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Monday 10 May 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 10th May

I don't know about you, but I didn't expect Seb to be resting in peace. It was a close-kept secret, non? I guess if Inside Soap front cover has headlines such as "WILL PETER DIE?", you know he won't, but if someone's in at Kate Oates Memorial hospital sans Inside Soap headline, it doesn't look good for their long-term health.

I did wonder when Nina was introduced if the storyliners were going to write something influenced by the tragic death of Sophie Lancaster, but I think the writers did the correct thing in not killing off Nina, firstly because it would be the waste of a good character and secondly because it would seem a little disrespectful to the memory of Sophie. Also, even though the gang called Nina a 'freak' and mocked her clothes, it feels like they would have attacked her even if she dressed entirely in Super Dry. What angered nasty chauvinist Corey was Nina questioning (what Corey considers) his authority, so even though it was Seb who died, you could argue that this was a misogynistic hate crime, rather than it being anything to do with Nina's dress sense.

I have to say that in amongst the Corrie comedy gangsters, Corey stands out as a true villain. In real life, most of us aren't going to meet a gangster, but we've all known a weaselly violent bullying entitled little shit like him, even if they didn't kill anyone, and my really quite vicious feelings towards him is a testament to the acting skills of Maximus Evans, who I hope - when Corey is banged to rights - goes onto a great career, post-cobbles. Corey has told so many lies that he seems like he's starting to believe he didn't do it. Perhaps it was the two extras? He tells Kelly that he could pin the crime on her if she doesn't find an alibi.

Kevin tells Dev that Corey is a suspect and Dev confronts Asha, who tells him that Corey was home with her. Amy tells her she won't lie for her and she should stop covering for Creepy Corey. After this conversation, Asha tells the police the truth and Corey is thus arrested. Weatherfield PD arresting the right person?! Whatever next? Gail revealed to be a savvy businesswoman and not a sappy drudge? Brian to get rid of those awful CDs in the Kabin? Simon to have a haircut? Stefan of the Chit Chat Empire turns up and tells Corey to keep schtum and Corey is duly released into the care of Mr and Mrs Brent.

Meanwhile in the flat of many mandalas, Toyah tackles Kelly as she is packing her bag and looking to flee. She questions her foster daughter and Kelly asks her to lie for her - just before the po-po turn up to arrest her. Imran follows on to the cop shop whilst Toyah goes to the pub (divisions of labour, hey?). She is also later released.

A gratuitous pic of Imran in his Rupert The Bear at a funeral suit

Nina blames herself for not going a different way home and it turns out Abi blames her too as Nina can't remember anything. Asha visits Nina and tells her that Corey didn't do it, to which Nina unsurprisingly takes umbrage and tells her to leave. Asha then suddenly becomes sensible and says she wants to return home to the Alahan's, to Dev's relief.

Todd may have got Billy back through nefarious means, but he does agree to pray with his boyfriend, even though Todd is more an atheist than Richard Dawkins. Todd finds out that Summer was there with the ghastly gang and Billy angrily insists that they go to the police. Perhaps the Vic is remembering his own misspent youth and doesn't want Summer to end up on skag twenty years later?

Finally, apologies in advance, but no Monday review next week as I'm off to see my parents for the first time in 18 months, but unfortunately they are Corrie refuseniks and won't let me watch it :-(

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dhvinyl said...

I’ve been meaning to mention those cd’s in the Kabin for years..Shania Twain and Joe Cocker! I’m sure my daughter left the Shania one there about 20 years ago when she was plugging it ! It’s one of my pet joys to pause the screen when in the two shops and Roy’s Rolls, to boggle at the extraordinary hitch-potch of displays in the former, and the grease and grime in the latter. Have you looked at the state of Roy’s walls lately ? The place should be condemned.

Louby said...

As we have already been told that this is going to run for most of this year, I think we might see Corey getting away with it - for a while at least. Your assessment of him is spot on by the way!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree that Corey is very believable. Anyone who's lived in a town or on a street where these youths wander will have come across a 'Corey'. He'll get sent to young offenders eventually. Asha will remember he washed his clothes. I didn't see the attack - deliberately. Is it possible one of the gang filmed it and subsequently deleted it? It would still be on the hard drive. Sharon is becoming more and more 'panto'. She skulks and growls, dropping huge hints that she's trying to track Leanne down. And absolutely nobody realises .. For goodness sake, writers, wrap this storyline up but what a waste of Tracie Bennett. Enjoy your family reunion, Rachel!


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