopped because of Nina. Asha just got a bit obsessed with her. But when the attack happened, it cemented those feelings. She’s still got underlying feelings for Nina! 

Q She comes up with a plan to out Corey. Does she feel somehow responsible for what's happened? 

TG Absolutely 100%. She and Nina have already had something, so that's enough already and Corey is being so horrible to her. She’s a smart girl, who's starting to realise that things aren't adding up and that she's been lying to everybody on the street trying to cover for him!

Q Asha decides to proceed with her plan to get the truth out of Corey. Can you tell us what’s going through her mind as the plan takes hold? 

TG She’s worried and scared, Corey is physically tall, threatening, and feels intimidated by him. However, she feels that she needs to do this for Nina, who has lost Seb, it's just too much. Asha feels that she has to make something happen and feels that she has to do something and to do it for Nina!

Q Unfortunately, things don't go to plan and Corey ends up falling down the stairs! How does Asha feel after this has happened?

TG Hatred completely succumbs her and she’s worried about what she’s going to do. She sees Corey lying unconscious, she’s only so panics about how to react. But of course, she is smart, so she knows that she will be in serious trouble if she is caught. She was trying to get information from him and she can't play dirty!

Q Nina and Abi are in the flat with her at the time. If they weren't there, what would Asha do? 

TG Maybe just leave him, He’s done so much damage, she would be thinking of Nina and Seb. But in the end, she is smart, so she would get help and do the right thing. 

Q - How has it been working with Mollie (Gallagher - Nina) and Sally (Carman - Abi)

TG As an actress it's just been an incredibly eye-opening experience. Mollie is just wow! and she hasn't even been here that long. They are both amazing to work with! The acting that goes into their work has been mesmerizing. I feel honoured. 

Q What's it been like working with the younger teen members of the cast? Are you all off-screen friends as well? 

TG Yes, we have a little WhatsApp group chat! We are all such similar ages and into the same things. We are all on the same wavelength and it's been brilliant to share experiences. Everyone is friends!

Q Asha has had some great storylines over the years, and now this comes along. How does it feel to be given such hard-hitting stories to tell? 

TG I've been in the show for nearly 12 years now. I think it's great to be given the opportunity. I'm quite proud of myself, I'd done no acting before Coronation Street so it was a test to see if I could do it, and to see if this was for me! Before the skin lighting storyline, Asha had only really been involved in Sunita’s death. The skin bleaching storyline gave me the push as an actor, learning about the issues and take a deep dive into the character.  

Q Asha and Dev have a strong on-screen relationship. Off-screen are you close to Jimmi (Harshikin - Dev) and does he ever give you fatherly advice? 

TG Yes, it's been 12 years so as he’s playing my Dad, he does come across like that. He is brilliant, he will ring me, take us out to lunch, and tell me he is proud of me and has helped me along the way


Tanisha has played Asha Alahan for 12 years! and has been at the centre of a skin bleaching storyline and a sexting ordeal plot. Both plots contained Corey, and Kelly to some extent, so could this be Asha’s ultimate revenge? 

I am @rybazoxo, your Wednesday night episode reviewer, and all-around Weatherfield aficionado! 

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