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Friday 14 May 2021

Corrie Blog speaks to Kelly Neelan actress Millie Gibson

Since her first appearance in June of 2019, Coronation Street has given Kelly Neelan’s character an enviable backstory. Dead dad Rick was a notorious loan shark and her feckless mother couldn't give two hoots about her wayward daughter. Seemingly offered salvation via Toyah and Imran, I guess it was only wishful thinking that a girl with such a troubled background could stay out of trouble. Fast Forward to May 2021 and Kelly has been thrust into the heart of the current hate crime story. Not only is the teen a prime suspect in the attack on Nina and Seb’s murder, but we are being led to believe that she was the sole instigator! 

This week, and as the investigation widens, Weatherfield C.I.D has been uncharacteristically quick in investigating, revealing some rather incriminating evidence! They've uncovered forensics, a voicemail, and DNA from blood splattering that puts Kelly right at the heart of the case. Corey’s voluntary statement has only made matters worse - but has she done it? The fact that we viewers haven't seen the attack is wonderous writing from Corrie and clever in the current Covid climate. But I do wonder if Kelly is guilty or is Corrie spinning us a classic soap red-herring? 

I was very privileged this week in joining Coronation Street online to learn more from the actress that plays Kelly, Millie Gibson (MG)

Q You only signed up for four episodes originally. How pleased are you with Kelly’s character progression? 

MG I’m over the moon! it’s been so exciting to explore different layers of her. When she first came into the show, she was the troubled girl and looking for her Dad and it has since unfolded, to her involvement with a lot of different characters, and I'm pleased about exploring that further 

Q Did you ever envisage seeing yourself in a full contracted role when you first started working on the show?  


MG No! I am so so grateful. I thought it was going to be a once in a blue moon kind of situation, to now be part of this Corrie family is amazing 

Q What acting work had you done before starting on Corrie? 

MG Well, I did some theatre, and then got a part on a CBBC children's drama, and for about two seasons. I then did an ITV drama called Butterfly and then auditioned for Corrie. I thought the job would be fun for a few days but I'm still here!  

Q Had you watched Corrie before joining the programme?

MG Yes my Mum and Nanna are big fans so it was always on and I was familiar with some of the characters, already. My family are creative, I have a cousin in the West End and joined a few drama groups at School which escalated from there. I did a few productions in School

Q How did you feel when the producers told you that Kelly would be part of such a high-profile storyline? 

MG   I am so moved to be a part of it and to be asked to make it with all the other actors. Also, it's just heartbreaking to think that it is based on the Sophie Lancaster story, as I was very familiar with that event already. It’s kind of surreal thinking about the fact that we are doing this, putting it together right, and very honoured to be a part of it!  

Q Were you worried about people’s reactions to Kelly’s involvement? 

MG Yes, but I think it was expected as she's a tricky character to like. Even Toyah is struggling to like her at the minute. Through this storyline, and how it pans out, I think people will become more remorseful for her!

Q Do you think we will see more of Kelly’s vulnerability?

MG She is a typical teenager in that respect, always showing off and putting on a show. But, with this case, we see another side of her and maybe after this, I don't think she will be as cocky. She doesn't like her power being questioned and when Nina was telling her to go home, she felt threatened and slapped her. But as soon as she did it you could see the guilt on her face and she realised that she shouldn't have done it

Q How has the fan reaction been online?  

MG It's been half and a half really with some people not being able to distinguish between fiction and reality, but it's been mostly about the performance and people saying they hate her guts so much that they think I must be a good actress!

Q People do comment online about your eyebrow. Was it shaved for the part or is there another reason behind it? 

MG It's a scar! When I was younger, maybe 2 or 3 years old, I whacked my head on a stair bannister and it never really healed. I kinda like it! 

Q Do you enjoy playing Kelly? 

MG It's challenging but in a good way. She's quite boisterous and hard-faced but I'm not as confident as Kelly. It is really fun in that respect but she seems to get in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Q Is Kelly scared of Corey now, with how the story is panning out? 

MG I think to start with it was the flirtation with an older boy, a bad boy, that intrigued her but now she’s uncovered someone that is way out of her league. He’s actually in the same league as the people who her Dad used to hang around with, he’s very villainous. He may be sorry for how it happened and does try to confront him, but she doesn't dare to face him anymore. 

Q How important is Imran and Toyah's support to her?

I think it's extremely important. These are the first guardians she’s had that have stuck with her throughout and especially in the worst time of Kelly’s life. They must stay on her side but she thinks that won't happen. As she hasn't told the full story, she thinks they will just drop her once they find out what happened!

With a character backstory that's already this strong, coupled with the fact that Millie is a cracking little actress, I would seriously wonder about Corrie if Kelly is completely 100% guilty of the attack on Seb, but we shall see. Her Dad’s disappearance and murder remaining unsolved would surely be Kelly’s next fight? I see Kelly in the Becky McDonald mould of characters and I would guess she’s a long future on the show!

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