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Thursday 27 May 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 26th May 7.30 & 8.30

With last week’s threat surely still ringing in her ears, you’d think Daisy would have listened when Jenny threatened her with eviction! But no, not Daisy. She continued to blackmail Ronnie, slighted Johnny at any given opportunity, and generally just reminded me of 1990’s Corrie bad girl, Tanya Pooley. Tonight, the manipulative minx is still causing trouble so Jenny enacts her threat and tells her to go. However, Daisy plays the emotional card and tells her landlady she has cut family ties and has nowhere else to go. Jenny slowly succumbs, and after Daisy gives a heartfelt apology, she gets a second chance. I’m guessing the Rovers landlady has made a mistake there?

After the taxi threat, Nick is stressing about how to protect Sam and the family and tells Shona and David about the danger they all face. Warning Leanne, he tells her that he has no choice but to stay on Coronation Street. Upon hearing the news, Leanne escapes from the hideout too and confronts Nick. It’s all a bit risky, but she’s adamant that she wants to retract the statements to save Sam from further harm. Imran is mortified and tells them it’s not possible, as it could jeopardize the dropped drug charges and the case overall! The only answer is to go to court but to tell the police the statements were wrong, which would remove Harvey from any wrongdoing. Leanne calls him on the burner phone but the drug dealer isn't convinced by the plan. 

Finding out about the kidnap from Shona, Natasha heads to the cop shop to make a statement but is persuaded not to by Shona’s stoic reasoning. Later, Shona is at it again, dishing out info on the day's events to Sharon. Natasha tells Nick that she’s not said anything to the police, is keeping Sam on a close leash, and he can't see his son ever again!

Bernie’s covering for Dev at the shop, and accidentally drops a bottle of salad dressing, only for Evelyn to take a slip and hurt her ankle. Evelyn rests up and is visited by Bernie and Dev at home, and she demands compensation. Milking it for all it’s worth, Evelyn takes full advantage of Bernie’s guilt using her as a home help. Dev pacifies Bernie with the offer of free kebabs for the family. 

I’ve enjoyed the Golden Girls living arrangement at 6 Coronation Street, but tonight, it looks as though Yasmeen has finally got her house back!. Cathy’s hoarding secret is exposed by Roy, and ignoring Yasmeen’s plea, Elaine exposes everything to Brian. Cathy tells him that her problem is getting out of hand again and she decides to move home. Elaine is confronted by Yasmeen, and although Yasmeen later apologises, Elaine decides she’s ready to move on too, or more probable, to Tim and Sally’s house next door. 

Elsewhere in tonight’s episodes; Steve apologises to Curtis for his behaviour. Later, Curtis, Emma, and Steve bond at the Bistro and help Curtis rehearse for a waiter interview, and find out he’s training to be a Doctor!


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Pat said...

I do hope that Curtis is the nice bloke that he seems to be and not yet another manipulative liar that most other newcomers are.

coconno196 said...

I agree re Curtis. Time Emma had a nice boyfriend who doesn't mess her around. Also good to have a character with ambition and a career plan.
I can't understand why everyone divulges their secrets to Sharon. She isn't exactly subtle with her questions.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Sharon. Really don't like her. Never did, but this time, that's all she seems to do, all questions and cackle. Hopefully it'll come to a conclusion at some point next week

Chris h said...

Whats going on with sharons voice these days, sounds like her mouths wired up

Anonymous said...

Dev and Bernie would make a good couple...


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